Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal attacked by Raka Daku

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In the court, Kamran demands Birbal to tell the situation of fortune. Birbal says fortune has misplaced from the royal cart. Akbar was shocked that this fortune was important for the state. Kamran says Birbal did not listen to his instructions and sent the cart through Dark Valley, now he must be held accountable for helping the robbers. Birbal says the fortune was safe in the royal cart, still it was robbed. Akbar was angry that Birbal had been on the wrong.

In the corridor, Birbal was in a deep thought. Lal Langot brings him a sketch of Raka robber, which he gained from a fellow of his age. It is said that the ghost of Raka Daku is involved in all robberies of the area.

In the middle of forest, Raka Daku’s ghost laugh over his victory.

Akbar convince Maharani that there was not only her jewelry in the cart but fortune of State and money of people. Maharani says it was not mere her jewelry, it was a matter of respect for her. She vows a ‘Mon-Vrat (silence fast) between herself and Maharaj.
In the court, Birbal says this robbery had three impacts. Firstly, it cost their state its Royal Fortune. Secondly, it questioned the security of their State. And Thirdly, people now fear Raka Daku’s ghost. Now, to prevent the robbery of second cart, he will go to receive it himself. Kamran says Birbal is already accused and now he wants to go himself for the second cart. Birbal defends he has a single name in mind to catch the robbers. Akbar says he has only one loyalist and capable name for the task. He warns Birbal this time he would not be spared.

Later, Birbal comes to Akbar in the room. He takes his permission as he will leave early morning. Akbar asks one never gets permission for stubbornness. Why he wants to go on the same way where they have been looted earlier. Birbal says he needs to get hold of the real robber and prove this Raka Daku’s story as fake. It’s their chance to protect the fortune of their State. This Raka Daku would not be able to harm him, as he also went to heavens. Akbar tells Birbal to go and clarify his position.

Birbal prepares the cart to leave. He discusses with Lal Langot that the cart is perfectly protected. He wonders how the fortune is looted then. He now speaks to his guards. He tells them to forget there was any Raka Daku and there was a robbery earlier. They must only remember they need to be alert, and only any meagre sound they must tell each other and him. They set to leave.

Across the dark-valley, Birbal and Lal Langot pass with caution. Birbal instructed the security to be alert.

Soon, there was a thunderstorm. The horses were restless. Suddenly, it clears on its own. Birbal looks around. He runs behind to check the cart. It was locked tightly. They find a soldier’s hat. One of the men say Nathu is missing. The captain tells them that every time one of the soldiers go missing. Birbal decides to find him, but Captain says they won’t be able to find him. They must take the cart to palace now. Birbal notices their tyre was out of function. The captain says the wheel of cart was dysfunctional last time as well.

In the palace, Akbar tells Kamran he trusts him. Kamran says what if it costs them heavily. Akbar believed that Birbal solves every problem very efficiently. Kamran warns that he will be facing a disgrace of his throne. Akbar says Birbal will stay protected, and the fortune as well, even if Raka Daku exist.

The wheel mender was working with the wheel. Birbal spots a tattoo of Raka Daku on his arm. The wheel cart mender says the wheel has to be mended from underneath the cart. Birbal climbs the cart and senses a movement behind the bushes.

Birbal was thoughtful in the restaurant. He discusses with Lal Langot that one of their security guard is missing. Every time one of the men get lost leaving a hat behind. There is something they are missing on.

In the court, Birbal arrives with the fortune. He demands Akbar the keys of fortune. He will show them the fortune safely carried to the palace. Akbar was happy to know that Birbal successfully returned. Kamran demands to see the inside of cart. Vijay takes the keys.

Vijay unlocks the cart. They were shocked to see an empty cart.

Akbar was furious where the fortune has gone.

PRECAP: Kamran blames Birbal went to black valley himself. He was ordered to be arrested.

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