Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ajay coming to meet Sharda Mummy ji. She asks about Tarun, and saus she feels bad for him, as he was solving Samarth’s problem and got into jail. Ajay says he is worried for Tarun and Riddhima, she goes twice to meet Tarun in jail. She says see Shobha, she just goes office and does not meet Samarth. He asks about Shobha. She says she went on shopping with Garima. He says she is very close to her. She says yes, more than Riddhima. Ajay says Samarth called you and Shobha to meet him. She agrees to go. Shobha brings Garima to her office and sees Vikram talking to Sanjay and preparing him to talk to Saurabh and Vinita.

Sanjay smiles seeing Garima and says he will say he will die if he can’t marry Garima. Vikram scolds him and asks him to explain his family what he feels for Garima, that his life is incomplete without Garima, do you know when love goes from life, it pains a lot and it becomes a part of your existence. Shobha hears him saying the pain of losing love. Vikram says if she asked for my love, I would have not taken a sec for giving my life. He says you have to tell dialogues like this. Sanjay says fine. Vikram goes to his cabin. Shobha comes to him. She asks him to leave him alone. She says you need to leave your past alone. He says I was giving lecture to Sanjay about love and did not do anything when my love was being snatched. She says she tried hard and still lost it. He says love should be named pain.

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She says when we see Sanjay and Garima, don’t you feel love gives happiness. She says they are lucky. She says she feels his story has a second half and it will be better half. He says he does not think so, his heart got habituated to be alone and does not have place for love. She laughs. He says he feels she is strong as she laughs in such situation. He laughs and says lets go out to Sanjay and Garima. Sanjay tells Garima that he loves her. Vikram hears them and says they will be married, and they will have kids who will eat their brains, and promises them. Garima smiles and leaves for home with Shobha.

Shobha and Garima come come. Mummy ji asks what did they buy. Shobha says nothing, just had coffee and came. Mummy ji says Samarth called us, come now. Garima says she will come. Mummy ji says no, he just called us. They come to meet Samarth. He says my jail stay is like holiday trips for you. Mummy ji says my son is so inspirational, he is smiling in such time too. He asks about Garima. Shobha says she is fine. He says she will be happy, as he will get free some day. He throws an envelope. He asks Shobha to see it. She sees the wedding card of Garima and Ajay. She is shocked. Mummy ji is happy seeing it. He says I have fixed the date and says I know Shobha and mum decide always, but Ajay brought this card and I told him the marriage should be good. Mummy ji smiles.

She praises Samarth and says he loves Garima a lot. Samarth says Ajay is right for Garima, she will marry Garima and then free me. Shobha says no one is talking about Garima, how can you make her marry against her wish. Samarth taunts her about her boss. She argues asking whats the connection. He smiles and says he understands she is having an affair with her boss. She says you are disgusting. He scolds her and says don’t spoil things, and don’t oppose. She says she went to jail by supporting him. he says stop this drama now, I hate it. Mummy ji asks her not to fight.

Shobha says even I want him to get free, afterall he is my kids’ father, but they can’t ruin Garima’s life. He says whats connection between love and marriage, even we had arrange marriage. She says Garima does not love Ajay. He says shut up, I decided their marriage and gave word to Ajay. Mummy ji agrees and asks Shobha to be hapoy for Garima. Samarth says I want Shobha to give this news to Garima and explain her, he does not want any drama. He says ask her to wear designer clothes and marry. Shobha talks to Mummy ji and tries to say Ajay is not good. Mummy ji says she knows Ajay. Shobha asks her to think about Garima. Mummy ji does not listen to her.

Shobha bumps into Vinodini and her phone falls. Vinodini hides her face. Shobha says sorry. Vinodini says she should be sorry for ruining her family. Ajay takes her to meet Samarth. Shobha is on the way and thinks about Samarth’s words. Samarth talks to Vinodini and scolds her for the sting operation. Ajay says Tarun has explained her what to do and she agreed. Ajay says he will do what he said, and he wants assurance that Samarth will keep his words. Samarth says no need to doubt me. Ajay says he is walking on his footsteps. Samarth says you are more bad than Tarun. Samarth says he told family about the marriage proposal. Ajay promises to get him out of jail.

Shobha comes home and is upset. Garima asks is everything fine. She asks what did Samarth say. Shobha does not tell anything. Garima tickles her to make her smile. Shobha says grow upm there are many problems to face and leaves. Vikram’s call comes and Garima takes the cal. She says Shobha came home after meeting Samarth and maybe there is some problem. Vikram asks her to make Shobha call her. He thinks Samarth has done something again. He does not get any file in office. Shobha comes to him. He asks where were you Shobha, and came so late. She says sorry, I have to go early today. He says yes, then you will ask for leave too. She says she has genuine reason. He says ofcourse, you always have genuine reason. He asks what happened. She tells about work. He asks why is she upset and asks her to share her problem with him. she says its Garima’s problem, Samarth has decided her marriage with Ajay and the engagement is tomorrow. Vikram is shocked.

Vikram talks about engagement and its waste if there is no love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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