Doli Armaanon Ki 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s residence
All are shocked to find shaurya unconscious, and that he is running a high temperature. Samrat instantly starts blaming rudra starts talking about the mental pressure and the trauma that shaurya is in. samrat waives it off, and tries to wake him up, and asks everyone to relax, as its just a fever and that he is living with his father, and wont have any issues. Finally shaurya wakes up, and samrat tries to get him to talk. He finds that urmi isnt there, and calling her name, he gets unconscious again. rudra starts reprimanding samrat that he didnt even think about using the child, and what effect it would have on shaurya. He tries to point to samrat, that he cant win a child’s love due to temptations and allures, and that he would always want to go to his mother. He tells samrat that he lost yet again. samrat lashes out at him, that he wont lose or has he ever. Samrat is unaware and least bothered for shaurya’s health, while trying to prove a point to Rudra, that he doesnt accept deafet in a game. he says that he would win it anyhow or at any cost. aditi asks him to think about shaurya first. As samrat and aditi rush upstairs with shaurya, Rudra asks shashi to make him understand the need of shaurya being with his mother right now. shashi is tensed.

Later, kanchan gives him meds, and samrat is impatient. He asks shashi to sleep with him tonight, while she is hesitant. She says that she isnt a doctor. He says that she would have to take care of him. Aditi points out that shaurya needs urmi right now. kanchan too favours him. samrat shuts them both, and shashi agrees with samrat. aditi asks him to understand, but he asks what do they want, that urmi gains importance if he calls up and asks her to come, as they cant handle a kid. All are distraught as shaurya calls out his mother’s name. Samrat asks shashi to make him sleep, and get him alright in the morning, and healthy. He leaves, and shashi gets tensed wondering what to do. All are tensed.

The next morning, the doctor comes and checks up shaurya and asks them to continue the medicine, and adds that the fever isnt remititng even with the strong doses. aditi asks if any tests need to be done. The doctor tells them that tests arenbt necessary, but shaurya needs to cheer up, as he is sad and that slows the recovery, and asks them to notice that somethingn is bothering and suffocating shaurya from inside, and he isnt able to tell them. All are tensed for him. samrat shuts him, and asks him to leave, as they would try and keep him happy. the doctor leaves. aditi again asks him to call up urmi, as shaurya wont be okay otherwise. He tries to cheer shaurya, but he watches tensedly. Samrat tries to lure him to get well, so that they can celebrate diwali with much pomp. He asks shaurya what does he need this Diwali, as he would get him anything. Shaurya says that he wants to go to his mother. Samrat tries to distract him but in vain. samrat composes his anger and asks shashi to get it in shaurya’s head that urmi wont come nor would he go to her, and that he would have to stay with his father. Aditi asks whats he doing. Samrat tells shaurya that his mother is dead and that she wont come here never. shashi agrees and he leaves out in haste. She comes to shaurya and asks him to forget his mother, as they would celebrate Diwali together. Aditi is severely tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Sushma’s and samrat’s residence
Meanwhile, urmi is tsned wondering why is she so restless, and hopes that shaurya is okay. she comes out tensed, wondering what to do, and how to find out, and sushma finds her in this state. she is apalled. Urmi expresses her restlessness to sushma, and asks if everything would be okay. sushma asks her to be okay and composed, and call up if she wants. Urmi says that she doesnt want samrat to create any issue again if she calls, and that she doesnt want shaurya to see any kind of tension. Sushma asks if she is super tensed, and when urmi says yes, she takes her to the temple. She asks urmi tp pray and ask the goddess to lead the way and she should follow suit, with calm and peace of mind. Susham asks urmi to chant the gayatri mantra with her, as that would empower urmi and shaurya too. Urmi complies. Sushma’s husband sees them and watches overwhelmingly, and is happy to find such concern and love in sushma for someone, and asks the lord to protect and support both the ladies.

The next morning, all are making sweets while urmi is still tensed, remembering the drama that samrat created yesterday in front of shaurya. They both are bantering when they find urmi still tensed and lost in thoughts. Susham jerks urmi out of her thoughts and asks if she knows how to make rangoli. urmi complies, and sushma asks her to do it, as she would give her colours. urmi agrees. just then, she gets a call from Aditi, and is surprised. She recieves it, and aditi hesitatingly tells urmi about shaurya’s sick health. Sushma and her husband are tensed too hearing urmi apeak about shaurya and his health. urmi is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat is attending on the phone, when shashi comes and informs him that shaurya finally went asleep. Shashi hesitatingly asks samrat to call up urmi, or send shaurya and then get him back again, when he is okay. he is furious and tells her that due to being lazy, she is requesting this. He tells that the next time, someone mentions this to him, he would have that person thrown out of the house. samrat vents out his frustration at shashi, when urmi comes in rushing through the doors, asking how is shaurya. Samrat is shocked and wonders how he got the news, and looks accusingly at shashi, who is shocked herself. urmi climbs up the stairs, and asks about shaurya from samrat and shashi. He asks her to get out, saying that she wont be allowed to enter here. Samrat throws urmi out of his room and then his house, while she continues to beg to him, to make her see her sick son once, as he needs her direly right now. But samrat doesnt listen to anything, saying that she isnt at all allowed to step inside his house, let alone his room. All are tensed and rish down with him. samrat says that she is dead for his son and that now neither would she let him see his face, nor would shaurya even see him, he would ensure. He asks her to keep her ego to herself, and be there only. urmi is apalled and distraught. samrat tells urmi that the doors to this house would open only when she agrees to be captive here, or else the doors would always be closed for her. she is stunned. Rudra, kanchan and aditi are apalled. Samrat shuts the door on her face. The screen freezes on urmi’s shocked face.

Precap: Urmi continues beating the doors, asking to be let in and see shaurya just once, as he needs her right now. Inside, rudra and kanchan ask samrat to open the door, but he doesnt relent, saying that he wont resent. urmi collapses on the floor, crying, distraught and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Too depressing

  2. what the hell is going on with samrat call the police for him so that urmi can get into the room to help her sick son. samrats whole family is crazy they are unfit to take care of themselves far less a child. it is utter madmess going on in their house. samrat is a total madman and a beast in human form he likes to have his way toooooo much and if he cannot have to hell with everyone else including his son. samrat is a heartless person please throw him in the looney bin together with fazia, razia and tanveer they are also crazy and should be put away for good. samrat is a very bad person he just want urmi to come back home to ill treat her and her son that is how he gets his cookies from hurting others. please writer do something about samrat if you want a good storyline please let urmi flourish and become an established person with her own catering business and let a handsome man come into the picture for her and let samrat loose his business and everything else throwing him into the prostitution business where people who knew him would look down upon him with disgust. that is what he deserves but before that let him get a good beating from one of the pimps because he is so disgusting to look at and before the story ends let sushma leave all that she has for urmi house and all because her son is no different to samrat birds of a feather flock together. use this storyline writers it is free.

  3. Eish this is too much hey

  4. samrat doesn’t have human feelings. urmi should take him to arbitration court to secure her child’s custody. samrat is a beast hence intelligible to raise a fellow human.

    1. She can’t do that she has no money to secure her child’s future

  5. samrat is a bastard.

  6. U tell dem miss Glory

  7. To top that she wants to have samrats 2nd child..

  8. Stop mohit malik

    Mohit Malik is an ass####!

  9. Shocking, what kind of a father is Samrat (he doesn’t even care for his son). Urmi should report to a high court (the police in India are useless…Samrat will bribe them). How will Urmi manage with a heartless husband, a child who’s being used by his father and another child on the way. Gosh…God needs to help Urmi.

  10. the only reason we hate Samrat so much is because the actor is doing a damn good job at being bad…..but ease up a bit writers, please take his money away for a while and let Samrat learn a little humility and kindness, the story cannot be sustained on this pure evil character, its going to get boring….

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