Amita Ka Amit 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 18th June 2013 Written Update

Ammu is keeping the bags in her cupboard. All the shopping is done hope he likes it. Just then Amit comes calling her. She hides the bag quickly. You came so soon today? He reminds her that he comes at the same time every day. Now if you will move aside then I want to take my towel. She asks him why he needs it (lol…what do we need a towel for). He wants to take bath. She tells him not to bath today startling him all the more. I meant I will give you the towel. I rearranged our stuff separately today. She hands him his towel. He feels good about the arrangement. What are you doing day after tomorrow? She tells him that she is free. He tells her to come with him for an eye check up. She realises and corrects herself. No, I am busy leaving him confused as a moment ago she had said something else. I thought about going for a movie. She denies liking movies after marriage. He wonders why. She mutters to herself….why…why Kanha ji, why do you do this with me always? He asks her if she said anything. She nods her head in a no. you dint say anything so I made plans with Jigna and Preeti for eye check-up. He reminds her that he had promised to take her there. But now that you have made it, so its ok. He leaves for the washroom.
Ammu speaks with herself. I am so dumb. Could I not think of some other excuse? The chance got slipped from my hands.

Amit’s phone rings. Ammu looks at the caller and is shocked. It bears the photo of the same girl she had collided with earlier at the club. The caller id flashes Antara’s name. She has flashes of various incidents regarding Antara earlier. Amita asking about her from Amit and his reply telling her that she is his friend’s wife and they have just returned from US yesterday. Another one where Batuk asked Amit about her as he knows all of his friends already. Morning incident where she had asked Amit to drop her to the market and he had excused himself citing an urgent meeting. She recalls Antara’s words. I was born and brought up in the US but I am Indian at heart.

Amit comes out asking about who just called. She takes Antara’s name. Amit is super confused and looks at her blankly. Did you pick it? She tells him that she was so startled that she forgot to take it. He asks what startled her. She shares that she had met Antara in the coffee shop a while back. Amit is taken aback. Did she say anything to you? She questions him if she should. He fumbles. I dint meant that. I mean you and Antara were at the same coffee shop…one minute, what were you doing there? Following me?
She negates. Why do you feel so? He explains that he had gone to meet Antara there only. She tells him that she had gone there with Preeti. I dint knew that you would be there as well. You said you will be at office for a meeting. He points out that he had gone there to return her luggage only. And why are you asking me all this? She gets serious. Till now I wasn’t but now I guess I should start asking such questions. He gets irritated. Why should I explain everything to you? She looks at him sadly and sits on the bed. Ok, anyways in some days you are going to the US then anyways I will not know where you go, whom you meet. He wonders how come US came in between all this. She tells him that US was always between them. Amit is frustrated. We have spoken about this at length. What is the point discussing all this now? She sadly nods. It is no use. I am sorry its my fault. I have work will leave. She keeps his phone on bed and goes out. He sits in the bed super tensed.
He dials Antara’s number. There is one thing please don’t call me I will call you. You just sms me whenever you wish to talk to me.

Ammu stands in front of Kanha ji idol. She wipes her tears and dials Varsha’s number. You and papa are coming on the surprise party? Varsha affirms. But why do you sound so worried? Ammu denies anything being such. Her mom tells her that she understands what her voice is hinting at. Ammu tells her that she is planning a party for the first time so is scared. Varsha smiles. Don’t worry all will be fine. Your mother-in-law is with you as well. Ammu affirms. Fallu ma is actually very good. Varsha is happy to see her daughter bonding so well with her in-laws. You are extremely lucky to have them. Don’t worry things will go as per your plan plus I am with you always. They both call each other best and disconnect the call.
A guy comes and kaka informs Ammu about the same. She goes to him. He hands over Amit’s wallet to her. Sir forgot it at shop he came to buy a dress. The driving license helped me locate him. ammu is confused about the dress. The guy tells her that it was very expensive dress. You too must come over some time. He hands him the wallet and leaves while Ammu stands confused.


Amit is speaking to someone on call telling him not to invest in diamonds right now as market is down. He notices Ammu coming over, signals her to enter and disconnects the call. How come you are here at the office? Is everything fine? She tells him that she just came to give him the wallet. She opens her hand holding out the wallet for him with a smile. He is not at all happy. I will take care of that store manager. How dare he send someone home to return the wallet? She tries to calm him down saying the driving license had your home address plus I am your wife so he would naturally give it to me. He nods. You are my wife who else he would give it you. She is perplexed at his weird behaviour. I cannot understand anything. He tells her that he has a meeting right now. She nods and leaves. He curses the manager for sending the wallet at home. He is anyway tensed and this adds to it.

Preeti calls Ammu. I have arranged for the camera do you need anything else? Ammu sadly denies. She notices Amit coming out and leaving in his car. She disconnects the call, boards a taxi telling the driver to follow Amit’s car. She keeps telling the driver to drive fast or else they will lose out on Amit. Amit stops somewhere. She too gets down the taxi and hides from him. he goes back to the car and she taking the opportunity runs inside the building.


Amit is waiting for someone sitting at a table in the same coffee shop where Ammu had come with Preeti. She too hides behind a menu card to observe him. To her surprise Sanjay comes there. He notices him upset. Amit shares that he had bought one dress for Ammu. I forgot the wallet at the shop only and he sent his guy at home to return it. I bought it to surprise her. The store manager ruined everything. I am not sure if she knows but she must have guessed something.

The waiter asks Ammu for the menu card. Amit notices her (though doesn’t see her face). She excuses herself saying she needs to talk to the manager as she is unable to decide what to order. She storms out hiding behind the menu card. She looks back at Amit with tears in her eyes. I am sorry AMit please forgive me. She leaves. Sanjay too excuses himself while Amit sits back. Antara joins him and they both start talking in mute. Epi ends on Amit’s smiling face!

Precap: Ammu confirms with Jigna if she has checked the sequence of the songs. Jigna tells her to relax. Bell rings and everyone hides anticipating Amit. A guy with his face not shown is walking towards them while Ammu waits excitedly for Amit.

Update Credit to: pooja

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