Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal saves Akbar’s leg

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The episode starts with Tara and Akbar in a room together. Akbar fears what if Maharani caught them red handed, she will kill them. Tara came for aarti of Akbar’s leg.

Maharani and Sheikhu were passing by the corridor and hear sounds from Akbar’s room. Inside, Akbar senses they are here. He tells Tara Bai to jump from the terrace. She had an objection. Tara Bai goes to hide behind the curtain. Akbar lay on the bed.
Maharani and Sheikhu come to the room and inquire who was in the room. Sheikhu says it seems to be an enemy. Maharani says it sounded as if it was a girl. They look behind the curtains. Akbar keeps on insisting there was none. He suggests them to look inside the trunk. Sheikhu takes the lead and dives into the trunk, later to be saved by Akbar. Akbar spots Tara Bai behind the bed and make sure they do not look there. Maharani was upset and vows to pray for Maharaj’s leg, do pooja and havan and go to a Tangri Baba to cast the evil eye off him. Akbar asks why she would do so much, Birbal saved him today and he will save his life afterwards as well.
When Maharani and Sheikhu had left. Tara comes out. They discuss that their lives were saved, but what about Maharaj’s leg.

In the court, Birbal tells Akbar its time to do justice to Gopal. Gopal Nath was brought into the court. Akbar announces that it has been a principle of Mughal Sultanate to provide justice. He leaves the matter to Birbal. Birbal asks Gopal Nath if he is sure he lost his leg due to Akbar. Gopal Nath says yes. he is. Birbal says it is not justice to take leg for leg. Gopal Nath was stubborn in his demand. Birbal says he will get justice. If proven, Akbar is ready to lend both his legs.

Birbal recalls Gopal Nath about the incident. The elephant cried, the dog ran to Gopal Nath who lost his balance and fall into the water well. Since elephant belonged to Akbar, so Akbar is responsible. Vijay intervenes that Birbal’s talking insensible. This might have an affect on Akbar’s life. Birbal asks Vijay if he has another way, he can do the inquiry. Akbar tells Vijay to stay silent. Birbal continues that only one of the chain remains disconnected. Why elephant cried? Birbal requests Akbar to bring the elephant’s caretaker in the court. The care taker arrives. Birbal says he had gone with Akbar and the elephant he took care of is named as Ghadraj, who is a calm and peaceful elephant. He tells Akbar that the caretaker says the wall had fallen on the elephant. Birbal tells Gopal Nath that Akbar is not solely responsible for his leg’s loss. Since they cannot blame the wall, he went to meet the maker of the wall. He now invites Manori to the court. Birbal asks Minori why he constructed a weak wall. Manori says he didn’t construct the wall; they must inquire the contractor Nandu. Nandu arrives in the court, crying. He accepts constructing the wall. Vijay tells him to whether cry or talk. Nandu blames the quality of the brick provided for construction. Vijay now orders Dholu Ram who provided bricks. Dholu Raam comes to the court, but his trousers slip off his body. Dholu Raam says the wall fall because of the cement, which could not bind the bricks well together. Birbal asks whose cement was used in the wall? Dholu Ram says Gopal Nath provided the cement.

Sheikhu now understands and asks to bring Gopal Nath here. Akbar scolds Sheikhu that this Gopal Nath is the cement provider.
Gopal Nath stood there, trembling. Birbal says he has inspected the cement, its impure. He tells Gopal Nath that the wall had fallen on the elephant. It was injured and restless, and resultantly Gopal Nath lost his own leg. Gopal Nath is responsible for the accident. Birbal says now Gopal Nath will get his required justice, as per Sultanate’s rules. They must break his second leg as well. Gopal cries to Akbar and apologizes, as he was already punished by fate. Akbar appreciates Birbal. Birbal tells Akbar he was suspicious of Gopal Nath when he walked straight to court to demand a leg in return of leg. Someone else must have demanded money. He went into inquiry about him. The cement work in the palace was tendered to Gopal Nath but it was cancelled because of low quality of the cement. Vijay does not appreciate Birbal. Birbal watches Gopal Nath and requests Akbar to forgive him. Akbar was happy with Birbal and presents him the title of Raja Birbal.

PRECAP: A magician from Bahrain arrives in the court to show his tricks. His intentions were not good.

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