Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Suraj in his shop preparing sweets. Suraj thinks what shd be the guarantee by which bhabo wd accept… Sandy sees him & thinks how he went agst bhabo for her dream & now she is dropping the dream… Sandy goes to the shop & tells that she has come to get some butter paper.. Suraj thinks that she is worried abt the competition. Sandy takes those papers.. Suraj asks dillu to take care of kadai & goes near sandy & tells her not to worry abt what happened & cocnentrate on her studies & promises that he will, find some guarantee & adds that god will show them some way.. Sandy thinks that she must tell the truth to suraj that she needs nothing no tv, no news paper et etc, not even her dream.

Meena gets ready

for going to the shooting spot & feels happy with the tv drama. Vikram comes in. Meena tells that they r going out after a longtime & must have dinner out. She wears one goggles & vik tells that she is looking like a heroine. Bhabo calls meena & meena hurries to remove the goggles & take kanha to leave him with bhabo.

Mohit in his room & he thinks abt the chit fund loss. Emily asks him how to salvage this loss. Mohit asks her to mock him .. Emily tells that she is not mocking him. Mohit tells that he is in problem bcoz of her only & she is reason why he is running behind money. Ems tells him that they shd think how to get back the money from that company & suggests to tell to sandy (badi jethaniji). Mohit gets irritated & warns her that if she tells anyone he would give divorce to her. Emily tells that she will not tell anyone & leaves. Mohit thinks that at least this divorce thing helped him to shut her mouth.

Meena tells bhabo that she will leave kanha & asks emily to help bhabo . She adds that she & vik had kept fasting .. Bhabo tells that kanha shd do the pooja. Meena asks her how can she manage anha. Bhabo tells that if she can take kanha to shop then she can take him to temple too & asks why she is not uttering “bhabo aap hukkum do main jaan doon” Meena gulps & leaves. Vik asks her to wear those goggles.

Bhabo is at temple.

Sandy tells suraj that she wants to tell something which will make a full stop to his worries. Bhabo is looking at these.
Suraj asks her whether she has any solution. Sandy tells that she is not going to talk abt guarantee & the thing which she gonna talk will clear out guarantee thing. She starts saying but mean while bhabo slips from those steps while returning from the temple. SurYa runs to home. Suraj asks her but bhabo denies saying that she is alright & she will not go to doctor. Suraj shouts at sandy to bring rickshaw.. Bhabo shouts that he is going beyond her words these days… She adds that he went beyond to support her even she was not in favour of sandy’s dream…


Bhabo asks him to concentrate on sandy’s dream…
Suraj shouts at sandy why she is standing still. Bhabo shouts at sandy that she will always listen to suraj not her… adds that no one listens to her… She shouts that she will not go to clinic.. Babasa asks her why is she so stubborn like this. Suraj offers to take her to her room. But bhabo asks mohit to take her..

Vina enter the shooting spot & kanha removes the goggles of meena & it falls & breaks. Mina blames bhabo for all these. Vikrama tells bhabo is unaware of the fact that she has come to shooting & suggests if she is uncomfortable they can go back to RM. Meena denies saying that she is fine.


The doctor gives some prescription & asks her to take rest. Suraj asks how much is that medicine. She tells 300 Rs. Bhabo gets tensed & asks how can they spend 300 for a sprain. Suraj asks her not to worry.
Bhabo asks to buy half of the medicine as suraj already has to bear more expenditure. Suraj tells that how can she get relief from half medicine. Suraj gives the money to mohit & bring all the medicine. Bhabo tells that she needs to grind turmeric & do some work in kitchen. Suraj tells that if she behaves like this he will sit besides her all the time & if she even tries to go out then he will lock the room. Sandy thinks to self that how can she tell suraj that she need not want to continue with her dream. Even if she says that he will not calm down without getting the reason behind that. She also thinks that she can’t make bhabo fall on the eyes of suraj by telling the truth. She can’t break the relationship (pavitra rishta) of both. She thinks that she shd remain silent…

Precap: Bhabo tells that she will allow TV when he gives her the guarantee. Suraj tells that he has..

Update Credit to: Shobhana_dabh

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