My heart is with you by sukor Epi 1

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“Wait,what dud you just say?”asked Suraj
“I said that I love you” I reply
“It’s true, I started falling in love with you after Kamal narayan came back. I just didn’t know it but after the treasure hunt I was sure that I love you ” I explained.
“Why didn’t you tell me”
“How could I ? I didn’t got the right time to tell you”.
I hugged him tightly and said “I love you Suraj, I love you so much” loudly
I saw Suraj’s confused expression and thought that he didn’t love me so I ran out before I could give him a chance to speak. I ran inside haveli to my bedroom. I sat on the bed and started crying silently. Didn’t Suraj love me? Why is it always me who’s heart gets broken? First Vivan and now Suraj. Why???? I had so many questions but no answers.

Suraj pov
She said that she loved me and I love her as well. But I am goon. I am someone who people should hate not love. How can chakor love me when I tried to hurt her so many times. I don’t want to get her life in danger because if I tell her that I love her then Kamal narayan will get to know about it and chakor will be in danger and I don’t want that to happen.I know why she had ran before I could tell her the answer. She thought that I did not love her. I was confused at that time about my answer. I know that she is crying right now. My chakor!!!!!!!

Kamal narayan pov
So babdhua billi is in love with Suraj. Not good. I have to do something to break them apart.I know just what to do!!!!!!!

So that is the episode 2. Hope you enjoyed it.

Precap: Kamal narayan plan.

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  1. Hey that’s awesome

  2. Yah that was awsomeeeeeeeeeee Sukor di?? but a short one can you please try to write a longer one…….and I wanna tell you something please don’t stop writing like other’s have done as no one has completed his/her ff?? as every one have left writing in the middle maybe because of very little comments?but I don’t want you to stop you ff in the middle soooo please you don’t go on the comments as there are many silent readers?? hope understand my good attention and please don’t think that I was giving a lecture I was just making my sweet di understand ??……Love you di tack car and bye???………

  3. Aqua

    what was cute… hehe i want sukor to express their love. Please write longer ones 🙂

  4. Sukor

    I can’t write longer ones because I am in gr.9 abd a kot of homework these days but i will podt regularly.

  5. Sukor

    I meant a lot of homework.

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