Amita Ka Amit 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 15th March 2013 Written Update

Amita is about to tell Amit the truth about the diary when a phonecall from Phalguni asking her to give a promise to not say so occurs.

Amita lies to Amit that she has been unsuccessful in reducing her weight and leaves.
Phalguni is worried if Amita can keep her mouth shut.

Amita makes a phone call to Amit’s mom and requests a meeting.
Finally Amita and her would be mother -in-law share a no holds barred conversation.
Phalguni tells Amita that she wanted to tell Amit the truth but decided against it because her son’s happiness lies in th marriage and she doesnot want to break his heart. Se loves her son too much to cuse him pain.

Amita tells the truth to Phalguni about how her opinion about Amit changed and tht she had recorded the same in her diary. Strangely those pages are torn from her diary. This incident smells of someone trying to drive a wedge between her and Phalguni. She even tells of her hoinst intention to make this realtionship work.

Phalguni is not impressed and tels Amita that she needs to work really hard to come up to the standard of being an impressive wife and bahu.The expectations from her are quite big. To deliver it will not be a cake walk.She has to proove her worthiness of belonging to the Shah family and a mere solmnisation of marraige is not enough for that.

Tina and Ria too join in the conversation where Tina seizes the oppurtunity too push in RIa a s a helping hand for Amita in choosing what to wear in her Sangeet.Amita and Phalguni are not very happy about it.

Amita reaches home and shares a prt of the incidents that happened with Phalguni with them, Amita’s dad wants to call of the marraige and her mom is stressed with what will happen next. Amita convinces them that everythig is fine between her and Phalguni and that they need not worry and concentrate on the marriage.
Little Amu has grown overnight from the careless, clumsy yong girl to a young lady who is thoughtful and understanding. The spell of marriage brings it’s own menthos moment.

Amit reaches home and speaks to his mom. She hurtfully tells him that he never shares his mann ki baat with her. She always has to guess it. When her guesses go wrong the situation is beyond the point of return.

Amit misunderstands his mother’s intention and tells her that Amita has told him the truth .Phalguni and Nani for a moment skip their heartbeat. Only to be assured that Amita has shared with him her weight related issues and nothing more.
Phalguni shares her frustration with her mom at not being able to share with Amit what Amita really eels about him. Nani advises her to forget all this and concentrate on the impending marriage.

Amita shares in detail the coversation with Amit’s mom with her gal pals..They advise her to not go ahead with the marraige. She surprises them by saying that sje has the support of Amit and the thought that he loves her gives her strength to go through with the wedding.
She is hopeful whatever be theproblems she and Amit will be able to tide over it. Her friends are happy to hear her thoughts.

Poor girl!! if only she knew the truth…

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