Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini angrily tears health pamphlets from wall and calls Prem to come to corridor. He comes down. She scolds Prem what does he think of himself, why he wants to inform everyone that she is weak, etc. Prem says he did not want to hurt her and says sorry. Tejaswini stands surprised. Her friends scold her that she made Prem apologize unnecessarily without his mistake. Prem’s siblings discuss that Prem bhai did what he did not in life for Tejaswini, they don’t know why he is tolerating Tejaswini’s nonsense. Tejaswini hears their conversation and feels guilty. Her friend gives her home made ladoo and she says it is very yummy. Prem sitting nearby smiles. Sarla calls her and asks how is she, she heard that she is weak, so she sent her ladoo. Tejaswini thanks her and disconnects call. She gets emotional that how can she ignore both mom’s promise. She goes to her room and reminisces Prem’s sacrifice.

Next morning, principal calls Tejaswini and Prem that they have to organize students’ food fair for charity. Tejaswini says she will do it alone as Prem is weak after donating blood twice. Prem says he is fit and fine and can organize event.

Charity event starts. Tejaswini and Prem host the vent. Principal calls Sarla as chief guest. Sarla walks in. Prem touches her feet. Tejaswini reminisces her mom’s promise and gets tensed how to avoid Sarla. Sarla comes on stage. Principal gives her bouquet and thanks her for coming. Tejaswini does not speak. Sarla asks her how is she. She says she is fine. Sarla asks to show her stall and walks. Tejaswini nervously shows her stall and walks out saying she needs to help others. Prem notices her nervousness. Sarla walks towards Tejaswini. Tejaswini tells her friend that she is going to godown and asks her not to inform anyone.

Tejaswini walks into godown and sits there nervously. Laborers bring gas cylinder and throw it in. She scolds them to be careful. They say it is their daily work and walk out. Prem searches Tejaswini and asks her friend to message him where she is. Tejaswini smells gas leakage. Laborers come and light match box. She shouts noooooo.. Cylinder blasts and fire spreads all over. Everyone panic and run away hearing blast. Prem asks Tejaswini’s friend where she is who says she is in godown and bomb blasted there. He rushes to godown and sees her on floor between fire. He shouts at Tejaswini to wake up and come out and himself collapses unable to bear fire and smoke.

Precap: Sharda tells that principal called and informed that Tejaswini topped in whole Gujarath, so she will be rewarded. At function, principal calls Dharam as chief guest. Dharam greets Sharda and she gets very angry.

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