Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Insaf confronts Akbar in the court

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The episode starts with Akbar in front of the mirror. He asks Changez how he looks in Baba’s selected gown. Tara comes behind saying its exactly like Baba. Akbar was delighted to see Tara. Tara complains that he is afraid of Maharani whenever she is there. Akbar says she is the Maharani of his Sultanate, he must respect her. They dance together for a while. Tara tells Akbar that she brought a dress for him. Maharani is in a celebration and would not be able to see. Changez silently thinks this is just like poking into a snake’s hole. Akbar happily changes into the new gown. He says now he will ask Maharani how he looks, but she would not be able to differentiate. Maharani comes there. She was angry that he did not wear the gown she gifted. Akbar explains that he wanted to see if any other gown would suit him; he then wonders why she did not leave for celebrations. Maharani says its her duty to bid him a goodbye first. She leaves giving Akbar space to change his dress.

Rajbir pushes his injured self through the corridor. Other security guards recognize him. He tells them about some thieves in the other side of the palace.

Akbar was in his room. Vijay and Sheikhu come there. Shekhu says Akbar’s dress looks nice, but what he did to the left over curtain pieces. Akbar was furious and tells him to go and ask his mother, and her Baba.

The security of palace runs looking for the thieves. The injured Rajbir gets up and wipes the blood from his face, he was Insaf. There, security guards find Rajbir in the corridor. Insaaf boasts that it is impossible to catch Rajbir.

Maharani comes to the celebrations. Akbar also takes his position in the court. He announces that the ministers captured a thief who will be presented here in the court today. He orders the beginning of celebrations. Ridhima presents her dance performance.
There, Insaf enters the secured room, breaks the glass of the stand and robs the huge diamond. He calls it a friend and says he loved meeting his friend. The security guards enter the room and finds about the robbery. Insaf now enters the court and comes towards Lal Langot.

The dance performance was interrupted by Rajbir who comes in shabby clothes. He says the diamond has been stolen, and Insaf stole it. Akbar asks how this is possible, Insaf is their captive. Rajbir presents the special mark that Insaf had left.

Akbar orders to bring Insaf to the court. Insaf whispers to Lal Langot that he is here. The captive was brought to court. He deters that he is Insaf. Akbar shows him the mark. The captive recognizes it belonging to Insaf. Akbar realizes that he is fake Insaf, as only the real one could have the courage to steal the diamond. Akbar speaks to his subjects now, that he is ashamed and apologizes them. He couldn’t recognize the real Insaf. Its his duty to protect his subjects, and he must be punished for not being able to fulfil his rights. He announces that he will not even take a single sip of water until Insaf is captured.

Insaf thinks Insaf is fake, but Akbar’s emotions are real. He had seen him from a distance and with ego, but today he realizes his feelings.

Ministers were worried what if this fake captive speaks up. One of them was sure he won’t because they held his family. Akbar orders to hang this fake thief. The man pleads. Insaf now walks from behind the crowd, calling ‘Stop’. Akbar asks who is he. Insaf says he is the one, whom his guards could never capture, he vanishes from amongst themselves. No one had ever seen his face; he remains behind the veil. He says he is Insaf. Everyone was astonished. Vijay asks how they must believe him; they have never seen Insaf. Insaf presents the precious diamond and asks if they recognize it. Vijay was angry that what kind of a game this is. Insaf says the game goes on in the palace. His subjects and even Akbar are being played with. Akbar says its just like Anwar Al Salah, Al Raheem Al Kareem played a game with them. Insaf says Akbar got a keen eye but he only wishes he had kept a keen eye on his ministers and his courts men as well. He tells Akbar that his ministers kidnapped the family of this fake captive and forced him to present himself as fake Insaf. The captive now speaks up.

Insaf says ministers implemented a rain tax on his innocent subjects as well. When he came as Anwar, they demanded him bribe for inspection and even blamed that Akbar was a part of a share of bribery.

PRECAP: Tara runs to Akbar in the room. Maharani caught them red handed. In the court, Akbar says one thief unveiled hundreds in the court; still crime is crime. Insaf must die.

Update Credit to: Sona

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