Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Birbal returns from heaven

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Akbar was upset as Birbal takes a leave from him. He vehemently hugs Birbal, holding his tears back. Akbar joins his hands to Birbal but Birbal holds them. He walks towards the coffin, then smiles at Lal Langot moving his hands playfully towards him. They shake hands. Birbal lay down in the coffin. Akbar runs towards the coffin and orders Lal Langot to open the box. He allows Birbal to withdraw. He loves his father, but such a thing never happened. He can not harm Birbal because he needs him. Birbal promises that though it never happened earlier, but this time he will return to Akbar from heaven. The guards carry the coffin into the grave. Lal Langot covers it with a cloth. Akbar throws soil over it. In the evening, Akbar had left the forest. Kamran smirks and murmurs to Vijay that Birbal boasted he would return. He instructs two guards to stay here for next two days and guard the grave.

Vijay tells Bhasm Baba that he can not leave the palace until Birbal returns. Bhasm Baba cries that Birbal is dead, how he will return. Kamran tells Bhasm Baba to take advantage of time and condition and leave the palace. He does not want to see his face again. Bhasm Baba asks what he will do when Akbar knows about it. Vijay says Pyaray Laal will have another dream about Birbal. He was enraged that Akbar will have to forget Birbal.

There in the forest, Lal Langot comes to Birbal’s grave. The guards do not let him close by. Lal Langot says he has to bury a bag of Birbal nearby his grave. The guards push him away and the bag opens up, it was filled with gold coins. They tell Lal Langot to find another spot nearby. Lal Langot buries the bag near a tree, at some distance from the grave. He now shouts to Birbal why he left him and leaves the forest crying. The guards discuss he is stupid to bury such precious bag and money.

Akbar lay in his room with a heavy heart. He remembers Birbal’s promise that he will return. The next morning, Akbar takes aim of arrow. Maharani place a hand on his shoulder and says he hasn’t eaten anything for past two days. Akbar was upset that he does not wish to eat, nor he is hungry. Maharani had complete faith that Birbal will return. She tries to give a bite in his mouth and swears him on his life.

In the room, Kamran was delighted that they have sent Birbal to heaven directly. He warns Vijay to hold his emotions, because Akbar will be disturbed to know the reality of Birbal. He tells Pyaray Lal to show the Baba a hidden way out of palace. Pyaray Lal says Baba must have left by now.

Trilokma was upset in her room.

Akbar was in his court. He waits from morning till evening. Vijay says Bhasm Baba is nowhere to be seen. Changez says he can sense something very wrong in the air. Sheikhu and Kamran say no one would wish to come back to earth from heaven. Akbar blames himself for sending Birbal to heaven. He orders to open the coffin in which Birbal was buried. The royal announcer runs into the palace in excitement. Birbal walks behind him in grown hair and beard. Vijay loses his balance, Karan was shocked. Birbal greets Akbar. Akbar goes to hug Birbal. Birbal asks Vijay if he is crying, Vijay replies he got emotional. Akbar asks Birbal about his father. Birbal says his father is doing well, but heaven does not have a barber. His hair and beard grew in a few days, now Akbar must think how much his father hair must have grown. His father wants Pyaray Laal to be sent to heaven and return after his duties; just like Birbal did. Kamran asks how this is possible, Bhasm Baba is gone. Birbal says Bhasm Baba sat under a tree and was shocked to see him. Kamran was angry at Baba for being irresponsible. Birbal says he requested Bhasm Baba to send Pyaray Laal to heaven and he has agreed. He is coming with his friend, Rafiq.

PRECAP: Birbal’s look alike objects in front of a Pandit that he is better than him. Afterwards a badly injured man reaches the market and blames Birbal for killing him.

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