Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal fled from palace custody

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The episode starts with Birbal telling Akbar that he is not able to hold a single thread of the matter. Kamran says they told Birbal to be cautious, but it was his stubbornness which led them lose their Koh I noor. He scolds the royal keeper as his generations have been serving the palace. The royal keeper says he would have killed a human, but it is about the ghost of Raka Daku. He joins his hands to Akbar. Birbal spots the same mark on his arm, as on the wheel mender. Kamran blames Birbal for supporting the robbers by selecting the dark valley’s way. He says according to Mughlai law, Birbal’s crime is equivalent to crime of robbers. Akbar announces that a criminal case will be executed against Birbal and till them Birbal must remain under arrest. The guards lock Birbal in a room.

In the caves of forest, the Raka Daku laughs over Birbal and celebrates his victory.

Trilokma and Lal Langot come to Birbal’s room as they wanted to meet Birbal. Soon after the guards rush in as the two screamed for help. They were tied with ropes and tells the guards that Birbal fled through the window. Birbal appears in guard’s attire and takes other’s attention to inform Akbar as soon as possible. Kamran infers that this proves Birbal is behind this robbery. Now, it is possible that the third episode of fortune be looted. Akbar orders to arrest Birbal and present him in the court.

Birbal was in the dark of night, restlessly walking across the room. He hears the anklets of Trilokma and says he is not afraid of whoever it is. Trilokma appears as she was now close and tries to flirt with Birbal. Lal Langot comes there. Birbal was relieved that Lal Langot came in good time. Trilokma had brought a history book for Birbal. Birbal finds the mark in the book, exactly what she had seen on wheel mender and the royal keeper’s arm. He was sure there is a relation between them. They head to find the link between the two.

It was dark at night. Trilokma comes to the wheel mender and says she was lost while her family passed by the forest. The wheel mender was flattered over her beauty and offers her to stay in his cottage in a nearby place. Birbal and Lal Langot appear in the shop and inspect around the shop. Lal Langot was terrified of someone behind the bush. It was a cat. Birbal makes fun of Lal Langot. He was stressed as he was unable to find any thread of proof against the Raka Daku and robberies.

In the cottage, Trilokma held the wheel mender engaged. Birbal comes there as Kumud Bihari, husband of Phulwa. The wheel mender did not believe them. He tries to recognize Birbal. Birbal indulge him in intense talk to dodge him. The wheel mender complains that Trilokma did not tell him she was married. Trilokma replies he did not ask and leaves with Birbal.

In the morning, Lal Langot was dreaming when Birbal wakes him up. Trilokma comes there ready to go. Birbal decides they are going to the Dark Valley. In the valley, Lal Langot and Trilokma take one way while Lal Langot and Trilokma go on the other. Lal Langot feels something followed him. There, Birbal calls Raka Daku’s ghost to reveal itself. He is here to meet him. Soon, there was a heavy thunderstorm around. Stones and burning wooden logs come flying at him. Birbal was hit by a needle and plucks it out from his face. Lal Langot and Trilokma finds Birbal’s hat and the coin there. Lal Langot understands that the coin shows he is fine but trapped.
Vijay comes to the court with Lal Langot. Akbar asks if he only brought bad news or Birbal as well. Rafiq says he met Birbal right before he fled. Kamran tells Rafiq to go with Vijay for the third installment of fortune. He is sure Birbal will come to meet Rafiq, and they may arrest him. Rafiq agrees.

In the forest, Birbal thinks his head still bangs. He wishes Rafiq understood his message. Birbal had reached the small cottage hut village which was mentioned in the book, and where Raka Daku’s ghost operated from. Two men pointed spears towards Birbal.

PRECAP: Birbal arrives in the court. Akbar was furious over him for disobedience. Birbal says he came with the real robbers of fortune.

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