Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal accused of murder

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Akbar introduces Birbal to his saviour Budhidhan. Birbal recalls the time their Guru ji had said, Budhidhan had abilities and power, but Birbal won with his values; the same difference as Ram and Ravan.

In the corridor, Birbal tells Budhidhan it is good to meet him after years. He asks about his foot which was now disabled. Budhidhan says it is a repentance of his sins, he has been wandering around. Birbal offers Budhidhan to work with him and they will turn this Dasehra to a memorable one. Budhidhan thinks his times will start with the end of Birbal.

Maharani was happy to see the preparations of Dasehra. Vijay and Kamran were curt that charge of all preparations was given to Birbal this year. Gurilal appears in the market stabbed with a knife. Vijay and Kamran hold him at once and tell Akbar he is a farmer. Gurilal points towards Birbal and blames him for his murder. In the court, Birbal convinces Akbar he did not kill him. Kamran says he knows Gurilal well, he couldn’t blame someone pointlessly. Akbar defends Birbal in front of Kamran. Kamran says this is not about emotions, but about overcoming them and sit for a just hearing. He must decide if he will do justice, or emotional favor. Akbar decides to provide the justice.

A man tied in jute bag apologizes Hukm. Hukm beats the man. His man comes to tell Hukm that tomorrow is Birbal’s hearing. Hukm celebrates that only one card turned the game of Birbal. It is like a Ravan that will burn everything which interferes in his way to throne.

There was an attack on an old man by a veiled man. He burns an important document.

In the court, Kamran presents Gurilal’s wife to the court. Sharda Devi accuses Birbal of the murder. Akbar asks Sharda how she can accuse Birbal when she was not even a witness to the murder. Sharda says she has a reason. Birbal had come to their house last week and demanded Gurilal for bribe and threatened him. They had never seen such a false face of Birbal. Gurilal decided to tell Akbar about this but Birbal killed him. Birbal explains to Akbar that Gurilal had taken a loan from the state which he was unable to pay; he helped Gurilal pay his loan last week but did not meet him since then. Kamran questions if Sharda is trapping him? Birbal denies, Kamran infers that this means Birbal asked Gurilal for bribe and killed him. Budhidhan requests Akbar to say something. He says the State document must have a stamp if Gurilal cleared his loans last week. Birbal says he himself stamped the document as soon as Budhidhan paid the loans. Kamran suggests about going to the document inventory.

Akbar questions the old caretaker when all this happened. The room was broken and showed remnants of attack by the veiled man. The old caretaker replies, last night. Akbar asks why he did not inform him. The old caretaker steals a look towards Birbal. Akbar asks if it was Raja Birbal? The old caretaker says when the document was burned, the veiled man removed the cover of his face and it was Raja Birbal. Birbal was moved that he did not come here since last three days. Kamran questions if this means, the caretaker of documents for two generations is a liar. All crimes on him including, murder, demand of bribe and undue use of power to change legal documents are proven. The punishment as per law is, death penalty.

Birbal agrees that proofs and witnesses are all against him. But the accused get one chance to prove his innocence. He requests Akbar three days to prove his innocence, otherwise he will accept any punishment. Before Kamran could interfere, Akbar lends Birbal a three day time. If Birbal is unable to prove his innocence on the day of Dasehra, he will be given death penalty. Kamran says if Birbal remains a Raja, he might falsely use his power and position to alter the proofs. He should be expelled from his position for three days. Akbar nods and leaves.

In the court, Kamran announces that Raja Birbal is no more a Raja but accused Birbal. Budhidhan interferes but Kamran silences him. Kamran demands him to remove his turban. He tells Akbar to find out other cases against Birbal in his past. Akbar defends that Birbal is not a professional criminal. Kamran was not convinced as Birbal had taken a life. Akbar tells Birbal to leave, he has little time. Kamran demands Birbal to hand his royal jewelry back. As he steps out, Kamran points towards the royal shoes as well. Birbal leaves the shoes in the palace as well. Budhidhan was happy with Kamran’s attitude. He says it is time to befriend the enemy of enemy.

PRECAP: Birbal discusses with Lal Langot they need to find out why Kamran bought the gun powder, and where he has kept it. There Budhidhan plans against an attack on Akbar by Birbal.

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