Anupama 9th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakhi Shares Important News With Vanraj

Anupama 9th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kinjal tells Anupama and Anuj if they have any plan, she will manage to the gynecologist’s appointment alone. Anuj says its okay and asks Anu to accompany Kinjal and messages Anu that he will wait for her for dinner. At Shah, Vanraj with Kavya and Toshu returns from office. Rakhi says she was waiting for him. Kavya asks why is she waiting for him. Vanraj says this trouble is waiting for them all. Rakhi asks him if he snatched signing authority from Malvika or not. Vanraj frowns hearing that. Rakhi taunts he hasn’t become a rich man then and is still a small employee in a big company. Kavya asks f she is insulting her husband. Rakhi says she is just showing his place and truth is his time hasn’t come yet. Vanraj says people like her get a time, he will get an era; he taunts her that this is his house and Kinjal is his bahu and he can ban her entry in his house via Kinjal, so now she should shut her mouth. He asks Baa when will Kinjal return to kick Rakhi out. Baa says she has gone to a doctor with Anupama. Bapuji hearing their conversation thinks Kinjal’s responsibility will bring Anupama to this house and hopes Anus’s happiness doesn’t ruin because of this. Rakhi, addressing Vanraj as Dadaji, says his sheen in the business world will end soon as Anuj Kapadia is returning in the business world. Vanraj says time has changed. Rakhi says Anuj is a king of the business world and soon Anuj will be on the throne with his lady luck Anupama and Vanraj will be poor courtesan.

Anuj prepares dinner for Anupama and thinks if he cannot go out on a date, he can at home itself. He checks time and thinks there must be a crowd at doctor’s clinic. Doctor checks Kinjal and reveals that Kinjal is weak and may face pregnancy-related complications, so she should take care of her diet and rest. Kinjal gets tensed hearing that and says she takes care of herself well. Anu calms her down and says mind is stronger than body and controls it, she shouldn’t bother about small issues during pregnancy. Doctor suggests her to keep herself happy and visit her even if she feels a slightest abdominal pain. Anu assures to take care of Anu. Doctor says she knows Kinjal doesn’t have to worry with Anu’s care. Anuj gets restless waiting for Anu. Vanraj calls him and says he called him to wish him all the best as he heard he had a few business meeting, he feels bad for him and can ask Malvika to invest in his startup like he did earlier. Anuj says thanks but not thanks and asks who told he is wandering. Vanraj says still he can fund his business and grins disconnecting call.

Toshu remembers the the recent arguments at home. Samar walks in and says he wants to request him not to become like Mr Shah; he cannot understand his situation as he doesn’t know how it feels becoming a father, but he can understand bhabhi’s pain as he has seen mummy suffering alone, he should hold her hand and comfort her at least; he knows how bhabhi fought with her mother to marry him and faced so many difficulties just because she loves him, she took care of the whole family in mummy’s absence; I can support bhabhi as a kid, devar/BIL, or friend, but nobody can take a husband’s place, so he should be with bhabhi and support her. Toshu silently listens to him.

Anu messages Anuj that it will take time for the reports, so she will drop Kinjal home and then return. Anuj feels more restless waiting for her. Anu informs Kinjal that Rakhi is at home, but she shouldn’t worry. Kinjal asks how she felt during her pregnancy. Anu says just like she was feeling, she was very nervous; earlier they didn’t have internet and the knowledge bank was their MIL; now girls plan their pregnancy, but during her times they get pregnant after marriage. Kinjal asks if she found out about her pregnancy with home test. Anu says there was nothing of that sort during her times and says a mother experiences her motherhood just when a life starts growing in her womb and continuously shares her lenghtly moral gyaan. Kinjal feels good hearing her advice. Anu says Kinjal shouldn’t worry as she and whole family is with her and soon Toshu will also be with her. Kinjal says not only baby, even a mother needs a mother and asks if she will be with her. Anu says she will and shares gyaan again. Kinjal misses Toshu. Anu says she need not worry as she and Toshu will not this journey and will walk along holding each other’s hands.

Precap: Vanraj asks Anu to stay at Shah house till
Kinjal’s anxiety issues subside. Anu informs Anuj who holds her hand and walks away, stunning Vanraj.

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  1. Anuj apni Behen ka haath pakad ke mela dekhne chala gayaπŸ₯°

  2. Boring serial stupid Anupama Vanraj Baa Toshuu Kinjal how Anupama take undue advantage of Anuj even after knowing all truth of him better to end it unnecessary lingering it I have stopped watching it because of all this stupidity mahantaa of Anupama

    1. I don’t get you so because she met a man she shud throw her children and grandkid away and if she does same people will say she is a useless woman.A mother is never selfish try been pregnant for 27month and go through 26yrs of abuse because of the same children then throw them away because u found love . It does not make sense and Anuj knew what he was getting himself into so they have to wrk it out together find time for each other and for the shas I think.

  3. KInjal is getting selfish now, Even Babuji today said due to Kinjal Anupama pisegi. Now i want a little argument and fight between Anuj and Anupama as now their relation is official , They should put their arguments before each other for a healthy relationship.

    1. Are you in your senses how is kinjal selfish she’s pregnant and needs special attention and care and it’s any n every mil responsibility to take care of her bahu because she’s not a machine which manufactures babies she tooo is a human understood

    2. During pregnancy mother takes care of daughters in case she wants to stay in Shah family then baa and kavya should take care of her. Anupama is a divorced lady. She was should not visit Shah house. If her children want her then they should go to her home and visit her.
      Who’s that b*t*h baa to order her

  4. Glad I stopped watching this anupama, full of gyan and sorry sorry, loving new series Swaran Ghar.. more real..

    1. Exactly, Anupama becoming like a nightmare,so unreal.

    2. Maybe it’s high time a new lady comes into Anujs life and let’s see if Anupama will understand his value.

  5. I don’t understand why anupamaa wants to ruin kinjals life she knows baa kavya and vanraj are mean super arrogant and will not let kinjal live peacefully acc. To me kinju should go to her moms place so that her unborn child is surrounded by a good, ethical and educated background . I knw its kinjal life and her choice but she would listen to anupamaa if she said this but…….. See when you burn ur finger u remember it and always remain care full and tell others also to be alert but anupamaa is not like that her character should support and guide women towards right path but she’s a hypocrite b*t*h who gives more preference to society her decision she takes by herself but others decision also she wants to take. Anupamaa should now get married to anuj, settle down with him, excel in her career and if she wants have kids with him and stop poking nose in shah family and vanrajs matters

  6. The best character is rakhi she is right in her point of view. Who wants their daughter to stay in the filthy zoo with every day circus. Specially when she has come from a class. And mystery is right there is no character change in Anupama.
    A will always get abused and be mahant ki devi .
    V will be evil πŸ‘Ώ
    P useless
    K mummy mummy
    Ba confused selfish soul
    Bapuji bechara
    Mama ignore
    Samar mummy mummy

    She will ask Anuj, if she can keep her kids! As if Anuj himself is earning.
    At least Anupama has a so called dance academy. Not sure if she and Samar are earning enough out of it. And how they will pay off the loan on it?
    Anupama and now Anuj has got the useless sacrifice bimari because of which they both are not capable of taking any responsibility. Is Anupama a good mother? Atleast Vanraj is still a provider to his kids.
    But Anupama is neither a provider nor a care giver.
    Anupama is popular as it showcase real issues to some extent, but it fails flat to tackle those issues.
    For each and everything Anupama is needed who doesn’t know anything apart from useless sacrifices and now Anuj also has become like her!
    Anupama couldn’t make Anuj understand the dangers of leaving rights/ excess mahanta.
    Kavya couldn’t make Vanraj understand the dangers of manipulation/jealousy.
    God knows what we will learn out of this infinity loop.they should stay with anupama who is not earning and does not know what she is doing in her life. She takes weeks and weeks to tell anuj she is ready to marry him. can you imagine the number of years she will need to ask him if she can keep the kids with her. And why should the kids leave their legal right on property by moving with mahanta ki devi?

    ignoring idiot vannu , they have their rooms to stay in shah house – anu is sooo poor that she cannot even afford to give her children the privacy they will need.Anu has to provide for Only Pakhi… Toshu and Samar are earning theirs. Kinjal is Toshu responsibilityKids staying with dad? to stay neglected and become adulterer?
    Why they can’t stay with MOM? Its will interrupt Anu/Anuj milan?
    No I mean how the kids will be benefitted by being with Vanraj/Baa?
    Samar with Shah family is the only reason that Nandini ran away.
    Reason for all these mess? Culprits are neither punished nor under control or changed. They still have guts to continue their shit despite ruining lives. No one raises voice in front of them.
    Its as good as allow the wound to become cancer.Anupama’s excitement for becoming Dadi is understandable. Mom&Mil Dadi&Nani coordination is required for survival.
    In our native as per tradition girls stay 1st 6 months with MIL and from 7th month they stay with MOM till baby grows a bit.
    Kinjal in Shah house is out of question. No member in that house is capable of taking such a responsibility.
    Anupama is waste, she doesn’t have property/alimony/part of shah house/any descent job/business, so she also cant take care of Kinjal.I don’t understand why anupamaa wants to ruin kinjals life she knows baa kavya and vanraj are mean super arrogant and will not let kinjal live peacefully acc. To me kinju should go to her moms place so that her unborn child is surrounded by a good, ethical and educated background . I knw its kinjal life and her choice but she would listen to anupamaa if she said this but…….. See when you burn ur finger u remember it and always remain care full and tell others also to be alert but anupamaa is not like that her character should support and guide women towards right path but she’s a hypocrite b*t*h who gives more preference to society her decision she takes by herself but others decision also she wants to take. Anupamaa should now get married to anuj, settle down with him, excel in her career and if she wants have kids with him and stop poking nose in shah family and vanrajs matters

    1. Gosh kids , Kids kaise ho sakte hai Anuj-Anu ke 45 ki hai wo Kids ki baat to mere mind mein bhi nahi aayi.

    2. Ho sakte hai mahaan anupamaa kuch bhi kar sakti hai aur itne saal without s*xual intercourse woh rahi so she might develop a great s*xual pleasure with anuj and then she will find herself pregnant and she’s 45 so there r more 5 yrs for menopause and i guess she still menstruate because you remember she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in that sequel the doctor said she’s bleeding and bleeding is more common when you menstruate so there’s a heavy flow because of cancer

    3. stop copy pasting comments from others under your name! What point are you trying to prove by copying others opinions?

    4. Oh pls I need not do that u idiot morron

  7. Can someone tell the woman that yes, it is her family, but Vanraj is not her boss. I mean, she takes an order from her EX-husband and follows it πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ.
    The husband and his toxic mother can take care of Kinjal just like the rest of the family.
    Anuj should choose a temple / mandap with Anu and marry Anu immediately.

    1. i mean the ex husband and his toxic mother

  8. Just Hope what happens in Precap…happens soon and Anu leaves with Anuj leaving behind her so called toxic family …and live a life peacefully the way she deserves. I feel bad for Anuj…achcha khaasa US me jee raha tha, India aaya and sab kuch chala gaya…Ghar, Property, Business, Family…everything. Hats off to his patience to wait for Anupama (Only raising expectations for single girls to find such lover in today’s era).
    Now it’s Anu’s time to understand and prioritise Anuj.

    1. Anuj ko bhi ab apni naraazgi jatani chahiye Anu se agar koi baat achi nahi lagi Anu ki to. Anuj chup reh ke ye kar sakta hai he will not shout like Vanraaj but agar wo Anu se baat naa kare to Anu samjh jayegi ko wo naaraaz hai. Kinjal should go to her mom palace more often now and Anu ko bhi jeene ki space de, babuji and Samar are lovely people i think they should take Anuj into confidence and Ab Anuj ko apne Business pe dhyan dena chahiye ye roz roz Anu ke liye khana banana ab irritate karne laga hai mujhe. Anu ne ab Anuj ko taken for garanted lena shuru kar diya hai Anu ke attitude se lagta hai ab. Anuj ko ab apne Business pe focus karna chahiye Rakhi Dave ko kitna bharosa hai Anuj pe ki Anuj is KING OF BUSINESS WORLD.

  9. ok, so now she tied her saree pallu to shah house gate means she is going to stay there with toxic people. she folded her hands and it means sorry anuj please leave. Why cant Anuj throw her there itself. He loved for 26 long years , Anu is no free but why is she always having the emotional baggage with her 24*7. Cant she say she has a life , she has a dream to fulfill.. but she wont, she is a great mahaan.. a person with no bit of sense, shame is providing long lectures, arey who will listen? forced messages will not work… I know Rupali mam and Gaurav sir are fantabuolous onscreen they can hold the show only to some extent, if the story is a never ending loop i bet even they cant show,.. pakka TRP will be less than 3 this week

    1. even they cant *save

    2. Most of her life is in that house she can’t just throw it in the wind and move on . It’s easy for a man cus he was not pregnant for 27months that’s why vanraj can jump in andvout without looking back.

  10. Looks like same history is repeating its exactly like last time resort drama where during vanraj and kavyas wedding night vanraj left kavya alone and went away due to anupamas ill health and once when Kavya also planned dinner date for her v just like how anuj planned dinner date for anupama today but this vanraj left Kavya alone again that day and went away for his family. Same thing is happening today with Anuj. He keeps on waiting for her patiently but anupama keeps on going back to that shah family again and again because shah family got habituated to use anupama as their emotional support. Right now it can be seen that anupama is in mixed emotion where she loves both anuj and shah family but till when she will keep on going back to that toxic family and till how many days even after being divorced and leaving that family ? It’s really very sad and frustrating to see anuj in this condition who kept on waiting patiently for 26 years otherwise no one would have waited so much. Today i have realised after looking at Anujs situation that Kavyas anger was totally right during her wedding yes she was wrong somewhere or the other but her love for vanraj was not wrong because she kept on fighting alone for her love even though she became bad in everyone’s looks but still she kept on fighting alone as no one stood for her that day but this vanraj always kept on running away leaving her alone instead of fighting for his love. Today Anuj is also in same situation just like Kavya was earlier. But still i hope that MAAN gets married soon because shah family problems will never end one or the other issue will always come out.

    1. I want tomorrow ki Anuj apni disappointment Anu se discuss kare means kuch to discuss kare ya dono conditions banaye ki she will live in Shah house for Kinjal but both will communicate on phone and keep their relation intact.

  11. I am sure now ladies also wiil hate Anupama agar koi solid solution nahi nikla . Anuj is getting more sympathy than useless Anupama mahaan Anupama now.


  13. Who the hell is vanraj to tell his ex wife to stay back at shah house? Is anupama a doctor or what that she has to stay back for kinjals pregnancy? Is he an educated fool or has some memory loss illness that anupama is his ex wife who is already divorced once she stayed back after divorce for her familys sake but after that what happened we all have seen how he and some of his toxic family members have assassinated anupamas character and pointed finger on her and anuj friendship. I just don’t understand one thing why is this vanraj so much bothered about anuj and anupamas relationship and also what business Anuj is doing and with whom instead of focusing on his business and his family? This educated fool (vanraj) is saying that Malvika will invest in anuj business. If he has forgotten that the real owner of kapadia empire is anuj he is the one who built this empire for so many years with his hard work and Malvika didn’t earn this empire by herself she just got the ownership of the empire from the real owner ready-made and in donation and he is telling she will invest in his business wow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ amazing. Rakhi is absolutely right today that a king is and will always be a king and loved the way today she mocked at this vanraj who is living in his dreamland of becoming bada aadmi along with his other two fools Paritosh and kavya.
    And what to say about this paritosh he himself doesn’t have the capability to do anything on his own how will he handle his own child. He cannot walk by himself and always needs to hold someones hand for support then how will he take his childs responsibility? First he held anupamas hand during his engagement to convince rakhi for their alliance then he held Rakhis hand for getting a ready-made post in a corporate world and penthouse which he didn’t earn by himself at all and now he is holding his father’s hand to become a business man in a big multinational empire. He used to call Samar a loser but in reality he is the actual loser because even after being college topper he still can’t do anything by his own hardwork but Samar was not a topper like him but still he is making his career in dance by his own hardwork and capability without taking anyone’s support.

    1. I love Rakhi today she said ANUJ IS KING OF BUSINESS SURAJ EVEN RAKHI DAVE ADMITTS ANUJ IS A KING , This looser Vanraaj thinks he can beat Anuj .

  14. A daugther can stay at her mom house but exwife can stay in the her Ex husnand’s house. Matlab kuch bhiπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  15. Good to see some cheap and useless abusers have disappeared. Poor souls.. how can they survive with Just 10Rs. Per post? Atleast they shoud get min. 12Rs. as fuel prices are going to increase.
    Bike bhale chori ki use kare lekin petrol toh khud ko dalvana padta hoga becharo ko.
    Aur male hote hue female id use karke comments likhte hue bhi sharm aa rahi hogi.
    Bhagwan unki aatma ko shanti pradan kare.
    πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ Om ShantiπŸ™
    Hope to see clean forum now.

  16. Above 80% female audience now want that Anu should marry Anuj now. and stop being mahaan again and again. Actually i have no sympathy left for mahaan Anupama she is destined to be a maid in Shah house only. She will never be free from that position . Jab koi khud hi naukraani banna chahta ho to kismat bhi kya kar legi.

  17. anupama is a silly old woman who uses men abuse and has not belief in him
    she is a cow and a sl*t

  18. Anupama doesn’t deserve Anuj.
    Sirf bolna nahi hota nibhana bhi hot hai.She should learn from Anuj responsibility Kaise nibhate hai.

    1. Looks like Anupama is torn between love and responsibility . Rakhi is 100% right Anuj is the KING of the Business world.

    2. Only one thing to say- Anuj , for heaven’s sake, leave Anupama to “rot” with the SHAH Parivar. This woman is only taking advantage of your immense love for her and taking you fir granted

  19. Director should focus on woman empowerment. Self respect jaisa bhi kuch hota hai. Koi bhi women aisa decision nahi legi.kuch to reality-based story ho.

  20. Stop this nonsense Anu, she is divorced why does she have to visit the Shah house where she was insulted each day. If Kinjal needs support she can go to her moms house and teach her husband some sense who is behaving like a jerk just like his dad.
    Baa conveniently praises Anu when she needs Anu. Kavya is the bahu so make her do all chores and let Anu live her life. If I was in Anuj’s place I would not tolerate this bs.

  21. Watching this serial is becoming unbearable!! I watched a few episodes of Anu-Anuj bonding. Very endearing. Now, I only read the updates. From what I am reading, I don’t think I will ever watch this rubbish serial.

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