Shubharambh 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Hitank helps Raja and Rani

Shubharambh 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja tells Rani that we should wrap the shoes for the competition. He brings out the box but shoes are missing from it. Rani says where did the shoes go? I am sure Kritida and Gunvant did it.

Raja and Rani come to the lounge and see Kritida dancing. Rani stops their dance and says what is this drama? Kritida says we are dancing. Raja says give us our shoes back. Kritida says you are starting a new business so we had to dance and hide your shoes. Asha says give us the shoes back. Kritida says you can search for it. You have time till 11AM only. Raja and Rani are tensed. Asha tells them that we have 35 minutes only, we have to find it. They start searching the house. Kritida says you don’t have much time left now. Rani says we have to them. Hitank comes to Gunvant and asks him to sign some papers. Gunvant doesn’t have pen and tries to move from his chair but stops. Raja and Rani notic him sitting awkwardly. Rani tells Raja that Gunvant is sitting on the shoes. Rani sees Kesha coming there and trying to stable herself. She goes to her. Raja asks Gunvant to get up. He says I won’t. Kesha is stumbling so Rani comes to her and asks if she is fine? Kesha says yes, I am fine. I have to go to college. Rani sees her bag and asks if she is ill? Kesha says no, it’s nothing, she leaves. Raja asks Gunvant to get up. Gunvant gets up from the chair but there are no shoes there. Kritida says we will keep the shoes here? You think we are fools? Gunvant says you have only 10 minutes left? Kritida says you are just kids, we have already thrown the shoes and pretending here to waste your time. Gunvant says we are experienced people.

Scene 2
Kesha comes to Prakhat’s office in a saree. Utsav tells her that Prakhat is not here, she says I will wait. Utsav says he is not coming in today, he went to London with his wife last night, I thought he told you? Kesha is stunned and tries to compose herself. She throws her bag away and throws things around. She screams that he cheated me, how can he? I won’t spare him. She breakdowns and says why Prakhat.. why.

Rani tells Kritida that you won again, we wont take part in the competition, you people have stooped so low. We will play like this now. You can keep searching for your things now like your chain. Gunvant is shocked to see that Rani had stolen his gold chain. Gunvant says how did you take it? Rani says all experienced players in my area so I know some tricks too. Gunvant says give it back, it’s too expansive. Raja asks her to give it back. Rani puts it on the table. Raja takes the call and says really? Thank you. He ends the call and says our shoes were sent to the competition. Gunvant and Kritida are stunned. Rani says but how did it happen? Hitank comes there and says don’t think about that, just think how to prepare for this competition. He gives Raja the entry card and says congrats. Raja and Rani are elated and thank him. Hitank asys I found your shoes in the trashcan outside, I figured that Kritida and Gunvant might have done so I took them as we didn’t have much time left and submitted it for the competition. Raja hugs him and says you have done such a good thing. Rani thanks him. Hitank tells Raja that we are still your own people.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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