Amita Ka Amit 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 10th April 2013 Written Update
Amit is searching everywhere in the hotel for Ammu but cant find her. He finally comes down to the poolside and asks the guard if he has seen his wife. The guard asks for photo. Amit takes out his phone but realises he has none and replies that he doesn’t like taking pics.
The guard laughs saying its weird. Amit gets restless and explains about Ammu….she is a little fat and small in height. The guard replies that he had seen a girl who goes by his description. She seemed very worried and was crying. She left in a hurry. She left some 30 minutes back.
Amit leaves saying how could she leave like this. It was a small thing and here I’m so worried for her.

He asks people in the streets and some bikers drive past him crazily. He is worried for her as it is so late. I hope she is fine. He then thinks she might have gone her home.
He rings up Hemant and Ammu’s parents wonder why he is calling so late. Before he can ask anything, Hemant asks for Ammu. Sensing that she isn’t there Amit makes an excuse that he was setting up the alarm and dialled his number by mistake. Plus Amita is sleeping. He will make him talk to her tomorrow. Both say Jai Shree Krishna and Amit is again left wondering where she would be if not home.

He calls out Amita (as if she would listen!). He remembers how she had called him at a cafe just to check out the flavours. He is pissed off that she called him from office just for this. She says she loves coming here whenever she is sad as this cafe is open 24×7.

He mutters thank God that at least I know something about you. He finds one taxi but the driver declines that he has to go home his wife must be waiting for him.
He coaxes him to drop him to the cafe as his wife got lost. He argues with him that being a driver he cant say no. he is very worried for his wife. Please come na.
The driver smiles. Amit asks the reason for smiling. He asks him if she is lost or left him.
Amit tells him not to speak rubbish. Take me or let it be. He starts walking when the driver says he can take him but he will have to pay Rs. 200 for every km. Seeing no other option Amit reluctantly agrees and sits in the taxi.
He keeps guiding him to the cafe and also keeps checking outside for Ammu. They reach cafe and he gets down in a hurry. The driver runs after him for his money. He looks in his wallet & doesn’t find cash (flashback of giving neg to the girls). He tells him he doesn’t have it now but…
The guy cuts him off and shouts at him for using him. 2 other drivers join him and support him and Amit gets scared. Just then, he spots a lady in pink & calls out Amita.
All the guys hold him back and he says he has ATM Card he can pay him anytime. But his wife left now what will they do?
The guy agrees and they both follow the lady. He calls up that taxi driver and asks where he dropped the lady passenger. He gets to know she got down at Marine Drive. They reach there but before he can meet her face to face she leaves in a car.

Amit sits back in his taxi and they start following the car. He speaks to him saying how she can be so irresponsible. He asks the driver what he is thinking. The driver replies though he is thinking about how much the bill would be but now he is worried about his wife too. This isn’t a good hour to be out. You know na what all can happen. Amit asks him to keep quiet and focus on following the car. They lose out after sometime but Amit spots the car parked somewhere. Right then, a guy pats him from back and asks why he is following his wife. It turns out to be some other lady and Amit is flustered. He wonders where his wife would be then.

Amit is at the Mahim Police Station to file missing complaint for Amita. Some thug is there and the inspector is busy talking to him. Amit tells him not to focus on some random thug but find his wife.
The thug argues with him but the inspector shushes him. He then sits on the table in front of Amit and says, Amit Sahab, she isn’t a school girl. She is mature enough to go wherever she wants to. Plus, legally we cant file any complaint till the person is missing for 24 hours.
Amit gets up startled….24 hours? Anything can happen in 24 hours. Think it to be as your daughter.
The guy says something and the inspector slaps him. He tells Amit that he does the same with people who speak too much.
Amit sits back dejected. Amit calmly tells him that he doesn’t want to argue with him. Only this time.
The inspector replies I have doubt on you. She left on first night and you must have done something for sure. Amit is like what.
The inspector says should he put him behind bars and then explain. The driver tries to make peace. He explains that he was really worried for his wife. You know how a husband would feel if his wife goes missing.
The inspector agrees to lodge a complaint. As she left on your first night so I will do. Otherwise we don’t register missing complaint tills the person is missing for 24 hours. You please go. I will file the FIR.


Amit reaches his hotel next morning all sad and worried for Ammu. The driver hands him the extra money saying they dint find his wife so he is taking only what the meter says. Amit thanks him and leaves for his room.

He sits on the sofa in his room. He wonders what he will tell his family as they will be coming here anytime now. Suddenly, he hears a sob. Startled, he looks around saying aap?
Tada!!! Ammu too says aap. Both come face to face.
He holds her by the arms and face and asks if she is alright. Where was she? He was so worried for her and searched everywhere for her.
Ammu says the same thing where was he and why did he left without telling her. Both realise they were holding each other and go quiet.

Ammu says I was so worried. Why did you leave like this? Are you alright? Where had you gone?
Amit says I? Ammu says but I couldn’t reach you and even forgot to take the phone with you. Amit shares yes I know. I was so worried….so many weird thoughts were coming to my mind. What if our family gets to know of this?
Ammu looks away and says they will in sometime. He asks what.
She says what she could do. I was so scared that….. Amit says that what?
She says she called home. She was super scared so what could she do. He asks who you called.
Right then, Falguni enters and says ME!


Falguni asks Amit where you had gone. He fumbles for an answer. Ammu answers on his behalf nowhere….I only thought that…
Falguni asks why. This time Amit replies he left without telling her so she thought so. I had gone downstairs to get some fresh air.
Falguni says you had gone to get some fresh air on your suhagraat? (LOL!) amita first says no then says yes. Falguni is exasperated with their answers. She tells Ammu that if next time her husband goes missing then don’t disturb her in the morning. Look around first ok.
She leaves telling them to get ready. They have to reach home for grahpravesh on time. Rohan & Ria will be coming to pick them soon.

Amit asks Ammu why she called mom. Ammu says why. If I had been lost you would have called my dad right. Amit recalls calling Hemant uncle.
He tells her not to speak about this incident with anyone. No one should know about this.
Ammu looks at Amit and the episode ends on her face.

Precap: Grahpravesh is happening at Shah House. Right then enters the inspector saying is this Amit Shah’s home? Everyone is taken aback while Amit and Amita are worried

Update Credit to: Pooja

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