Devakshi An Eternal Love Saga – Ft.Arranged Marriage Love A Twist In Tale Episode 2

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Dev and Ishwari reach home.

Dev: Maa why are you doing like this?

Radharani: Everything is only for you beta

Dev: Mamiji I am all good and everything has happened due to Maa’s blessings my sisters’ sacrifice mamaji and your guidance. Where does God come here?

Ishwari: Professionally you are good but what about personal life?

Dev: Maa I already told you that I will marry a girl you choose. Still you are doing these things

Radharani: Dev Beta it is for finding a good girl..that is why jiji is praying

Ishwari: My prayers are answered bhabhi

Radhrani: Sach mein jiji?

Ishwari: Haan bhabhi. Aapko Asha yaad hain?

Radharani: Of course

Ishwari: Her daughter. Such a sweet girl. Dev beta will you marry her

Dev: Maa whichever girl you choose I’m ready to marry.

Ishwari: Mera Devrat

Dev: Okay Maa take care,I have an important meeting got to go. Bye

Dev leaves.

Ishwari: Bhabhi let us go to Asha’s house and proceed the talks.

Radharani: Okay jiji. Vicky hey vicky come and take the car. Let us go to see your bhabhi.

Nikki , Rhea and Neha too come there

Nikki: Can’t we come?

Ishwari: Arrey ruko. Sona will be at hospital. We are just meeting the family to proceed the talks.

Neha: So what we will get a photo and see it for now. Bhai too needs to see a photo right

Rhea: Yeah Neha di.

Everyone start to Bose house. The scene freezes.

Bose house is shown. Asha is telling the happenings to Bijoy, Shaurabh and Elena.

Bijoy: My God! Ishwari has faced so much in life. But..Dev and Sona’s marriage…

Asha: I too had the same doubt.

Bijoy: Asha they are pure vegetarians and we are Bengalis

Just then Dixit family enters

Ishwari: SO what Bijoy ji. Sona is a very sweet girl. I would love to have her as my bahu

Bijoy: Arrey Ishwariji aayiye. Please sit.

Ishwari: I am very happy to have Sona as my bahu but if you have any problem with Dev..

Bijoy: Arrey nothing like that..Dev is your son I definitely know that he will be a very good guy and

Shaurabh: He is the best business man of this year…so we know how good he is proffesionally

Asha: We are lucky to find such a good guy for Shona

Vicky: You guys too know about the award

Elena: Everyone including your hone wali bhabhi know

Ishwari: Sona has seen Dev then?

Bijoy: Ishwari ji she knows the business man Dev dixit but she doesn’t know that he is your son

Vicky: So no need of bhai’s photo we brought

Elena : Arrey Instead of saying that the businessman Dev Dixit is her fiance we can give the photo to her in a cover and surprise her na

Asha: Elena!!

Radharani: Arrey Asha ji let the kids have their fun..if you dont mind can we get a photo of Sonakshi jiji has seen her but..

Asha: Arrey I should have given it myself

Asha brings the photo. Nikki and Rhea fight with Vicky to get the photo. The giggles and chatters fill the house.

Mamaji: Vaise the relationship is fixed then

Bijoy: But both children should meet

Asha: Ishwari why dont we have a family dinner tonight. So that Dev and Sona meet

Ishwari: Very nice idea. By then I will consult the pandit for a date for engagement.

Everyone agree and are happy and scene freezes

Its afternoon and Sona comes home for lunch. After a quick lunch she gets ready to go back again.

Asha hands over the cover containing Dev’s photo.

Asha: Sona this cover has the photo of Dev

Sona: Dev?

Asha: Ishwari’s son

Bijoy: Shona beta Ishwari ji wanted your hand for her son Dev so..

SOna: If you are okay with it then you fix the marriage maa. I already told you na

Asha: Atleast see the photo.

She gets the cover and keeps it in the file.

Sona: I’ll see it later.

Elena: Maashi maybe she is shy to see it here.

Sona stares at her and gets her scooty outside.

Asha: Shona tonight Ishwari and family are coming for dinner and to decide your engagement date.

Sona: I will try to come maa

Asha: Shona..

Before Asha could complete the sentence Sona leaves.

Meanwhile Vicky bribes Dev’s Assistant Tina to keep Sona’s photo in a file to make him see it. Tina sees the photo

Tina: Wow so beautiful

Vicky: Tina it is your duty to make bhai see it

Tina nods her head. Scene freezes.




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