Always swasan FF Prologue

Story starts after Laksh’s disappearance… Scenes 1.
At xyz hotel lawn area swara and Nikhil standing and laughing each other. After that nikhil went from there. After he went swara also left that place. But this was seen by shomi and ragini. They looks shocked.

Scene 2:
Swara is lying on bed unconsciously. Dr is checking.
Shomi ragini ap and all gagodia family are there. After checgking dr is worriedly looking at them.
Shomi: Dr what happened to swara?
Dr: (tensed) she is pregnant…

That time swara gets conscious,seeing this ragini went to swara and asked: how can u do dis swara?
Swara: what happened ragini?
Shomi: u r pregnant swara and who is the father?
Before swara answered Nikhil: its me and u all knew it.
Swara shocked and shouted: noo don’t believe him ma.. Don’t u trust ur shona..
But shomi didn’t pay any heed of her words and asked : how can u betray us and how can u betray sanskar..
” Chataak” suddenly a slap sound startled everyone..

scene 3:
boy:i love her so much swara
girl:(hide her tears and smiled): i liked her too. she is the best girl for u.

scene 4:
a girl laughing at a boy. a man, a lady and another boy smilingly looking at them with happy tears..

scene 5:
two girls folding their hands together : plz come with us.. then a man hugged both of them..

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