Amita Ka Amit 11th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 11th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 11th September 2013 Written Update

Amu tells Amit Dr. Deshpande called. She said you will have to get your blood tests done sooner. He is puzzled…why mine. Amu doesn’t know it as well but the doc seemed a bit worried. He agrees to get it done while coming back home from office tomorrow. She tells him to do it earlier in the day. Doc has asked you to come in anytime in the afternoon. He says he has work. She asks him what’s more important….office or baby? He says the baby hasn’t come yet. She explains that the responsibility of a baby starts even before its birth. Baby is the most important part of our life. We are responsible for this baby. And you forgot the doc told us we would be able to hear the heartbeat of our baby in a few days time. He agrees to go in the afternoon. They both get down to sleep.

dreams that he can hear baby voices calling out to him from everywhere as papa. He keeps looking around everywhere but cannot see any. Its driving him mad. He wakes up screaming for Amu. She too wakes up and asks him what happened. Same dream again? He affirms. She gives him a glass of water and lies back again to sleep. He recalls Batuk’s words about how girls change while they are pregnant. As he looks in her direction, he suddenly notices that she is sleeping with a pillow in between them. He recalls how mom was concerned what if Amit had hit her by accident. He tries pulling the pillow out of her grip but she doesn’t let go. Frustrated he puts another pillow on top of it.

Next morning, Amu is looking at her face (nose basically) in the mirror. She suddenly moves closer to Amit to look at their reflection and he wakes up. What are you doing? She says I was just checking out of us whose nose is sharper. I just wanted to see whose look would suit our baby most. At least its nose should be like yours…mine is a little weird / flat. He says that’s because you get angry so easily. So mine is better. You think anything let me sleep now please. She reminds him he has to go for the tests. Another 30 minutes please as I dint sleep the whole night. He lies down again even though she keeps protesting. His phone rings. He simply hands it over to Amu. It is Batuk. He tells her to tell Batuk come over he will reach in the afternoon as and when the tests get over. She passes on the message and then invites Shilpa and the baby over as well. Get them too it will be a good change for them. Amit gets up surprised to hear this. He is shocked for she invited such a small baby to their home. She corrects him that we have invited exactly small baby in our life. There is no point to be scared if another small baby will come in their home. He says Shilpa bhabhi’s baby is very small. How will they come with the baby? She tells him bhabhi is happier to come over than Batuk bhai. She too would feel like coming over. It will be a good distraction for her and she would feel good too. Get ready to go for your tests. Meanwhile I will make all the preps for the baby. He lies down again putting a pillow over his ears while she goes out excited to make arrangements.

Amit asks doc if there is something to worry about as his tests were necessary. She assures him these are routine tests. You will get the report in 1 week and you will get to know if there is a problem or not. He wants to know if there can be a problem. She tells him not to worry everything is fine. He asks her to make Amu understand this as well. She stays worried all time thinking about tests. Doc tells him to take care of Amu nicely. He thanks her and goes out. Next the doc rings up her nurse telling her to be careful about Amit Shah’s blood report. Do the tests again and again. There should be no mistake in that report. She looks a bit worried as she keeps the receiver down.

Amu has covered the table with a whole lot of toys. Amit is taken aback to see so many toys. She explains the baby is coming over for the first time that’s why all these preps. He counters…why so many? She says we will need a new toy every time the baby cries. He is at a loss of words. Sit we will have a talk. Don’t you think you are overdoing it? The baby is so small that it wont remember what all you did for the baby. She nods….for the very reason I want to capture these moments in the camera so that when the baby grows and looks back at these pics he will be so happy thinking he was treated so nicely by his kaka and kaki (AA). Plus we will click his pic with every toy. I have got baby dresses as well…it will be fun. He says you got these many toys for Batuk’s baby. I am worried thinking when we will have our baby we wont even get a place to sleep in our home. And the photographer will have to be kept at home…salaried and all. She loves the idea. It will be fun. But we wont keep the photographer at home. We will call him every morning and get our pics clicked everyday…theme wise. It will be fun. He points out he was kidding. What has happened to you? You were all nerves 2 days back thinking about the baby even and today you have nothing on your mind except baby (he reminds her what all she says). I don’t get to hear anything else from you. She instinctively touches her nose. Look at my nose….its so weird you know. I don’t want out baby to have a nose like me. He exhales….please stop it. She is about to say something but the bell rings.

Amu, Batuk and Shilpa are all over the baby while Amit watches from far nervously. The proud parents are busy sharing a few things about the baby…actions and reactions. Amit proffers to go for a movie. Batuk keeps busy with the baby. Amu tells them to have food. Shilpa tells her they get to eat turn by turn nowadays as one of them is holding the baby while the other can eat. Amit is listening intently. When you go out in the restaurant how do you manage? She says we used to…now its only at home. Batuk says we can have it together now as Amit kaka can handle the baby for now. Amit takes the baby in his arms awkwardly. Amu is happy to look at them. She clicks his pics with the baby. Shilpa asks suddenly if the baby burped. It is necessary after feeding milk. She thinks of taking the baby back but Batuk tells her to let Amit do it. Poor Amit doesn’t know it. Amu says time to learn. You will have to do the same in a few days. Shilpa guides him how to. Amu pops in another question as Shilpa when Amit can hear some sounds. He says proudly that the baby burped. Shilpa tells him it wasn’t a burp. He suddenly realises what it was and Shilpa takes the baby back. Amu goes to get jalebis. Shilpa holds out the diaper for Batuk but he is busy on a phone call. Amit is told to throw it or at least hold it till I change the diaper. Amit holds it a little away from him and cannot help looking at it in disgust. Amu smiles looking at his expressions. She takes it from him and also takes Shilpa to the washroom so as to clean the baby. Batuk reiterates his statement to Amit. She will move ahead while you will stay here only. He recalls the dosa joint incident where Amu was waving at a small girl. It isn’t good for the baby. I only wanted to see whose looks will look cuter on the baby. Amit denies anything being such. Batuk agrees with him for his sake.


Baa gives some shagun to the baby. She puts some kajal on the baby as well and tells Shilpa to do the same. Tina too agrees with her. Give some tips to Amu as well so that her baby is as cute as yours. Shilpa replies keep looking at the pictures of cute little babies and the baby will be cute automatically. Batuk adds the baby would have been cute anyways as it has taken after Shilpa only. Tina agrees with him. amu touches her nose again.

Amit comes to his room and is surprised to see the pictures of cute babies across the room. He calls out to Amu. What are you doing? She asks him if he liked it. He asks her if she is well. You put these posters all over in our room. Don’t you think you are thinking more than necessary? She agrees with him….though for all the good reasons. I cant help thinking about the baby all the time. I smile to myself thinking about how it would look….would it be a baby boy or baby girl….colour preferences, walker, school, etc. He mutters that Batuk was indeed right. She is confused. She reminds him of the logic (of Shilpa) behind putting up the babies posters. He tells her to stop it. I dint expect this foolishness from you. Its out baby… will either go after you or me. What’s the use of these pics? You can keep watching them whole day but it wont do any good. Please stop all this. She looks at him clearly hurt by his words. Fallu calls out to both of them to have food. She leaves wiping a tear out of the corner of her eyes. He tries talking to her but in vain.


Tina is thinking about making a list of baby names from now only. It would be helpful. Fallu likes the idea…I have started selecting clothes. Tina has selected a chain as well but Baa stays firm that I will give my chain. They both continue bickering when Amit tells them to stop. The baby can wear both the chains right Amu? But she simply gets up without eating anything. She says she isn’t hungry. Fallu asks Amit if he said something to Amu. Baa takes his side. It happens in pregnancy that you don’t feel hungry at times. What’s his fault in this? Amit has clearly noticed Amu’s mood as she leaves from there.

Amu is talking to Dr. Saroj over something. She looks around and notices that all the baby pics are gone. Amit is putting his board back in place. She asks him why he did this. You got so worked up with kids that you couldn’t stand them for a day? You dint keep a single one. You know how much time it took me to find, select and print them out and why do you care. You only have to do things your way. If I was beautiful like other girls then I needn’t do this as our baby would anyways be beautiful / handsome. You don’t understand at all. She starts walking towards the other side of the room when she stops… childhood pics. She is overjoyed to see her pics. Amit tells her he did this as I want our baby to be as beautiful as the girl in these posters. The most beautiful girl in this world. She thanks him and Kanha. We both are waiting for our gift to come. Amit’s smiles is almost gone as he nods. She is busy watching the pics but he looks lost.

Precap: Amu is in the kitchen when Amit comes asking if they can go out for coffee. She gets a fainting spell and he catches hold of her just in time. He keeps calling out to her to wake up.

Update Credit to: pooja

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