Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th September 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 11th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Manpreet is tensed and speechless to see bani with her father. He greets her, and says that they have come to return their Bahu, to their house, which is rightfully hers as she’s parmeet’s wife and their bahu. manpreet is boggled. But dadaji comes out warning them against doing anything like that, and asks them not to step inside the house. Nirvel is surprised and asks what does he mean. dadaji says that he wont allow bani to step in as she’s nomore the bahu of this house. They are shocked. manpreet asks them come inside, and talk calmly. Dadaji says that the talk arises when there’s a doubt on yes or now. He says that they just take descisions, and she wont be here. Bani’s father asks wher would she go, as this is her house, and asks not to do this injustice with bani. Dadaji says that when parmeet is gone, then she’s nomore the bahu, as
Nirvel says that his son and not bani is at fault. Dadaji says that her fault is that she’s parmeet’s wife, and isnt destined to be with her husband and in laws. They are shocked. they ask him not to torture their bani like this, as she’s after all their bahu. Dadaji asks them why cant they understand. Nirvel gets angry that their marriage is legalised, and they cant do this. He cites dadaji to have such a low thinking. Dadaji warns him, and tell them that its their good fortune and his favour, that he let them talk and stand here for so long. They are shocked at such rudeness. He asks them to leave, before they are thrown out. nirvel reprimands him that they didnt expect anything else, as with big houses, a person doesnt become big. Dadaji warns him again. Nirvel says that they arent scared by his roar, as they are truthful. He says that they have lots of space in their heart to keep bani, unlike them. He asks them to leave before there’s a bloddbath here. He slams the door on their faces. They are distraught at bani’s destiny. Nirvel composes him and a stone turned bani, and takes them from there, as this isnt the place for them to lament. They begin to walk out of the haveli, in the heavy rain.

Inside the haveli, manpreet stands upto dadaji, and says that what he did isnt just wrong, but a crime too, and mayeb god wont forgive him for this. Dadaji is tensed. all are worried. dadaji asks her to say clearly what she wants. She says that he has taken the wrong descision, and they have always followed and respected his descisions, quietly as he’s the eldest person of this house. Manpreet says that she didnt say anything when 20 years back, he had thrown rano out, and she didnt say anything, when he threw bani out too. She says that she wont be quiet anymore, as due to this, maybe he is taking one wrong descison after the other. Dadaji hollers at her to go silent now, as she has spoken enough. He asks her to remember who she’s talking to. She says that she’s talking to the person, infront of whom

She asks what should she do, when she knows that bani isnt at fault and parmeet is, and still they are torturing her and her family, despite being angry at the culprit. She cites him for doing injustice when people expect him to do justice, as he’s being a hypocrite. She asks him to place himself in bani’s father shoes, and then understand their pain. He hollers at her again. He says that he just knows that her words are hurting him badly, and asks her to shut up, or else he might not be able to control himself. she asks how to shut up, when she knows that both the bahus are outside the haveli. Dadaji says that he doesnt want to be reminded why he took those descisions. manpreet tries to say, but dadaji stops her saying that she’s the bahu of this house, and should remain so, and hence shouldnt question his descisions. He leaves, while manpreet is distraught. surjit composes her.

Scene 2:
Location: Bani’s place
Rajji and soham come and find them tensed. They are told about bani having gone with her father and nirvel. All are tensed. Rajji asks biji to calm down. desho blames herself for bani’s plight. Soham asks her to compose herself as everything would be alright. rajji too asks them not to be tensed, as the gents would do everything right. Jas gets vikas’s tensed call again, asking her to talk but she cancels it again and goes inside. Rajji finds jas tensed and runs after her. She sees jas breaking her earrings that were vikas’s gifts, in a state of despair. Rajji is shocked. jas says that she doesnt need them, as the relation no longer exists. Jas begins breaking other stuff too gifted by him and his family. Rajji asks her to compose herself. She says that they would make them understand. jas says that there’s no use, as she wont be happy with them. Jas says that she isnt tensed for herself, but for bani, and wonders why are they sending bani back to the place where she wont be happy, and that she can stay with them. rajji says that its difficult to mend relations and very easy to break them. She says that they are just trying to mend relations. When she knows that jas is ignoring vikas’s calls, she asks jas to talk to him, but she refuses. Rajji asks her to come outside, as all would be happy and alright to see her okay.

As the ladies see nirvel and bani’s father, they get excited and hopeful that everything is alright and they took bani. But their hopes are shattered when they find bani too come inside. Nirvel tell them what happened there, and how they were insulted. Nirvel is very angry at the way, dadaji behaved, and says how dare he behave with them like this. He says that they wont tolerate eveything just because they are the rbide’s sside, and even wqhen they arent at fault. He asks who are they to decide bani’f life and fate. Soham composes them. Vikas comes and says that he knows that he came at an inoppurtune time, but he couldnt resist to apologise to them. Nirvel asks how dare he step inside their house, and asks him to get out. Vikas asks for a chance, but nirvel asks him to shut up and get lost, before he evenst out his anger on him. Nirvel says that they dont want to see him or his family ever again, and shouldnt ever lay eyes on this house again. nirvel is about to throw him out, while Bani is turned to stone in grief, Bani’s father has a heart attack scaring everyone and jolting them out of their sadness and grief. They all attend to him, as he falls on the floor clutching his heart tightly in pain. All are scared and tensed for him. The screen freezes on them.

Precap: The doctor comes and informs them that its a heart attack. he tells them that they have to ensure that he’s out of stress as the slightest shock can be dangerous for him. They eye bani’s father, lying on the bed, emotionally.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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