Amita Ka Amit 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 14th March 2013 Written Update

Amita decides to tell Amit the truth about her first impression for him.Her friends advise against it.
Amu explains Phallu’s anger is justified as a mom will be infuriated on hearing unfavourable comments for his son.

Aarti has the usual brainwave of me rioting Amita must have documented in the later pages her change of heart for Amit.

On searching for it they discover the said pages have been torn.A conclusion is drawn by the friends that someone willingly wanted Phalguni to read it with and form a na dimpression of Amit.

Phalguni on her way to Shah mansion calls up Amit to speak to him.he is to busy to have a conversation.Phallu tells him to come home at the earliest.

Amita to calls him up for the same and sets up a meeting with him to discuss an important issue relating to their marriage.
Amit is surprised as to why everyone wants to have speak to him urgently about the marriage..

In the meeting with Motwani he gives out a pointer why inspite of not having perfection in a person is not a dampner for a relationship.As you can try for creating perfection in the relationship. Weigh the pros and cons of a situation and accept which has the potential to be least damaging in all respects…

An angry Phalguni returns home and tells her mother that she wants to tell the entire truth to Amit.

The mother daughter are surprised wehn it is announced a young girl wants to meet them.Seeing Kajal ,Phalguni lashes out again. Kajal handles Phallu politely and wisely.She speaks about Amita’s good nature and her understanding that she had erronously judged Amit earlier.
She also informs her about Snehal’s rejection for Amit and how his ego forbade him to tell the truth to all.She points out that Amit to is guilty of hiding that he doesnot
love Amita. Kajal also mentions how the ego of Phalguni could not tolerate Amita’s poor opinion about his son.
Phalguni calms down a little when she understands that Amit said yes to Amita not to defy her choice of bahu but out of prevailing circumstances….

Snehal too is unworthy of her son now by her own admission.

Kajal leaves and Nani too tells her daughter that the young girl was right.Phalguni should let matters be as they are.Both Amit and Amita are at fault.So penalizing one is not right.
If Phallu continued with her wish to let Amit know of Amita’s truth her son will be hurt more.Two rejections would break his heart.

Amita is on her way to tell Amit the truth…She reminiscence over their good moments when Kajal’s phone interrupts her thoughts.

Amit is not interested to talk to her.kajal calls up Preeti to be informed that Amita is on her way to meet Amit. She is worried at the outcome.

Amita reaches Amit’s office.Amit spots her as she is on her way to his cabin.

Precap: Amita is in Amit’s cabin about to speak to Amit regarding the diary contents. Amit is watching her attentively.

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