All alone ragini season 2 episode 13

Prudhvi brings surbhi home…
Surbhi:- hi aunty.
Ragini:- hi surbhi..
Swara:- did you forgive my son.
Surbhi:- hmm.
Swara:- i thought you will torture him more but you disappointed me.
Surbhi smiles..
Akash and vidya comes home ..
While manvi and virat comes fighting with each other asually.
Manvi:- hi dii
Surbhi:- hi manvi..

Aunty where is ananya.
Ragini:- her dad went to bring her..
Laksh:- and i brought your dad.
Surbhi turns and finds her dad and smiles….
Sur dad:- what are you doing here.
Surbhi:- came for lunch .you were invited by uncles and i were invited by aunty..
Sur dad:- so you did colz bunk today.
Surbhi:- yes.
Sur dad:- hmm ofcourse you will my girl went on me only.
Surbhi smiles…
Sanskar comes with ananya..
Ananya and surbhi both hugs each other and sits next to next.
Ragini and swara were serving.
Surbhi:- you both also sit na aunty.
Swara:- first you all eat ma later we will eat.
Surbhi:- it is not a rula na aunty sit with us na.

Ragini:-first guests should eat.
Surbhi:- i am not your guest right and these all rules will be known to us but not our hunger and it will come to us as it time so plss aunty..
Sur dad:- haa sit with na ragini, swara no formalities for us.we will pass to each other and serve come or else my daughter will curse me.
Sanskar:- why.
Sur dad:- because i said her that these two are my soul sisters and she will say that now that i am eorst brother.
Ragini swara smiles snd says ok and sits with all.
Ananya and surbhi miggles with each other..prudhvi sees this and smiles..
Ananya was showing all rooms to surbhi and they goes towards prudhvi room.
Surbhi:- first time i am seeing a man room so clean and tidy..
Ananya:- why every one will keep their room clean only na.
Surbhi:- no mainly me i always tries to keep clean but dont knew how it automatically gets unclean abd all things will shatter hear and their.
Ananya laughs and says lets go to my room.

Ananya takes surbhi to their room where all were waiting already..
She sits with manvi and ananya..
Manvi :- lets play cards..
All were sitting..and always prudhvi losses infront of surbhi..
Akash:- untill now bhai never lost but today he was continuesly lossing how.
Prudhvi:- even i dont knew and see surbhi laughing and says ..
You were doing something right.
Surbhi:- why i will cheat you.
Prudhvi:- when i said you cheated me i saying did you do anything and when your self commited so say what you did.
Surbhi:- what i will do yar .you yourself sit before mirror and if it shows your cards to us means we are not at fault ..right manvi ..
Manvi:- ofcourse and you.who asked to sit you their.
Prudhvi:- tera baap.

Manvi:- you mean to say our both dad means laksh maheswari
Prudhvi chases manvi whole house..while she goes to sanskar and hides herself.
Sanskar:- again you both started.
Prudhvi says what ever hppen while sanskar laughs by seeing laksh face.
Laksh:- why you both bought me in between your fight.
Manvi:- he said tera baap and ypu were our dad right
Laksh catches manvi ears and says day by day you are becoming naughty..
Sur dad sees and feels some where sad that he could not give these all happiness to his daughter and sees prudhvi and thinks once these both got settled i will ask surbhi and prudhvi marriage.
Sur dad:-ok ok we will leave nowcome surbhi.
Surbhi comes down and says ok dad.
They both waves bye to them and leaves in their car while all goes back to their rooms.
Sanskar sitting on bed while ragini was removing jewellarys.
Sanskar:- surbhi was nice girl na.
Ragini:- hmm and i knew how she is feeling by not having mom by her side..its feels alone in whole world.
Sanskar hugs her from back and says.

Missing your mom
Ragini:- hmm..although a girl gets
married become mom but still sone where every girl misses her mom sanskar and i never got mom love but after marriage i got worlds best mom and mom loves me more than you..
Sanskar:- and that one is right anf my wife loves me more than any one.
Both smiles..
Swara:- what you think about surbhi laksh.
Laksh:- if she becomes my daughter inlaw na then she will light up this house more ..she is kiddo yar innocent from inside and mischevios from outside.
Swara:- and perfect to twist my son ear..
Laksh:- first mom who is wishinig her son ear should be twisted by bahu.
Swara:- even mom wished that who ear should be twisted by me.
Laksh:- ok fine your are second mom.
Swara:- hm thats like a good boy.
Laksh nodes his head in disbelief..
Manvi sees virat message and pouts angrily..
Vidya sees her asks whst happen.
manvi:- your bhai called me moti..
Vidya:- that means bhai eye sight id not good.
Manvi and vidya burts into laugh.
Vidya becomes silent

Manvi:- are you missing your parents.
Vidya:- hmm although i sm only daughter to them but dad loves me so much that he never made me feel alone and yaa because this much big family only i am not feeling bad or else by this time i i would have beenhone sick.
Manvi:- ofcourse we all special and you to special.
Manvi and vidya hugs each other.
Akash lisens to them and thinks ..
Vidya is missing her parents so he must do something that she feels good and goes to his roomand finds prudhvi studying seriously.
He smiles naughtly and jumps on bed next to him.
Prudhvi jerks:- why do you jump like that.
Akash:- do you love me.
Prudhvi:- i am not in mood to crack jokes by saying that i love you.
Akash:- why all says that they hate me and says i love with so much difficult and sleeps facing another side.
Prudhvi smiles and drags him towards him.
Akash:- i dont want to talk to you.
Prudhvi:- do you think that i dont love you.
Akash pouts.
Prudhvi smiles and says:- ok fine say me what i should do to bring smile on your face.
Akash:- rapid fire game.i will ask you questions and you should h
Just say names..

Prudhvi:- fine go with it.
Akash immediatedly sits and faces prudhvi by folding legs ..
So lets start..
Akash:- your inspiration.
Prudhvi:- laksh maheswari..
Akash:- in whom way u want to walk.
Prudhvi:- sanskar.
Akash:- swara
Prudhvi:- my life..
Akash:- ragini.
Prudhvi:- my breath snd everything.
Akash:- ananya dii.
Prudhvi:- innocence..
Akash:- manvi .
Prudhvi:- monkey but lovely…
Akash:- vidya..
Prudhvi:- sweet girl.
Akash:- grand parents.
Prudhvi:- head of families.
Akash:- friends are like .
Prudhvi:- refreshment..
Akash:- good phase of life.
Akash:- now i say relations and feeling you have to answer with out thinking.
Prudhvi:- ok.
Akash:- dad.
Prudhvi:- laksh .
Akash:- mom.
Prudhvi:- swara.
Akash:- sisters.

Prudhvi:- ananya and manvi.
Akash:- brother.
Prudhvi:- akash my life..
Akash:- life.
Prudhvi:- ragini ma and sanskar papa.
Akash:- to whom you say i love u.
Prudhvi:- surbhi..
Akash claps hands snd says yes.
Prudhvi realises and says shit you Akash:- what you.untill now you were confused about your feeling so i made it easy for you and you should be thank full to me and sleeps leaving prudhvi in shock.
Later prudhvi smiles by realising his feeling.
Prudhvi pov:- i never thought that i will fall in love that to with surbhi.
Badai maa says is a awesome feeling and that to surbhi he smiles and dozes off.
Surbhi pov:- hmm prudhvi is lucky infact in their home all were lucky.i hope i can also live their but no use..its not necessary that he too must have feeling for me just like i had..what to do i too dont knew when i had fallen for him. Kadoos prudhvi…..
Ananya and naksh were talking threw vedio call.
Ananya:- i think that prudhvi like her.
Naksh:- how can you say.
Ananya:- i felt like that by seeing his eyes.
Naksh:- acha then what are you feeling by seeing my eyes.
Ananya comes close to screen and says your eyes shows me..
Naksh:- and your eyes shows your love for me.
Ananya:- hmm.

Both looks at each other with a smile..
Naksh:- i won give youba surprise
Ananya:- what.
Naksh:-we are coming to mumbai to your place in next week.
Anaya:- really.
Naksh:- and we are going to stay at your place only haa i already started staying in your heart but this time i will stay at your home too.
Ananya smiles:- i hope this week passes away and and that day reaches soon.
Naksh:- hmm me to wishes same.
Ok sleep you have colz..
Ananya:- good night.
Naksh:- good night sweet heart.
Ananya smiles and sleeps by thinking about him.
Here naksh to does same..

Precap:- more fun

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