Choti Sardarni 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher tries to tell Sarab about Manav

Choti Sardarni 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab comes to Meher and says where are you lost? Let’s go out. Manav edits Meher’s face on Aditi’s. He says your Manav us back. Manav says I know you will be so happy when I give you chocolates. You will always be mine. Manav sees Meher with Sarab. He’s shocked. Meher and Sarab walk on the road. Meher says I really miss the kids. Sarab says me as well. A criminal runs there and the police are chasing him. He stops Meher and puts a gun on her. Manav comes running as well. The criminal says go back everyone, I will kill her. Sarab says leave her. Manav also comes there. Officers try to stop him. Sarab shouts leave her. The criminal says I will count till 3, go back or I will shoot her. He counts 3.. 2.. Meher bows down and Sarab hits him. Sarab takes the gun from him. Sarab says are you okay Meher ji? Manav says Meher.. Sarab hugs Meher. Meher looks at Manav and sits in the car.

Scene 2
Kulwant calls Param and says I will be there on time. Your nani is bringing you laddus. Param says thank you nani. He says what will you eat? Kulwant says nani will eat Param’s cheeks. He laughs. Kulwant’s car stops.

Meher and Sarab come to a store. Meher did you like anything? He closes her eyes and says let me show you. Sarab takes her to the mirror and says this is the most precious diamond in the world. This is what I like. He says one cheek kiss. Meher says are in Serbia but we are Indians. The shopkeeper comes. Sarab says I want something special for my special wife. She says, newlyweds? Sarab says we got married a year ago but completed yesterday. He nudges Meher. She says let me show you something unique.

The keeper says these are very unique diamond tiaras. Which is your favorite color? Manav is outside. He says green. Sarab says my wife’s favorite color is green. Meher says not anymore. The girl says what is your favorite color now? Meher says my husband’s favorite color, red. She holds Sarab’s hand. Manav is hurt. Meher says I really like this red one. Sarab says very beautiful.

Scene 3
Rana and Bitu are selling onions and tomatoes. Kulwant says what are you two doing? Rana says we are trying to earn. Kulwant says how are you selling Rs. 50 things for 20? Where did you get this from? Rana says we brought it from the house. We thought let’s sell them and eat. Kulwant hits him.

Meher and Sarab come back to the hotel. Sarab says so tired. Sarab says let’s go for dinner and then airport. Sarab says why do you look so lost? Meher says nothing. Meher recalls what Manav said that Sarab will be hurt when he finds out the relationship between his BIL and wife. Meher says I will talk to Manav and make him understand. I know he will understand. He has to get done with this craze.

Fire alarm blares. Sarab says fire alarm, let’s run out. They come out but they are the only ones. Sarab says no one came out? That means only our alarm blared? Let me ask the management, don’t go inside the room. He leaves. Manav comes and says fire is in my heart. I am still your old Manav. Let’s go somewhere and live our life. He says I am your old Manav. He tries to hold her hand. Meher steps back and says stop it. Sarab comes there. Manav hides. Sarab says it was false alarm. Meher hugs him. Sarab says are you okay? A false alarm scared you? Lets go and get ready.

Sarab says to Meher relax everything is okay. You can go freshen up. Meher comes to the restroom and recalls what happened. Meher says I will tell Sarab about Manav right now. She goes out. Sarab is talking to Param and says don’t annoy Aditi bua. Promise me you will always make her smile. Param says Aditi bua doesn’t smile. She hasn’t done dinner either. Sarab says like you care for Karan, I care about my sister Aditi. Help papa and make her smile and eat. Param says I will.

Param comes and tels Aditi jokes. He laughs but Aditi doesn’t smile. Aditi says it was really funny. Param says you’re acting but you are sad. Aditi says why would I act? Param says I know you’re sad. Mama is sad when papa goes out. You are sad because Vikram uncle went somewhere right? Harleen looks inside. Harleen says what is it tomorrow? Param says mama papa’s anniversary. Harleen says did you invite your nani? He says yes I did. Harleen says invite your friends as well. Param leaves.

Sarab says to Meher let’s go for dinner. Meher says I can’t tell Sarab right now. One truth can ruin so many lives.

Precap: Manav tells Meher that he just does not want to lose her. Sarab asks Manav who he doesn’t want to lose? Meher and Manav look at Sarab.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Shaheera Khan

    thanks Atiba this is the first thing i search your written updates thank you . i think this manav really needs help for his mental disorder because when he was vikram he use to look very evil and use to enjoy to put people in trouble those were not the pranks not a sensible person would play these types of pranks .

    1. Congratulations for being the first one to comment and i completely agree with you… Manav isn’t bad but I think he looks better with Aditi than with Meher and about his truth… It is going to come out one day… it is inevitable but let’s just hope that #MehRab don’t part ways just because of that… waiting for baby Seher’s arrival 🙂

  2. Yes, thank you Atiba for the updates. Appreciate it since I don’t understand Hindi too well. The shownhas to stop with this Manav bad behaviour now, and let him just get on with Aditi, don’t worry, he will get his justice..and let Meher and Sarab get on with their lives. I wish for a spin on things where Manav moves on now, not caring for Meher and now she gets jealous.that would be something else….and then his realization of Karan as his son as to happen

  3. Thanks Atiba. There is no way this Manav-Meher secret will stay a secret for long. Meher will be forced to make a decision although it is already quite clear she will choose Sarab. As to Manav’s future, that is very uncertain and the last thing one expects in him settling into a normal married life with Aditi. Perhaps the writers have a ‘sell by’ date for Manav to once again exit the serial.

  4. Shaheera Khan

    knowing meher s past history she will soon reveal it to sarab and is a very strong lady .

  5. Please post today episode

  6. Shaheera Khan

    i have been searching swell for the todays updates ,she might be busy some where

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