Ajnabee Ya Humsafar-Ragsan (three shots by Drashti /shot 2)

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Sitting on large king size bed, nervous like hell, she don’t know what is going to happen, she doesn’t have any idea. How will her husband behave with her? Will he force himself on her? She is very confused and very scared. She is just 21, she was thinking to join Forensic Training to become a successful Forensic Expert, but now she is in someone’s hand. She don’t know what her future will be..It is like all her life’s decisions are in her husband’s hands.

She heard the click sound of the door, and took a sharp breath. She can feel some weight on the bed and clutch the bed sheet tightly in her hands. She closed her eyes when she felt some movement in her veil.

“Ragini” She gulped when she hear a husky voice near her ears. She can feel his hot breath on her soft skin. But she remained still. He looked at her glowing face and moved forward. He took her hand in his big palm and listen her rapid breathing. She is shivering because of nervousness. He knew it is really tough time for him and her both, but they have to accept the reality that now they both are husband and wife, for their life time, till their last breath.

Sanskar saw her sitting still and moved forward and kissed her eyes. Ragini shortly open her eyes and met with his deep brown eyes. She gasped to see passion inside those dark brown eyes, hidden in his heart ready to come out any moment by any hint from her.

Ragini lower her eyes in tension. Not in her wildest dream she ever thought to be the bride of someone who was going to be her jeeju and who is 5 years older than her.

Ragini bite her lower lips when she saw him coming closer to her body, tension arise in environment. She gulped hard when his abdomen touch her body, she closed her eyes. She is feeling so uncomfortable, she can’t describe in words. First he was suppose be her Jeeju, and now to accept him as her husband, and getting into any physical relation with him is so unexpected and so much hard for her.

Although getting impatient too core. Ragini look upward when she didn’t feeling any movement she look at his face and he was looking down. Don’t know what he was thinking…

Suddenly he spoke” hmm Ragini change your clothes, you must be tired after the wedding stuff..” saying this he stood up and walk toward the window. As soon as he left Ragini took sign of relief. She thanked god as he didn’t force her for anything or else what she would have done..? uhhh….Damnn…this feeling….

She saw him entering bathroom to get changed. She stood in front of the large beautiful mirror, first she removed her heavy veil, which causing a great pain in her back and her long neck. She kept it on chair and removed the entire pin out of her hair, “dam this pins pulling all my soft hair” Tarika pouted and throw them in drawer.
Now she was removed all her jewellery, but her necklace was quite heavy so she lowered her head to see in the mirror if she could locate the lock of the necklace but it was quite difficult for her to find it. She tried many time but it’s not working, and now it stuck in her hair too “SHIT” she cursed the jeweler too. Suddenly a pairs of cold hand come in contact with her skin making her shivered hard.

She looks in the mirror and saw Sanskar unlocking her necklace from behind and stealing glance of her side by side. Her face turned red when she realized that she was standing in front of the mirror without her Veil and that too with the deep neck blouse. Oh god now what she’ll be going to do? If she wear it in front of HIM…then it will be very awkward for both of them. So she closed her eyes….

Sanskar saw her flushed face and smirked…He knew what she is thinking. Well it’s not bad to feel anything when you are standing in front of your husband, that too without any dupatta…

He eyes moved on her long neck and then her chest…her neck is very deep exposing her skin a bit more. He loved the site but have to control on his hormones.
He can’t just make her his when their relationship is not clear, till she accepts him as her husband.

But still he came closer to her and his chest touch her back…Ragini shut her eyes more tightly, feeling him against her back is not so easy to breath. Sanskar came very close to her and inhale her hair fragrance, he just loved the smell. Vella, yeah he knew.

He circled his arms around her waist and jammed her body with him..He nuzzled her nape with his nose, and kissed it lightly. How can he stop himself today, He just can’t. Firstly, the whole wedding environment and then now, her hot smoking skin against his. Her fragrances, her curved body, her presence all are driving him crazy today.

He caressed her bare waist with his thumb and moved her hair aside with his hands…Ragini clutch her lehenga in her fist tightly not able to control the new feeling arising in her body.


Both come out of their trance when Sanskar’s mobile beeped to inform about the new message arrived…

Sanskar opened it and shook his head…stupid friends, never leave him alone even on his WEDDING night.

Sanskar kept his phone on bedside table and pick up his pillow.
“Sanskar” First time he heard her voice so soft yet beautiful..
He turned around, and saw her looking at him with questioning eyes. He knew she wanted to know why did he got married to her when he was going to hook up with her di. He thought it’s better to tell her the truth…he can’t let her wait for the answer for so long.
“Yes” he answer her.

“Hmm Sanskar why did you marry me, when you loved my di Swara” Ragini asked him straight way.
He nodded and walk towards her. He kept the pillow on the near couch and stood in front of her, then he spoke”u must be remembering about that morning incident, Ragini”.

..Flashback starts..

Sanskar walked into GM with grin on his face. He was very happy that, finally he and Swara are going to get married. Tomorrow he will make her his in every way, he was waiting for this day too much, and now he wanted to make it special and can’t wait for it.

As soon as he entered in the mansion he stopped when he heard loud noises. He moved further and was shocked to hear their conversation. His eyes were filled with tear, how Swara can think so cheap about him and this marriage. He dreamed so much for their future..
He always knew Swara doesn’t love him, she love his popularity, she loves his money, but he thought may be after their marriage she’ll accept his love and will love him back but today all his hope and dreams were crush in front of his eyes. He heard what Ragini spoke to Swara. Her each and EVERY WORD TOUCH HIS HEART. Now he realized Swara was never meant to be in his life. May be this girl has been sent by god for him. He never received his parents love, and now he is happy that they are not with him, to see him in such condition…He was left alone once again.

Sanskar saw swara moving towards her room. He walked behind her and enter in her room making Swara realize his present.

Swara got shocked to see him but behaved like nothing happened.

“Sanskar you are here, what a pleasant surprise jaan” she said while hugging him.

Sanskar removed her hands and spoke in dangerous voice “swara don’t worry, now there is no need of such act, I know what you are and what you are thinking, it’s better if we break all the threads of our relation. Well sweetheart. I want to say last thing to you, Today I will marry but not with you but with your sister, and u better be their ok..” saying this he left her room, leaving shocked swara behind.

After that he went to Shekhar and Sumi to talk with them about his decision, they were hell shocked. How can they get Ragini married without her knowledge, without her permission, but they were so guilty and so ashamed that they didn’t even say no to Sanskar…They agreed for this marriage and somewhere they knew whatever is happening is good for them and their daughter…

 Flashback ends..

A long tears escape out of Ragini’s eyes, when she felt his pain. Now she understood how he felt when her di betrayed him and his love. How can anyone hurt a man who loves you so much, who is ready to do anything for you?

Ragini started crying which made Sanskar scared. He pulled her closer and hugged her tight. She kept her hands on his chest, and started apologizing for her sister’s deeds.
Sanskar wiped her tears away, “plz, don’t say this Ragini” he whispered against her ears. Ragini closed her eyes feeling his hot breath on her earlobe…

“kyun nahi Sanskar, meri di ne aapke saath itna bura kiya, I m so sorry Sanskar. I am feeling so guilty.” She was sobbing. Sanskar smiled at this, he thought maybe she will get angry and will curse him for making her his wife but she didn’t, she accept him as her husband, and she is feeling guilty for her sister’s deeds…. this girl is so cute, so innocent…isn’t she..!!

“Shh Ragini plz don’t cry, main to uska shukraguzar(thankful) hun, agar wo mujhe dhoka nahi deti to tum mujhe kaise milti ” he said naughtily making Ragini blush and smiling with tears.
“plz Ragini don’t cry now, you are my wife and I promised your parents that I won’t let you eyes being wet of these stupid tears” saying this he again wiped her tears and kissed her forehead Ragini’s heart felt so light, Like any burden have been removed from her heart. She felt so good now. She nodded and kept her head on his chest.
Feeling peaceful Sanskar hugged her back and whispered “I love you Ragini”. Ragini closed her eyes, she didn’t expect this so soon but she knew she start feeling something for him too. She looked into his eyes and said “Sanskar …I’m  sorry, I need some time.”

Sanskar nodded and said “Ragini I told you, what I felt about you…but I don’t want you to love me back forcefully, I will wait till you realize your love for me Ragini” Both hugged each other tight.

Sanskar lead Ragini to the bed and make her lie on it. He make a wall with pillows in the middle & lay beside her and covered her with the sheet. Both was looking at each other after sometime  both went into a deep slumber.

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