Amita Ka Amit 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 24th June 2013 Written Update

Amit’s dad is angry at him because he didn’t come despite him calling. Amita takes Amit’s side saying he really wanted to come, but couldn’t. Amit’s mother tells Amita not to take his side and she is also angry at him. She tells him how Amita took care of all guests in his absence and she spent so much time in preparations. Amita says to her, I know you’re angry at him, but you don’t know everything. Amit came in end and we both cut the cake together. Also Amit got late because of me. Baa says to Amita, you called him and asked him to come late. Amita asks how is the dress saying he gifted to her and got late because of that. Amit apologizes to everyone. His mother wishes him belated happy birthday and they all sit to have breakfast.

Amit and Amita come outside. Amit’s car is not ready, so they sit down on a side. Amit asks her, so how did you like my choice? Amita says, your choice has been good since always, but sometimes you take time in making a right choice. Amit says, yes, you’re right about this. But once I like something, I keep it with me forever. Both have an eye lock. Amita is thinking about Antra. She asks him, are you happy with your choice? Amit says, yes.. aren’t you happy? Amita says, do I have any choice? I will have to accept whatever you decide. Amit says, decision? I am talking about dress. What are you talking about? Amita says, nothing. Amit then says, you’re talking about my decision of going to US, right? Amita says, no. Amit says, I thought you would stop me from going to US. Amita says, if I stop you, then will you stop? Amit asks, will you stop me? Amita again thinks about Antra, and then says, no. I won’t stop you. You can do whatever you feel is right. Amit seems to be disappointed. He says, see, I knew you wouldn’t stop me. I understand you very well. He turns away his face after Amita’s answer. Car is ready and they leave now.

Everyone celebrates Amit’s birthday at Amita’s house. Amit cuts the cake and gives to everyone. He gives it to Amita last and she also eats it.

Everyone now sits down to gossip. Amit says to Amita’s dad, I was planning to give you all a surprise, and here you all surprised me. You all were waiting for me with cake? Amita’s brother says, we have done other planning too. Amit says, Amita must have told you that we are coming. Amita says, no I didn’t tell them. Amita’s father says, all these preparations are done by Amita’s mother. Amit asks her, but how did you know that I am coming? Amita’s mother says, you’re like my son, and mother can know what’s going on inside their children. Amit says, yes.. mum.. you’re right. Atul’s wife then asks Amit how’s everything at his home. Whether his family was angry at him. Amit says, they were very angry, but Amita took care of everything. Atul’s wife says, a wife should be like Amita. Amita feels shy. Her mother says, she’s shy like this since childhood.

They sit down to have lunch now. Amit gets excited as it’s his favorite food. He’s about to eat, and gets a call. Amita glares at him while he attends the call. He says, it will be difficult, I can’t come now. He then goes on a side to talk.

Amit is in a room and says, try to understand, I can’t meet you today. Can’t you take evening time with the lawyer? He then says, that’s right too, no one can talk and win with the lawyers. I will see you soon. Atul comes there and Amit gets shocked. Amit says, I will have to leave as I got some urgent work.

Amit comes outside and says, I will have to leave now as I got some urgent work. Everyone says him to finish eating and then leave. Amit says, it’s urgent otherwise I would have stayed. Amita asks, what is that urgent? Stay for a while and eat and then leave. Amit says to her, try to understand. Atul comes out and says, let him go. He has to talk with a lawyer so must be some important work. Amita’s father asks Amit if anything happened. Amit says, nothing, it’s just about old land property matter. Court gave a date so I was talking with lawyer’s assistant. Amita’s father says, I know a good lawyer, we can talk to him if you want. Amit says, if it’s anything like that, then I will let you know. Amita’s dad tells him, don’t listen to these people, otherwise they won’t let you go anywhere. Amit goes to wash his hand. Amita quickly and quietly checks his phone and sees it was Antra’s call. She says in her mind, one more lie? Why Amit? Why?

She comes to her room and cries. Her friends come there and ask her to open the door. Amita wipes her eats and opens the door. Her friends ask her, what’s the matter? Amita says, nothing. Her friends say, don’t lie to us. You aren’t talking properly since you came and didn’t tell us what Amit said about that letter either. Amita says, Amit is lying to me since many days. He knew I kept surprise party for him, but he still didn’t come. This morning, I just took his side. Just now he said it was lawyer’s call, but I know it wasn’t lawyer’s call. Her friends ask, then whose call was it? Amita says, that I don’t know, but I know my wedding is getting trapped inside all these lies. Her friends say, have you gone crazy? Amit has changed a lot. He is not like how he used to be. He is doing so much for all of us. It’s just you who keep doubting on him. Amita says, why would I think like this without any reason? It’s just me stupid who loves him like crazy. Her friends say, then tell us what makes you doubt him? Amita says, that I don’t know.. I can’t tell you. Jigna says, you’re saying this? Who used to share everything to us. Preeti calms down Jigna and tells Amita to follow Amit and truth will be out. Amita says, what are you saying? Jigna supports Preeti and says to Amita, this is the way to get rid off your doubt.

Precap: Amita is sleeping and Amit is holding her hand. Amita gets up seeing him and takes 4 her hand away. Amit says, why did you get up? You should rest. Amita says, I slept a lot. My eyes just opened. I can’t sleep anymore. Amit looks at her with a confused face.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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