Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma telling Devyaani that she did not hide anything, as Naman, Naitik and Akshara know this. Devyaani is shocked. Muskaan and Alok come to the temple. Alok smiles seeing her recall Devyaani’s instructions and helps her. Devyaani asks Akshara how can she hide such big thing, and they have really disappointed her. Akshara says actually… Devyaani says leave it now, you did not tell me when it was important. Bhabhimaa says Devyaani is right, how can they hide such a big matter from elders. She reminds what happened with Muskaan, when she was staying alone, and then how did they let Karishma stay alone. She asks Naman does he not worry about Karishma. Devyaani says they are grown up and take all decisions themselves.

Naitik says actually we thought to tell you, but then we could not. Devyaani gets annoyed. Bau ji says this is not right, what happened at Sethi house that she has left them. Devyaani says Akshara has hidden this from them and she has hurt her. She feels she is wrong, she does not know Karishma and she did not understand Akshara till now. Vishwamber calls Rajshri and asks does she not trust him. She is unable to talk and then speaks up. He says who are you brother, its my wife’s phone, how did you get it. She says its me. He says where is my wife. Dadi talks to him. He asks is she held captive by that man, what does he want. Dadi laughs and says not any man, its Rajshri. He asks what happened to her. Dadi tells the chutney story and laughs.

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Naman defends Akshara and says he has stopped them from telling everyone, as they were annoyed with him, as Dadda ji was lost that day. Devyaani says he should be ashamed. Karishma says he did not do it intentionally, he was helping me. Devyaani says she should have not left house. Karishma says its her choice, so she left. Devyaani asks if she does not like this housem will she leave this house too. Karishma says its better to stay alone with peace than being together and fight. Devyaani asks will you take my son along or not. Karishma says we will see it that time. Devyaani says fine, do what you all want, I will not tell anything. She leaves annoyed.

Muskaan talks to Alok on the way. She asks does he always speak less. He says he talks to people with whom he is comfortable to talk. She asks how will he know people if he does not talk. He smiles and says you are right. Akshara comes to Devyaani and Devyaani asks her not to tell anything. Akshara sits and explains her that she did not tell her even when she tried hard. She says she did not want to hurt her, and she knows her. Devyaani apologizes for scolding her. Akshara smiles. Devyaani asks her to make Karishma understand her mistake.

The ladies talk about what to gift to Naman and Karishma. Rajshri says I m thinking to gift something new, and we will leave this work on Varsha and Jasmeet. Varsha suggests small things, like hampers. Kaki asks them to buy it. Rajshri asks Jasmeet to gift wrap. Jasmeet says yes, I will do it well. Dadi asks her to think what to do next. Kaki says we have to make throat well. Rashmi comes home. She witnesses a big scene at home, between Devyaani and Karishma. Devyaani asks Karishma to stay at Sethi house. Karishma says even when Devyaani and Rashmi are right, even them they have issues right. She says the same way she has some issues with Sethis, which can’t resolve now.

Devyaani says I just know you can’t stay alone. Karishma asks why, she is staying since many days. She says its matter of few days. Bhabhimaa says now they know she is staying alone, so they worry. Bau ji also explains Karishma, and asks her to go for their sake. Devyaanis ays no, go for her parent’s sake. Karishma asks her to send Naman with her. They are stunned. Rashmi laughs. Devyaani says she is fed up of Karishma. Karishma asks what did I tell now. Devyaani says she can’t be alone. Naksh comes and says them ask her to stay with us. Bhabhimaa says this can’t happen. Akshara says why not, it can happen.

Vishwamber comes home. Rajshri asks for the gift else she will go to her Maayka. He gets glad and asks her to go, and he will book the ticket. She gets angry and says why should I go, this is my house and I will stay here to trouble you, till you get me a necklace. She leaves. Omi comes and asks what happened. Vishwamber tells Rajshri wants a necklace, don’t know why women love necklace. Omi laughs and says poetry. Vishwamber asks him to help her. Omi asks him to take jeweller’s help. Vishwamber says fine, I will get such gift that she won’t ask any gift again.

Muskaan and Alok come home and had been talking all the way. She says we came back and did not know in out talk. He says thanks, I will leave now. She asks him to come home. He says he has imp meeting. She says meet Naitik. He says he did, and gives her purse. She thanks him and waves bye. Alok leaves. Akshara asks whats the problem in this. Bhabhimaa says what will people say, think. Akshara says why should we care about people. She says we should be worried for Karishma’s safety. Bhabhimaa says when they know when we go bride at home before marriage, it won’t be good. Bau ji says even he feels this is strange, we did not hear and see this before.

Muskaan hears them and is puzzled. Akshara tries convincing them. Bau ji says fine, as they all like it. Muskaan says it’s a good idea, we will enjoy, it will be new experience and asks Karishma to stay in her room. Devyaani asks Muskaan did she do puja well. Muskaan says she did it well and Alok went for a meeting. Naksh plays with Gayatri baby and makes everyone smile. Naitik thanks him for the idea. Akshara asks them to make relations fine, as Naksh calls Naman Bhaiya when he is his Chacha and Muskaan is his Bua. They laugh. Karishma says she will call Naitik Bhaiya. Naksh says he will call her Karishma Chachi and Naman Chachu. They laugh happily.

Naksh says he will design the room for Naman and Karishma.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. when will u put an end to this serial……….and saath nibana saathiya……..

  3. plzzzzzz end thz serisl

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