Anamika 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 26th April 2013 Written Update

Shalakha in a long red robe is strolling in the forest with her compass and comes across a board on which the words – ‘najar hati durghatna ghati’ are written. She also thinks that to destroy the soul, she must establish control over her and walks away. While, Rano is frightened and worried as the time passed to quarter to six and in no time sun will set to enter Anamika in her body and some action must be taken by her to avoid that. She urges Jasleen to handle the kitchen work and Jasleen assures her to do it. Rano rushes but is obstructed by Jeet returning from hospital. He announces the improvement in health of mamaji. All show a big sigh of relief. Its six and time passes waiting for no one. Everyone decide to pray to Mata Rani. Rano is tensed.
On the other hand, Shalakha is roaming in the forest in search of Anamika. She comes across a huge manor of Anamika. Till she has worn the red robe she cannot been seen by Anamika. Anamika who is playing guitar is distracted by the crinkling noise of the door opened by Shalakha. Anamika finds something fishy and therefore comes out looking for the fishy one. Shalakha moves forwards towards Anamika. Both cannot see each other. But they can feel someone’s presence there. Shalakha moves towards the living room with something in her hand and climbs up the stairs. Anamika enters the living room and feels someone climbing up the stairs whereas Shalakha has climbed up, too. She is continuously striding in search of Anamika. Its past 6:15 and Rano’s fear is increasing as the time passes. Rano excuses and rushes towards her bedroom. All are tensed due to the unexpected behavior of Rano. She locks her bedroom door.
Shalakha enters the hall. It’s about to turn 6 : 40, and Rano starts getting more upset and tensed. At that time Jeet comes and asks her for her upset behavior. Jeet tells her that whenever he leaves Rano alone some tragedy happens, so this time he’ll not do so. Rano tries to convince Jeet, but Jeet doesn’t listen. Shalakha comes across one room and enters it. As she enters, the door slams behind her and her robe gets clinched to the door. She finds many corpses flying there in the room. She gets quite amazed. Anamika finds out that Shalakha has entered. As Anamika comes near her, Shalakha does something with her magic stick and that drives Anamika crazy. In order to get out of this, Anamika makes several copies of herself which makes Shalakha confused.
In Jeet’s room, Jeet makes Rano to bed. Anamika tells Shalakha that she would not be able to defeat her as she is much powerful than Shalakha. She further adds that now it’s time for her to enter Rano’s body while Shalakha tries to stop her. Shalakha takes something out of her bag and starts reciting hymns. She throws something at every copy of Anamika. The real Anamika gets horrified. The sun is about to set and it’s about to turn 7. Shalakha throws a garland into her neck and Anamika behaves as if she is losing power.

Precap : Shalakha is in her attempts to destroy Anamika to ashes. She draws Laxman Rekha type of thing.( don’t exactly know what she is upto?)

Update Credit to: CouchPotatoes

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