Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 18th November 2013 Written Update

Parvati tells Mahadev that everyone knows the consequences of Mahadev deserting Kashi. But why is He punishing the citizens of Kashi for the fault of their King? They have not even fulfilled Gauri’s wish of making Kashi prosperous! But they shall not alsao return to Kailash.

Vishnu asks Mahadev, if not Kailash or Kashi, where shall he reside? Brahmadev suggests Mandarachala Mountain. The god of Mt. Mandara appears and prays to Mahadev and Parvati saying he will be blessed if they deside to stay, and they can stay for as long as they wish. Mahadev gives a sad smile and along with Parvati, leaves Kashi. Daksha and his rishis are shocked.

The devas come to Divodasa and ask him to seek forgiveness from Mahadev and Mata Parvati. In reply, Divodasa challenges the gods. They try to use their powers to cause a storm and darkness, but Divodasa repels them by his boon and banishes them from Kashi.

In Swarga, Indra is (as usual) giving empty gyaan about his duties as the ruler of Swarga and that he has to see the welfare of the devas, as well as take care of Mahadev’s wishes: to welcome and honour the Daityas. He tells them that he has organised a celebration on account of their ascent to heaven, through which they will learn about he luxuries of Svarga.

The Daityas do not believe him.LOL

Indra then again gives empty bhashans about his duties as the King of Swargaloka and that he is selfish to learn the meaning of selflessness.Confused
He also asks the Asuras to follow their heart and not always use their brains.LOL

At Mandarachala, Parvati tells Mahadev, “You have neither the desire for respect or the fear of humiliation (Naahi Samman Ka MOh, Naahi Apmaan Ka Bhay). (The first dialogue of Mahadev in DKDM…Day Dreaming)

SHe continues, “As your wife, I am unable tp bear your humiliation!” Mahadev smiles at her like, “Meri Bholi Parvati.”Embarrassed

Come back to Kashi.
Divodasa asks the citizens what have they achieved by BHakti? They must give up Bhakti and work for the welfare of Kashi. HE proposes three rules:
Everyone has to toil hard
Everyone should choose their own destiny by their deeds
No one should depend on any God or Goddess. Kashi mein Bhakti ke liye koi Sthaan nahi hoga.
He says whoever disobeys these rules is punishable by law, and asks whether anyone opposes these rules? Daksha opposes and Divodasa becomes shocked. He says that as a mentor to him, Daksha cannot leave. But Divodasa shall make Kashi prosperous, and shall rule it well. He shall make it the best and suitable for a good life. Dkasha gets flashback of the EXACT thing which he told Mahadev (in Episode 2). He advises Divodasa against this and leaves.

Narayana praises Daksha and tells Mahalakshmi about how his ego has slowly disappeared and he has evolved into a very virtuous person.

Now last stop is MandarachalLOL.
Parvati says the place is very beautiful. Mahadev asks her, “Is it more beautiful than Kailash?”Tongue
Parvati replies diplomatically. “Wherever you are that place is beautiful.” Clever Mata Parvati.
She says as Mhalsa she wantedto be away from Martand, but now she wants to be always in his presence.

Precap: The farmers praise Divodasa as a God, and he gets enraged. At Swargaloka, in the celebrations, the intoxicated Daityas torture the Apsaras.

Update Credit to: Surya_krsnbhakt

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