you exist in the secret chamber of my heart- (chapter 1)

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Hi comes the chapter one of “you exist in the secret chamber of my heart”..

Our episode starts with a dance floor..romantic song plays..suddenly the dark stage throws light on a couple..they locked their hands with the each other’s plays..they are dancing..
Itni mohabbat karo na,Mein doob na jaun kahi..(don’t love me this much that I will get sunk)
Wapas kinare pen aana,Mein bhool na jaun kahin…(wudn’t I forget to come back to the bank)
Dekha jab se hain chehra tera ,mein toh hafthon she soya nahi…(I didn’t sleep for weeks for the moment I have seen u)
Suddenly abhi lifts pragya..and sings

Bol doh na zara…dil mein hai joh chuppa..mein kisi se kahunga nahi….(tell me which was hidden in ur heart…I won’t say it to anyone)…

Pragya says “abhi,I wanted to say u something”abhi says that even I also wanted to say u something…pragya says I was waiting for this very before…I always wanted to tell u this..abhi asks what?pragya says shud I say it?can’t u see my eyes and find it?pragya says it’s ok ..I wanted to tell u that…abhi says that…pragya says that I love…suddenly pragya hears a voice..di..di..get up..pragya in sleep holds Bulbul’s hands and says I love u…bulbul thinks oh in dream..let me help her…she says I love u too janu..and tries to kiss her..pragya opens her eyes gets irked and asks what r u doing??..but bulbul..bulbul says r asking me what am I doing? were dreaming and saying me…bulbul gets excited and asks …di what were u dreaming abut?or shud I ask abut whom were u dreaming abut?she giggles..pragya says shut up..nothing like that..pragya tells oh it’s getting late..come let’s go get ready for the college..bulbul calls di…

I know you were dreaming abut abhi ryt..pragya blushes but says no..bulbul says ho..jhooti(liar)..I know u very well..daily u r dreaming these same things..but when will u confess ur feelings for abhi?see u have confess ur feelings to him..pragya in hesistant tone says no bulbul ..not today..we vl see it some other day..bulbul gets angry what do u mean by some other day?listen di..if u didn’t fasten up itself then u vl regret it..pragya gets sad and says I know bulbul..I’m wrong..but everytime if I think of confessing my love to abhi ..I getting afraid what wud happen if he doesn’t feel as same ask feel for him?I will get shattered..bulbul says di if he accepted it then u will feel happy today u go say him..

In college:
Pragya and bulbul arrived to college..they found three girls were going somewhere..bulbul asked tm where thy r going?they said that they r going to abhi who’s in cafeteria.bulbul tells pragya that this is th correct time..go and tell abhi..i’m getting late to me lectures..di don’t try to cheat me?i will be watching u..pragya gets tensed but manages to go there..

In cafeteria:
Girls entered there by shouting abhiiii….abhi..abhi who’s having coffee gets shocked and blinks and says oh god..what to do now??..the three goes to him and asks abhi..are you free today?abhi says I’ll be always free for girls..I will afford to break beautiful ladies of the girl said abhi today u have to come to with me for a date..the other one said no..with me..they were quarreling with each other.abhi gets irked and fed up..he clms them down and says OK..let’s play a game..they said what??he says yes game..whom will abhi date?they said OK..let’s put inky pinky pinky,..abhi says no..he asks them to be quiet..he takes a cup and keeps it in centre of a pebble to the three and asks them to throw the pebble on it..whoever puts it correctly will be the will get chance to come to a date with pragya and bulbul comes to college..the three said chorusly said first me..abhi says wait let me say..he utters rhymes chubby cheeks..dimple chins..rosy lips …curly hair very fair..eyes r blue and lovely that u who gonna date abhi…someone comes to cafe by hiding her face..she goes and sits on a chair and hides herself with the’s bulbul.she thinks what abhi is doing?leave it..where’s di?why doesn’t she come still?here abhi points out the 2nd one..everyone said yes..yes..yes..asks her to put pebble..

bulbul prays no..god…she shud not get succeeded…she failed..he says the same rhymes and pointed out the third one.she also fails..the rest one targeted the cup with her pebble….pragya comes there..she feels so tensed..sees everything..bulbul notices pragya..wonders why is she standing there freezed?pragya comes towards abhi.bulbul takes a banana from her bag and throws it’s peel in pragya’s way quietly and hides her face with a book..pragya walks towards abhi…bulbul bites her nail and notices each and every step of pragya..pragya got slipped and falls on to abhi’s arms..suddenly the cup fall down from the table…now pragya is in abhi’s arms..bulbul says yes..mission accomplished..pragya and abhi looked at each plays..

Tu safar mera,hai tu hi meri manzil…(u r my journey,and u r my destination)
Tere bina guzara,ae dil hai mushkil(living without u is tough for my heart)
Tu mera khuda..tu hi dua mein shamil..(u r my god and u exist in all my prayers)
Tere bina dil hai mushkil…
They r sharing a eyelock moment…

To be continued…

Precap:purab asks bulbul why did she threw banana peel on pragya’s way purposely..bulbul blinks and becomes spellbound..

Frnds..if u lyk it..plzz comment..u can also share ur feedback. Both negative and positive..if u have any suggestions u can give…

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  1. Soooooo cute….i love it….

  2. Superb episode yaar. Loved pragya bulbul scenes waiting for the next update

  3. Awesome n lovely

  4. Solace

    Hi frnds..sorry for typing mistakes..actually I was in only there is lots of mistake.plzz forgive me frnds..actually abhi says the he can’t afford to break the heart of beautiful ladies..I feel so bad that I made this much typing mistakes in this episode..I hope u guys will not mind…

  5. Honey


  6. Reshma_Pradeep


  7. Nice dear..keep going…

  8. Princesskrisha

    Superb n solace we wont mind spelling mistakes pls update soon yr

  9. Prathi

    Wow very cute I loved it!!

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