Amita Ka Amit 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 26th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ammu saying to her dad, our relation can affect Atul and Kajal’s wedding too. Hemant says, if you believe so then I am ready to wait for you. But I will only wait till Atul’s marriage. You and Amit have that much time only. If I don’t see any improvement in your relation then I am telling you I will come at your in-laws place and take you home with me here.
He asks for promise from her. She crosses her index finger with his and promises him. She smiles and they share a hug. Hemant is still doubtful.

At office, Amit was leaving for some meeting. His dad says he forgot to tell him that he dropped Ammu at Patel house. Amit is taken aback. He asks if papa came to take her.
His dad questions him is he so angry that he won’t come? Amit dismisses

it saying he was just casually asking. His dad replies I dropped her on the way while I was coming to office.
He asks then who would go to pick him up. His dad says YOU who else. Amit has flashback of his last meeting with Hemant at Shah House. I know the reality of your marriage. Do you even know how a daughter or her dad feels when she doesn’t get the love of her husband after marriage? You cant even imaging. Amit is disturbed.

Varsha is putting oil on Ammu’s foot. Ammu, you came in the morning only and are speaking of going back. Why don’t you stay here tonight?
Hemant comes and tells her to let her go. Amit Kumar will be coming to pick her up soon. Varsha says I cant understand anything. Yesterday you were angry with her that she dint came with you. And today you are saying let her go. Right then bell rings.
Varsha smiles, it must be Amit Kumar. She says she will go but Hemant tells her to wait. He will go and check. He goes after glancing at Ammu.

Hemant opens the door and it is indeed Amit. There is an awkward moment. He fumbles….is Amita ready? I came to pick her. He enters inside and Hemant closes the door after him.
Tensed atmosphere inside. They both look at each other and immediately look away. Hemant asks about his day at office. He replies it was ok. Hemant starts saying, actually about yesterday…..when Varsha interrupts their talks. She says at least let him sit and then talk. Hemant says he was about to ask him to. Varsha tells him, you know since Ammu came is talking about you only. She is saying that you took care of her more than yourself. Amit looks at Hemant and says, it is my duty to do so. Amit finally sits. Varsha asks how everyone back home is.
He replies other than Amita everyone else is fine. She praises his sense of humour.

Ammu thanks Amit. He asks what for. There was nothing much to do. You weren’t well and I was going back from office. So I just picked you on my way. Plus, you don’t have to lie in front of your family. You shouldn’t be overtly praising me.
She denies she is saying the truth. I am not saying it to boost your respect. I dint make them anything. I told them the truth. You were angry with me but still took care of me. I….. Both were looking at each other and Amit again focuses on driving.

Sanjay, Preeti and Jigna are at Shah House. Sanjay announces they have come. Preeti and Jigna rush to her and hug her. Ammu is happy to meet them.
Jigna says, we came to meet you as your foot is injured and here you are coming from outside. Amit’s dad tells Ammu to take her friends to her room. They all leave from there happily.

Jigna asks how it is going. Ammu at first says everything is perfectly fine. Then says, not too good. Preeti asks what. Ammu says he does take care of me but he is still somewhat angry with me. Preeti says if you would have gone on your honeymoon then you would have gotten to spend some time together. But now you will have to find some way to spend some time together here only. Jigna teases her saying then you must spend max time here in the room only.
Preeti says not that. You should go out together for dinner or movie. Ammu asks movie? Amit wont agree to it. Plus I cant force him to do something which he doesn’t want to do.
Jigna tells her that Sanjay and Preeti are going tomorrow. Preeti nods smiling. There is one picture’s special screening tomorrow. Ammu rejects it saying she too doesn’t feel like going.
Jigna says at least hear the name. Her friends say in chorus…Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.
Ammu gets super excited…DDLJ and jumps aah. Her foot hurt. She says, she has seen it many times on television but not in theatre.
Her friends play the music. Jigna says one dialogue of the movie. All 3 smile.
Amit comes there and sees them all happy. He says excuse me, everyone is waiting for you at the dinner. Amit leaves after saying thus.
Preeti says think you and Amit and DDLJ. Pyaar to hona hi hai (you are bound to fall in love!). ammu asks he would. Preeti and Jigna say together, he would have to. All smile happily.

Everyone is at the dining table including Preeti and Sanjay. Preeti asks Amit what he is doing tomorrow. He sweetly replies office.
Preeti tells him that she and Sanjay are going for a movie why don’t you and Ammu join us. Jigna says its not any movie its DDLJ’s special screening. Amit says I don’t think she can go with her hurt foot. Sanjay says she did go to her father’s place. She can come to movie too. He says these are 2 different things. Sanjay explains DDLJ is her home before marriage, Amrish Puri – her dad and Farida Jalal – her mom. Jigna adds the Ammu is mad about DDLJ. She has seen it at least 100 times.
Amit questions her then why she wants to again. His dad says it will be a different experience. He should go. Ammu shares that she was only 2 years old when this movie came so couldn’t watch it on big screen. Amit’s dad shares he and Fallu did. They dropped Amit at her mother’s place. Fallu is quiet. Nani too tells him to go. It will be fun.
Fallu tells them not to force him. But her husband and her mother insist him to go. All start telling him to go. He looks at everyone’s faces. Ammu has made a cross of her fingers and waits to hear how Amit will react. He agrees finally. All cheer happily. Amit looks at a smiling Amita who immediately changes her expressions when she notices him looking at her.

Amit and Amita are in their room. Amit says it must be your plan? She denies no it was theirs only. I told them you wont agree for it. Amit looks up from his notebook and looks at her in surprise.
He says you only want me to be a villain in front of everyone. Ammu says let it be. I will tell them that you don’t want to go. He says to add more insult. No need we will go. Ammu smiles. Amit glances up at her then hides himself behind the notebook again.


Ammu and Amit have reached the theatre and are waiting for the others to come. Ammu is restless why haven’t they come yet. I don’t want to miss SRK’s entry. All come – Preeti & Sanjay, Jigna & her hubby, Batuk. All 3 girls shout DDLJ!!! They share a group hug.
Batuk points out that it is their first time after marriage. Preeti compliments Ammu’s hairstyle. Ammu says finally our dream to watch it together has come true.
Sanjay says because of the smartness of his driver they all wont be sitting together. They have got couple tickets. All leave while Ammu smiles at Amit. The others come back to take them inside.

Ammu steps down slowly and by mistake puts her walking stick on someone’s foot. She apologises. Amit puts forth his hand to lend support to her. Ammu looks at him and he realises. He takes back his outstretched hand. He then tells her to hold on to the sleeve of his shirt. A sweet background music in playing in the background while they feel a little bit uncomfortable about the whole thing.

Ammu holds his shirt’s sleeve and he directs her to their seats. Right then, mere khwabon mein jo aaye starts playing and she keeps standing excitedly. The people behind her tell her to sit. Amit too tells her to sit as there are other people too. She says but it is my favourite song. He repeats his words. She apologises and sits.
She adjusts herself and their hands touch. They share an eye lock. Same romantic background music starts playing. They both put their hands at once at the chair’s sides. They feel awkward. This happens again and Amit adjusts himself on the other side of the seat. Ammu smiles seeing this.
They both say at once, we should leave. Ammu says I have seen it a lot of times. If I don’t watch it once then there is no problem in that. Right then the guitar tune starts playing and she jumps in her seat with excitement – SRK’s entry.
Amit looks at her and cant help smiling. He says we will stay back. She asks what. He says if they leave midway then people will be disturbed. She continues watching the movie while he keeps glancing at her on and off all happy.


This scene is too cute…MUST WATCH SCENE!!

All clap at his entry. Ammu too claps.
Amita: I have seen it so many times. Whenever I watch this scene I fall in love with it all over again.
Amit: accha, I am watching this movie for the first time.
Ammu: what? Everyone else notices them. She says sorry. She cant control herself and asks him by nudging him by her elbow. You have never seen DD:J?
He looks at the other side and replies no.
Ammu nudges him: not even once?
Amit: no.
Ammu: not even once?
Amit: (loosing his cool) would you let me watch it now?
Ammu: (cant control herself, nudges him again) you’re joking right.
Amit: it is not important that whatever I watch you too do and vice versa.
Ammu: not even a little bit?
Amit: not even a little bit!
Ammu: you have never seen DDLJ?
Amit is frustrated and shouts no I have never seen DDLJ.
Everyone looks at him in surprise. Ammu smiles broadly. She looks at him and stops smiling but then notices him watching it and is happy.

Precap: A chewing gum gets stuck in AMit’s hand. He tries removing it. Ammu sits back in her seat and the gum sticks on her head. She asks if it is still stuck. Amit tells her not to worry. Even if he has to cut her hairs, he will take it out. She is a bit angry and says you think it is a joke right? Amit leaves angrily saying I am waiting for you at the car. Come out when you take it out. All the others try to stop her but he leaves in a huff. Ammu watches angrily.

Update Credit to: pooja

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