Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vikram coming home and having fresh air. Nani asks what happened, did you go for a war. He says it’s a war if he is with Shobha. He says he will shift her to marketing department to get free of her. He loses hair and asks Lord to help him. Shobha comes home and tells Garima that she did this, Vikram won’t get impressed, but I learnt to deal with him, to do the opposite of what he says. Garima says did he give any treat. Shobha says who will go with him, he will point on everything if he goes to any restaurant, anyone will throw drink on him, and he will say he will shut this restaurant and leave, that’s it. Garima laughs. She asks Shobha to go and give a treat. Shobha says I want to be at home and spend time. Garima says no, go in the party.

Shobha comes to Sandeep’s home. He says I thought you won’t come. She says I just came for sometime. She likes his home. He says my wife did this. She says good taste, where is she. He says she went to her sister’s home with kids. She asks where is everyone else. He says everyone ditched and did not come, anyways we both will celebrate, sit. He makes drink for himself and says one tea cup for you. She smiles. She asks can she help him in kitchen. He says no, and brings it. She thanks him.

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He says so you don’t drink. She says yes, when I went in party with my husband, I did not drink, I used to have apple juice and say its my drink. Sandeep plays music and the tea falls on her. He cares for her hand. She says I m sorry, it fell on carpet too. He holds her saying sorry. She is stunned and looks at him. She pushes him far. She says what are you doing. He says its fine, its so sudden, its not wrong. She asks what do you mean. He holds her hand and says this is not wrong. She takes her hand away and says what are you doing, he says don’t be worried about anyone, I m married man and won’t tell anyone.

She says and me. He says you are alone, you might be feeling lonely right, see I have a rule, which my wife does not know, she won’t doubt, and your husband cheated you, its tough for you, you are not an ordinary society bahu and I can support you, I can fulfill your every need and goes to hug her. She slaps him hard and says how dare you think this, if Samarth is in jail, you think I will come to you, I regarded you friend, if you do this again, I will drag you to police station, your wife trusts you and you are breaking it, you should be ashamed, I hate this. She leaves. Sandeep gets angry. Shobha runs on the road crying. She thinks of Sandeep’s words.

She asks the lawyer when will Samarth get freed, do you know how the world treats the woman, please free him soon. He asks all ok? She says please get me out. Garima sees her and asks what happened, see in my eyes. Garima asks its odd that way you talked to lawyer to get him bailed out, I know Samarth has hurt you a lot, tell me what happened. She asks her to share it. Shobha says that party had no one, Sandeep…. She tells her everything what he told her and misbehaved. She hugs Garima and cries.

Garima pacifies her. She brings coffee and cheers up Shobha. Shobha thanks her. Garima says you feel Bhai would have protected you, no he cheated you infront of the world, he did not think about kids and us, only you can protect yourself, no one else, don’t know why women think only men can protect them, but reality is opposite, you are strong, why did you not hit him in defense. Shobha says I wanted to, but my jeans was tight and it would have got torn if I kicked him. Garima laughs.

Mummy ji talks to her daughter and b*t*hes about Shobha. She asks her to get Garima married. She says Tarun wants Garima and Ajay to get married. She asks her to take the matter ahead. Mummy ji says yes, Shobha is in office now. Shobha sees Sandeep in office as he stares at her and passes by. She comes to Vikram. He asks what happened, why do you look nervous and dictates the letter. He says if you don’t do this work well, I will send you in marketing department to Sandeep, he will take care of you. She gets tensed and does her work. He says I want this letter on my table in 10mins. She comes out of his cabin and thinks she can’t go in Sandeep’s team and have to do Vikram’s work.

She does her work well and says no marketing department for me. He looks on. Tarun and Ajay come to meet Garima and Mummy ji. Garima gets angry seeing Ajay. Riddhima gives her shagun bangles. Garima is shocked and looks at Mummy ji. She says Samarth was happy knowing this and asks Garima to feel lucky. Garima leaves. Tarun says she will be fine. A lady comes to Shobha and asks her was she in Sandeep’s party yesterday. Shobha is stunned. She asks don’t you want to shift in marketing dept. Shobha says am I just a gossip thing for you.

The office colleague Neetu says he can try the same with me too, I m afraid, please come with me. She tells Shobha that Sandeep’s reputation is bad and every girl wants to get saved, he called me today, he is afraid of you as you are from political family. Shobha asks her to complain to Vikram. Neetu says why will he believe me, Sandeep is his best friend, Vikram does not believe in women and he will fire me, if I go to Sandeep’s house, it will be a problem. Shobha says I will expose him, he can’t exploit women, he should be punished, men break our trust, but can’t break our courage.

Shobha comes to meet Sandeep and acts sweet. Sandeep walks to her and holds her hand. She gets tensed.

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