Uttaran 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 14th March 2013 Written Update

Mamaji is making the kundli thing with rice and supari. Akash and Nirbhay is sitting with him & all the ladies come downstairs with Meethi (her head covered with a veil).
Pavitra sees her face and compliments her on her beauty. You have told us that you look just like your mother…Iccha. Meethi nods happily. Pavitra says we have seen you already but today it is a tradition that’s why we are doing this. Right jiji?
Gomti replies that it is jiji’s first right to see her.

Meethi asks her where the other people are. Vishnu had told me that there will be many people.
Gomti shushes her and tells her not to say it in front of jiji as she doesn’t like strangers coming over. And bhaiya gave today’s mahurat so that’s why.

Maiyya descends downstairs and all look at her (a plate with a glass of water & 2 apples). She sits next to Meethi and has stoned expressions. In a satiric tone, she says our daughter-in-law is very beautiful, we should ward off all the evil eyes from her. Her music is playing in the background.
Maiyya removes the veil of her head (rather throws it back). She looks angrily at the vermilion in Meethi’s forehead and her jewels. While Meethi smiles in anticipation.
She holds the glass of water and throws it at her face. All are taken aback while Meethi is shocked.

The men get up from their places and Meethi cannot fathom what just happened. Maiyya says now its fine. All evil eyes will stay far from her. Meethi is speechless while Maiyya explains the ritual to her. It is the tradition of their village. We should remove all the color from the new bride and make it all colorless for her. Then she will be safe. The vermilion flows down with the water.

Meethi asks Akash who bows down his head and doesn’t reply. Kajri gets towel for her and Meethi thanks her. Maiyya says that a red color is the sign of immense happiness in a woman’s life. She takes her balaiyan and gets up. Meethi takes her blessings and afterwards, she leaves. All 3 sisters leave from there. Scary music is playing in the background & Meethi is baffled at the turn of events. Akash smiles at her (in a sense to reassure her).

The doctor comes out of OT. Jogi asks the doctor if the operation was successful. He replies that they had to stop it midway. Iccha & Veer are also there. She asks how he could do it.
Jogi wants to know what he means. Doctor clarifies that her condition is very critical. The bullet has passed through her heart, injuring the artery. She is in a very serious condition. Jogi, Divya and everyone else is shocked.

Iccha folds her hands and begs him to do anything but save her friend. Doctor asks her to calm down. They are doing everything they can. The operation has been stopped but the treatment hasn’t. I want to discuss this with other doctors as well and then select the proper line of treatment. He asks for Rathore. Jogi tells him that he has gone to the admin with their other doc to complete the necessary formalities. He leaves saying that he will meet him there only. iccha again asks him to save Tappu.

Mamaji compliments Meethi that she is a girl with very good morals. She dint feel bad of the ritual. In this house, we consider a daughter-in-law as our daughter. I respect women a lot that’s why me and my sisters stay here together.
Akash smiles and adds that mamaji’s heart is just like Maiyya’s. he has told us stories about this palace and Aatishgarh since childhood. Do you want to listen as well?
She says yes, why not and asks mamaji to tell her a story too.
Nirbhay too tells him to tell the new bride stories as she is very anxious to know about our haveli.

Mamaji finally begins the story of how they built up the palace (in a barren land) and the wind has been caught inside & it roams about in the house and speaks with the doors & windows. He asks her if she had any trouble at night as it is completely dark inside then. The city people even don’t know about this quiet place. You tell how did you like it here?
Meethi replies that it is nice & beautiful in the day but at night…(she stops).

The real Vishnu is distributing chocolates to kids outside Satara jail. He tells them to be careful & eat this at home and not fight with each other.

The warden sees Vishnu & calls him. She asks him that she heard that he had come so just came to say hi. He tells her that he is going to Mumbai in the evening. He bids her bye but then she recalls something and calls him back.
She asks him if he met Iccha. He says he had gone to but it was her daughter’s sangeet ceremony, so couldn’t meet her. He shares that no one knows about her being in jail in her in-laws house so he came back without meeting her. She is confused hearing this as how it can be. She then asks if he met that girl who had left her no. with her.
He takes Mukta’s name & then says that she had called up but dint turn up.
She shares that she looked really tensed when she had come here. She wanted to shares something urgently with you. Vishnu is confused. He says he will again call her & if she wants to meet, then he will meet her as he is going to Mumbai only. She again tells her to check with Mukta as she was very worried over something. Vishnu is confused & thinking about it.

Mukta is walking in the corridor & crying to herself. She recalls Tappu getting shot. It was all my fault.ma came in front to save my life…she cries, why did you save me ma.
Iccha holds her shoulder from the back.
Mukta tells her that you told me so many times that I should meet ma but I dint gave heed to what you were saying. Its all my fault. I did came to meet her but by then it was too late. She had called me, smsed me but I dint call back or reply. I did very wrong. If anything happens to ma then I will not…
Iccha asks her not to say like that. Nothing will happen to Tappu. We all commit mistakes but life gives us another chance as well…to rectify those mistakes. We won’t’ let anything happen to her. And she is very stubborn. She will fight with death and she also cant stay without us. Look at me, would you go like this in front of your ma? She tells him that she is very strong…just like Mr. Rathore. Mukta nods in a yes. Iccha assures her that nothing will happen to Tappu.


Akash, mamaji & Maiyya are on the terrace. Akash says she is getting very impatient. She was asking when they will go to Switzerland. How long will they stay here? He also shares what she thinks of this haveli.
Mama joins in saying she was saying this haveli must be having a story about it. What do I tell her? That whoever comes once to Aatishgarh, doesn’t go back from here without our permission. Till where she can see, its quiet everywhere…just like the quietness at a crematory.
A view of Aatishgarh is shown from the terrace.

Mama continues that not even a bird can be seen here…such is Aatishgarh!
Maiyya comments that this haveli is a cage & Aatishgarh is a jail. People get punished here. And even if she wants to run away…how far will she go?
Mama says her stars don’t indicate that she will go back at all.

Maiyya comments…it is the beginning of the exile now…but this time it is not for ram but for sita.
Akash says that now only Aatishgarh is her life. She adds that that is her cage as well!

Precap: The real Vishnu calls at Mukta’s cell & Nani reprimands him that neither he nor Meethi called them. Everyone had been so worried about them. Surabhi is doubtful as Vishnu has called at Mukta’s no. All come and stand next to Nani while Vishnu is unable to understand anything.

Update Credit to: pooja

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