Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bhoomi saying there is a solution for this problem and asks them to come with her. She takes some dupatta, Ansubaa asks her about it. She replies these are the leftover dupatta’s and we can use it in repairing the shirts. Ketki says how it will be possible? Bhoomi says she will show them. She begin repairing the shirts with the dupatta cloth. She covers up the hole (made by the rats) with the cloth in such a way that it turns out to be a new pattern design shirts. Everybody is overwhelmed with her intelligence. Ketki thinks why can’t she gets such an idea. Bhoomi says they will repair the remaining 200 shirts in the same way. Ansubaa is very much happy. Parul says if they work together then everything will be fine. Avni says what will they say to Paddy bhai.

Bhoomi says we will tell him that we made this 200 shirts with special designs with the thought that it would be like in the international market and we will take their feedback also. Ansubaa says we all will work. Everyone takes their respective works and begins repairing the shirts while the song Aashayein plays in the Background. Everyone does their work well and shirts gets ready before the order time. Ketki counts the shirts and places in the box. Ansubaa gives credit for the work done to all the family. Dilip says tempo will come at any time to take the order and labourers came. Dilip praises Lily fayi and Ketki for their hard work. Kishan informs them about arrival of the tempo. Bhoomi gives him bill and chalan. Kishan holds her hand on the pretext of taking the challan and says just like you. Bhoomi feels shy and takes her hand back.

Amritlal’s employee Dharma informs him about the completion of the order by the Vaishnav family. Amritlal threatens to kill him.

Paddy happily gives the cheque to Kishan. Kishan thanks him for giving them order and says they started the mill but he gave them their first chance, first order. Kishan says this money means a lot for the labourer’s brothers. Paddy says you guys are all so great, because whatever happened in these two days can happen only in this country. I noticed things are made by Human’s energy and machines can fail but not human’s strength.

Bhoomi cries as Paddy is leaving. Paddy makes her smile and says if you cry then I will also cry and I will not look pretty. Bhoomi smiles. Ansubaa gives Dwarkhadeesh Idol to Paddy and asks him to gift it to Bhoomi’s nans on their behalf. Paddy says ok and he will leave now. Ansubaa calls Paddy’s name and he laughs saying your pronunciation is fine now. Ansubaa gifts him Bal gopal. Paddy says he will come again and bids good bye to them.

Karsan talks with someone and says he will talk to his son. He informs Ansubaa that the designer shirts which they made for Paddy are liked in the international market. He says they got a call from some company and they want these designer shirts for their four branches. Everybody feels happy. Kishan comes there and tells now our shirts will go to the international market, Just now I got a call from Delhi. Everybody smiles. Ansubaa says they are getting calls for the order and his papa told them before him. Dilip says they completed the order on time. Ansubaa thanks Bhoomi and says she will give them a prize. Ketki is irked. Ansubaa thanks them and says because of you both we will be able to see the happiness. She asks what do you want. Kishan says he wants to eat makayi ka rotla. Ansubaa praises his simplicity. Avni says you should have ask something else. Ansubaa asks Bhoomi what do you want? Bhoomi also asks for the corn dish. Ansubaa says we will cook in the premises and will eat and enjoy.

Kishan talks with his friend Vicky on phone and says his family is his priority and his decision to come back India was right. Vicky asks him about his plan. Kishan informs him about the order which Paddy gave them after seeing his work. Bhoomi listens their conversation and thinks to tell him the truth that she asked Paddy to give them the order. The episode ends on her tensed face.

Bhoomi is on videocall with Nans, amidst all the family. Nans says Paddy told her that she asked something and he gave the order to Kishan in a minute. Ketki says it means Kishan bhai got the order because of Bhoomi..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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