RadhaKrishn 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Karn Kills Gatotkach

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Radha asks Krishna why did he take Kunti to Karn, instead of giving him boon, she took boon from him and stopped him from showing his true bravery and powers. Krishna says still here is a lot to lose in charity. Indradev as beggar walks to Karn and asks if he will not give him charity. Karn asks him to ask whatever he wants. Indradev asks seeks his kavach and kundals in charity. Karn identifies him as Indradev who came to protect his son Arjun in lieu of charity. Indradev gets into his original form. Karn says he doesn’t need kavah and kundals to kill Arjun and with knife pulls out kavach kundals from his body and hands them to Indradev, severely injuring himself. Indradev feels guilt and says he never saw such a great donor in life. He heals Karn’s wounds and offers him Amogh Astra saying whoever he attacks with his weapon will die including Arjun, but he can use this weapon only once. Karn says he doesn’t need amogh astra to kill Arjun. Indradev insists to accept it to lessen his guilt. Karn accepts it.

Radha says everyone are doing injustice to Karn. Krishna says he didn’t do any injustice to Karn as Karn is fighting from adharma/Duryodhan’s side and he would have killed Pandav’s army, people would have hated him, so he doesn’t want a great donor and pious man like Karn to be hated. Radha realizes his point and apologizes for misunderstanding his decision.

War starts. Karn starts killing Pandav’s army. Arjun asks Krishna to take him towards Karn. Krishna says still there is a time for time and reveals today is Gatotkach’s day who is called asur but will meet end as a great warrior. Gatotkach walks in and kills Kaurav’s many soldiers. Karn fights with him and destroys his attacks. Dushyasan asks Duryodhan to do something before Gatotkach kills their whole army. Duryodhan asks charioteer to take him near Karn and orders Karn to use amogh astra and kill Gatotkach. Karn says he kept it to kill Arjun, but Duryodhan gets adamant and says its future king’s order. Karn obeys and kills Gatotkach. Gatotkach before dying tells Krishna that before dying he will kill many soldiers and dies falling on soldiers. Bheem and all Pandavs stand crying in shock. Sanjay informs Dhritarastra about Gatotkach’s end. Dhritarastra rejoices, but cries foul when Sanjay informs him that even his many sons died.

Radha walks to Ayan who packs his bags and says he will leave now after paying Krishna’s rent as war will continue for years and insists her to accompany him. Radha asks how can she. Krishna enters saying she will for sure. Ayan as usual yells at Krishna and offers him rent saying war may continue for years. Krishna says war will end on 18th day. Ayan shouts he is talking as if he is god and offers him rent till 18th day. Krishna says he will collect rent on 18th day on a mountain nearby from where whole war can be seen easily. Ayan agrees.

Precap: Radha asks Krishna to return soon as she will wait for him. Krishna says he will. He walks to Gandhari who curses him that like her whole Kaurav clan died fighting with each other, his yaduvansh/Yadav clan will die fighting with each other.

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