All flowers bear your fragrance GoSham(Saksham-Gopika)SS Part 1

All flowers bear your fragrance Part 1

 This SS is slightly inspired from the tamil movie ‘Poovellam un vasam’.I dedicate this to my dearest friend Rehana Siraj who suggested this movie for GoSham.

Thank you very much Sevenstreaks for this pretty cover page.


A small town…

Gopika was a traditional cute girl.

Her mother Ramila Joshi arranged breakfast.

Gopika hugged her.

Gopika:Maa,you cook very well.But I feel like eating from Mithila aunty’s house.She promised to make my favourite poori for break fast.

Ramila:Hmmm,I know that you are going there to spend time with your Saksham.

Gopika smiled:After all he is my best friend and today is friendship day too.

Ramila:Ok.You go.Your father is there to eat my food.

They giggled.

Saksham Modi stayed next to Gopika’s house.They are family friends too.


Gopika went to Modi Mansion.

Saksham:As usual you came here to have Maa’s food.Right?

Gopika:Ofcourse.Will anyone come here to eat your food?Your cooking is so bad.

Gopika and Mithila laughed.

Saksham:Don’t tease me.My cooking is excellent.I am the best.

Mithila:No Saksham dikra.

Mithila held Gopika’s hand and said:My Gopika is the best.

Gopika said proudly:Exactly.

Saksham:Maa,you are her mother or my mother?I doubt.

Mithila caressed the cheek of Gopika and Saksham.

Mithila:You both are my children.

Saksham-Gopika smiled and hugged Mithila.

Saksham-Gopika looked at each other with a sweet smile.

Gopika:Happy friendship day Saksham.

Saksham:Happy friendship day Gopika.


Saksham and Gopika went to the temple and prayed.

Saksham:God,always protect our friendship.

Gopika:God,never let our friendship break.

Saksham:Please give happiness to Gopika always.

Gopika:Please give the best to Saksham.



Gopika took Saksham to her kitchen.

Gopika opened a halwa box:Friendship special halwa which I made for you.

Saksham:Wow Gopika.This is the best friendship gift as you know that I am crazy about Halwa.

Gopika:I know that.That’s why I made this specially for you.

Gopika fed him the halwa with her hand.

Saksham was leading Gopika to somewhere.

Gopika:Saksham,where are you taking me to?

Saksham:Relax Gopika.If I tell you this now,What is the fun?

She kept silent.

They reached a corner of his house.

Suddenly flower petals fall over them.Gopika was surprised and loved it.Saksham smiled.

Saksham:How is my friendship day surprise Gopika?

Gopika:It was beautiful Saksham.I love flowers.

Saksham:Ok,get ready.There is one more surprise.

Gopika was surprised.

Gopika:I will get ready and come.

Gopika went to her house.

Saksham took the flower petals in his palm and smelled them.

Saksham smiled:All these flower petals have your fragrance Gopika.

Gopika reached home and thought of the flower petals fall.

She blushed saying:All flowers bear your fragrance Saksham.


Saksham and Gopika got ready and got inside the car.

Saksham drove the car.He stopped the car at a place.Both got out of the car.

Gopika:Where are we Saksham?

Saksham held her hand and said:Wait Gopika.

Saksham took her to a hall.

Saksham:We have come to this beautiful restaurant Gopika.Our favourite food items are already ordered.

Gopika:Wow Saksham…

They both had the dinner together and enjoyed.


The next day Saksham-Gopika went to college.

While walking Gopika’s hand hit the wall and got hurt.


Saksham:Gopika…walk carefully.

Gopika:It’s ok Saksham.It’s not ok.Understand?

Saksham took her to the sick room and bandaged the hand.

Their classmate Priya saw it.

Priya:Just a small wound.Still Saksham behaves as if his hand got hurt.Are they only friends?



Gopika went to Saksham’s room with the text book.

Gopika:Saksham,I have lots of doubts.This lesson is tough for me.

Saksham:When I am there,why should you worry?

She smiled:I know that.That’s why I came here.

He smiled.

Saksham taught her the lesson.


College Prom night….

Priya wore a black gown and came.

Priya:I am sure that Saksham will be attracted towards me and ignore that behenji Gopika.

Surprisingly Gopika also came wearing a black gown and she looked stylish.

Priya was shocked.

Priya:Behenji Gopika in gown?

Saksham got lost in Gopika’s beauty.

Priya:Still I look better.Saksham will dance with me.

But to her shock,Saksham held Gopika’s hand.

Saksham:As usual on special occasion,you wore a modern dress.

Gopika:Yes.Only on special occasions as you told me to do so.Otherwise I am more comfortable in traditional wear.

Saksham:You look gorgeous in this gown Gopika.

She blushed.

Saksham and Gopika danced.Priya became jealous.

Janam janam janam sath chalna yunhi
Qasam tumhe qasam aake milna yahin
Ek jaan hai bhale do badan hon juda
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Meri subha ho tumhi
Aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaram ho
Meri duaaon se aati hai bas yeh sadaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida..

Teri baahon mein hain mere dono jahan
Tu rahe jidhar meri jannat wahin
Jal rahi agan hai jo yeh do tarfa
Na bujhe kabhi meri mannat yahi
Tu meri aarzoo main teri aashiqui
Tu meri shayari main teri mausiqui

Talab Talab Talab bas teri hai mujhe
Nason mein tu nasha banke ghulna yunhi
Meri mohabbat ka karna tu haq ye ada
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida

Meri subha ho tumhi
Aur tumhi shaam ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaram ho
Meri duaaon se aati hai bas yeh sadaa
Meri hoke humesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida(Dilwale).

After the dance got over,a cake was kept before Saksham.He was surprised.

Gopika:I baked this with my own hands to celebrate our friendship anniversary Saksham.

Saksham smiled.

Priya:But friendship day is over.Today is not friendship’s day.

Saksham:In childhood on this date only we became friends.So every year on this date,we celebrate our friendship anniversary.

Priya got irritated.

Saksham and Gopika cut the cake together and fed each other.

Priya became jealous when Saksham fed her cake with his hands.

After some days…

In the college…

Gopika slipped while walking and was about to fall down.Suddenly Saksham caught her.Her leg got sprained.So Saksham lifted her up in his arms.

They got lost in each other.

Priya was watching this could not bear their closeness.

Priya:I have to find out whether they love each other or not.

  1. Revu

    Wow you made me happy by writing on my favourite Jyotika movie . I watched these movie many times and still it’s my favourite. Gopika and Saksham friendship is portrayed so well. I loved his way of surprising her. Mithila is superb. She supports Gopika infront of Saksham and Saksham asking are you my mom or her mom was cute. Gopika wearing modern dress and dancing with Saksham was romantic. When her leg slipped he lifted her and caring her was so beautiful. Priya is planning against Gopi and Saksham . Please use Kaadhal Vanthathum song of that movie in any episode of this SS.

    1. Jasminerahul

      I am surprised to know that poovellam un vasam is your favourite jyothika movie.Will use that song in this ss.Thanks a lot for commenting.

    2. Revu

      Yeah she is one of my favourite actress in Tamil. I like Dum dum dum and Khushi also.

    3. Jasminerahul

      Me too.I have read a ss on dum dum dum.but I have not seen any ff khushi.but I would love to read a ff on khushi.have you seen any ff on Khushi?

  2. Kifu

    Amazing 💖. Saksham and Mithila joking on saksham’s cooking was funny..😂😂. Mithila helding saksham and Gopika as her children was cute..💖. Saksham and Gopika celebrating friendship day with their suprises was svery sweet..❤️. Their dance was romantic..💖💖. Saksham and Gopika feeding cake was very nice scene and romantic too.. ohh noo this priya is jealous 😮. Hope she doesn’t create any problems between Gopika and saksham.. waiting eagerly for next episode..this episode was really cute..❤️❤️.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very much.

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