Amita Ka Amit 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 18th November 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Kajri coming with new Prasad made for pooja. Ammu is surprised and asks how come she knew that Parsaad made by her got spoiled !!?? Kajri said that few mins before she had gone to fetch milk from fridge when she noticed that Prasad has rotten and so she with the help with riya didi made the Prasad. Meanwhile riya also comes and happily affirms what kajri said and phallu expresses thanks to riya n kajri and all leave for pooja. But amita is still very suspicious.
In pooja, baby is getting uncomfy and crying. Ammu thinks to shift her position when kajri abstains her from doing so as it’s not right to shift position during pooja. Ammu rebukes her for instructing her where amit gives her a stern glance. Also the priest agrees with kajri. Ammu says what about baby’s uncomfyness !! kajri proposes to take baby in her lap and sit behind them. Ammu objects that baby should be in mother’s lap during pooja. But baa says that baby’s comfyness is more important so let it be.
Priest suggest two letters for baby’s name – T and R. Ammu is very excited and has a name ready but riya interrupts and proposes the name Raunak. Everybody liked this name and ask to amita for her opinion on it. she suggests Tarun. All shahs liked this name as well but then Kajri interrupts saying that Raunak means “Ujjwall” means one who will bring happiness n prosperity to the house, so raunak is a better name. ( isse kisne poocha..!! ) Everybody agrees and amit declares that from now on their son’s name will be RAUNAK SHAH.Big smileBig smile
A2 in bedroom. Amit asks y she dint ate food, he called her so many times but she dint listen.. Amita ( apparently in off-mood ) says yes I listened you, but was not in mood to stay back. Amit notices her off-mood tone and comes near her. Amit : I know whats bothering you. You dint like riya suggesting our baby’s name, right ?? Amita : of course.. which mother would like that instead of her, someone else was asked to name her baby. Amit : but why amita, when it was riya’s baby’s name ceremony, you named her daughter– “Pari”. Dint you..?? Amita : yes I did. Bcoz you know that I love pari so much. But does riya’s face suggests that she loves our baby as much as we love pari..?? No.. infact I think its riya who wants to hurt my baby. ( Saying this she turned her face, may be realizing that it was not the right thing to say ) Amit was obviously annoyed. He said, amita you have become so blind in your baby’s love that it has become very easy for you put such cheap accusation on anybody.. Amita says that I knew you wont understand me amit.. but m a mother.. I can sense the pain and indication of some wrong doing in my baby’s weeping. He tells me in his screams that something is wrong with him. But you won’t understand.. Amit keeping his cool sits besides amita. Amit : amita I know as a mother you can understand our baby’s actions… m a father too..i also understand what my baby feels..look at him…see he is so happy.. see.. Amita looks at the baby and both A2 noticed some scratches on raunak’s cheeks.. Amita goes haywire at it, see I told you smtg is wrong..few mins ago I massaged him n there were no scratches, how come now..!! but amit says its ok amita.. its not a big deal.. let’s take him to doctor now..
A2 visit doctor saroj and saroj tells that nothing to worry.. it is a minor skin infection which may have happened due to new clothes or excess massage.. baby’s skin is very delicate, dts y.. she prescribes a ointment. Ammu is still worried.

A2 come back home and ammu puts Raunak in cradle. Raunak is very calmly playing happily with toys and so she leaves to fetch milk bottle to feed raunak. She is on her way back to room from kitchen when she hears Raunka crying profusely. She runs to bedroom and bumped into kajri coming out of her bedroom. Amita is surprised n furious. She says, I told you to stay away from raunak then what the hell you r doing here in my bedroom.. Kajri says I know you told me.. but m a woman too.. could not bear baby’s crying and so came to pacify him. Meanwhile amita notices kajri’s hands reddened with something.. (like some red powder ) Whats THAT..!!, ammu asked. Kajri becomes tensed but manages to act like she was herself surprised n dint know how her hands got red and hurriedly leaves to wash them off.. She runs upstairs and meets Riya there and starts conversing with her in hushed voices. Ammu notices it. Ammu is super suspicious and checks raunak… There are red powder marks on raunak’s face.. Amita super tensed and runs to call amit.. Amit is sitting in garden with everbody and ammu comes screaming and tells em to come with her.. amit asks, but what happened..!! y are you so tensed !! Amita : Amit wo Kajri…then kajri comes ( she is wiping her wet hands in her saaree ) and asks if ammu had called her… Seeing kajri ammu chooses not to say anything in front of her and takes amit inside.. Kirit asks phallu that what happens to amita all of as sudden..!!
A2 come In room and amita points out raunak to amit.. but raunak is playing happily with toys and there are no red marks there.. ammu is shocked… Amit asks See what..?? Amita somehow calms herself and acts like she was not worried n nothing wrong happened. She wanted amit to see raunak playing so happily.. Amit is suspicious as to amita is defo hiding smthg.. but amita manages to convince him that nothing happened. Amit still unsure leaves. Amita is full on worried.
Amita without informing anybody takes Raunak to temple priest and explains what is happening with her baby. Priest says that I already warned you some wrong doing with your baby… amita asks for solution priest says that its all in the hands of Goddess.. you share all your worries with her and keep faith. She will protect your child. Ammu prays in front of goddess to help her and guide her.

Precap : Ammu notices kajri going in some secluded streets and follows her. Kajri meets a man and hand overs something wrapped in a red cloth to him. Ammu is shocked.

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