Kunj 1st sees her lips then eyes then hairs and at last her face who is non other than Aditi (hehehe guys ? now wait and watch twist has just started)
He is totally dazzled by her
By seeing her kunj asks his friends that who is that gorgeous girl??. Then he goes behind Aditi who is wearing an off white and pink colour dress

Aditi goes on stage with her friend and meets groom (bunty) and bride (Anita)
Kunj is still following Aditi. Then Aditi goes near exit and talks to her friends with a smile on her face, kunj clicks 2,3 pics of her while he is bus seeing her pics in his mobile she goes away from their

Kunj is trying to find her when one of his friend comes to him and says
F:kunj, that girl is not at all related to this wedding she is just a friend of bride’s best friend

Then kunj goes on stage and shows Aditi’s pic to bunty
K: (showing him the pic) hey see this
B: (after seeing the pic) shit man, you did late she is very nice but my marriage is already happened
K: chii and hits him (then shows that pic to Anita) hey aanu do you know this girl
A: yeah she came with swathi I met her
K : (to bunty) listen, I don’t know what you will do but….
B: (cutting kunj in between) yes yes I know, just give me some time I’ll trace out her number and give it to you
K: (happily) oh thanks man
Then kunj moves away from their and sees Aditi’s pic in phone and smiles and goes from their

Next day
Kunj is going to his work place which is an IT company on his bike wearing a formal shirt and black jeans, he goes inside and greets his colleges

At lunch time kunj with his mates is going to canteen where he says about yesterday’s incident when one of his mate asks him
M : so you mean to say it’s love at 1st sight?
K : it’s not love man it’s attraction but can’t say anything can happen (and winks) and goes away to meet someone

Some other place but in same office yuvraj is trying to find kunj and he is somewhat tensed , then only kunj comes their
Y: kunj what a timing man I was thinking about you only
K: by seeing your face’s expressions and your body language I can say that the matter is about love
Y: (stunned) ohh fish! How do you know
K: to know, is fish is in your net or not we don’t Google it right
Y: it means you have also fallen in love
K: not fallen but can say is going to fall
Y: who is the girl
Kunj makes signs of not knowing her
Y: is she nice
K: she is super man
Y:what is her name
K :don’t know
Y :where does she lives
K: don’t know
Y : you’ll any how get set, but help me also dude
K: (sarcastically) ohh Mr HR and you’ll not help me right, not even in your company’s placement
Y : hey it’s nothing like that I’m trying my best for it, plz bro help me
K: ohk ohk tonight come to my place, and let’s decide what we can do of your love life.

Episode ended
Hey guys how are you all doing

Thanks for the comments
But it’s too less guys
Hope I’ll get enough comments now

Do tell me how is the twist
And twinkle will enter soon

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