Naamkaran 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni saving Sita’s idol. Bebe says nothing right is going on here, if Sita’s idol, much wrong would have happened. Avni says things are like we see, I did not do anything, nothing such happened between us like you all think. Bebe asks can you prove your innocence, why are you listening to them if you are innocent, shut their mouth. Avni sees the idols. Shweta says Bebe will not let Ananya go out easily, but its difficult to fill the cracks in relation. Riya asks her to finish everything at once, don’t mind, its like riddle to understand you.

She sees Avni at the door and says I can’t hear against Ananya, she is my friend. She signs Shweta. Avni says I don’t need any character certificate, I need a proof, I will get it tonight. She goes. Shweta asks did she get proof against us. DD comes to Neil. He says you are seeing case files here, Avni is worried for you. Neil says this case will go high court now, you said Ali loves Avni. DD says you solved big mysteries, but could not understand your wife. Neil says call her and say I will be late. DD calls Avni and says Neil said he will come late. She asks really, can he do work now, is he doing this to avoid me. DD says yes. She asks him to help. DD asks Neil how can he do this. Neil says i think you should leave now. DD goes.

Kareena asks Avni to have food. Avni says I will have later. Kareena says all this was Amol’s plan, he worries for you. Amol asks her to have food. Avni says not now, I have to go out. Amol says I m sure you can’t be wrong. Riya comes and asks for Neil. Avni says my call is not connecting. Kareena asks shall I try, you need to have food then. Neil recalls Ali and Avni. He gets Kareena’s call and says I think Avni is making Kareena call. Riya says I will try. Avni says I will leave. Neil answers call and says can you come and meet me. Riya says Shweta is in tension. Neil says leave it, come and meet me, none should know this. Riya agrees. She says I promise I will get Neil, I can do this for my sister.

Avni meets DD and says I m not pregnant, Ali came to me as I was ill. DD says who did the emergency call, so we came there. She asks what, can you trace the call. He asks her to wait. She thinks who wants to break our relation…. and says Shweta. Riya comes to meet Neil. Someone records them. She thinks I got you where I wanted, Avni’s dream will shatter.

Neil stops Riya and holds her. He says you left me in mandap, so I got married to Avni, this would have not happened. Riya says I realize my mistake, come we will go home. She takes him. He asks the same. She says we will talk later. They leave.

Avni recalls Shweta and says my story is same like Aisha, just people changed, I have no proof against Shweta, its okay, my marriage was not normal, it was a cheat, it does not mean I take all blame on my head, this is wrong, I m staying away from all relations.

Shweta says Ananya did not come till now, is Bebe not worried now. Prakash says leave Bebe, worry for Neil. She says Riya will get him home. He asks Riya? DD says call is traced and gives the paper. Avni checks Riya’s name. She thinks why does just women has to give proof of innocence, its too much now. She tears the paper and says I think I know who is it, I should go home. She leaves and thinks no, I will not prove my innocence, Neil did not say anything, don’t know he will believe me or not.

Avni comes home. Shweta starts her drama and taunts Avni. Avni says if I get proof, a girl always has to get proof of her innocence, I will not give this agnipariksha, so I m leaving this house. They get shocked. Bebe says you did not prove yourself right on my saying. Avni says I m tired now, I m leaving from this house. They see Neil drunk. Shweta says this happened because of this girl. Prakash says let Ananya handle this. Bebe says no, Ananya was given chance, she missed it, Shweta is right, if Neil did not see Ananya in that state, he would have not come drunk, we never saw him in this state, one who could not prove herself is guilty.

Avni says I did not know Neil will be affected. Bebe says you lost the chance, Neil is taking someone’s today, he has supported everyone, I can’t tolerate this. She gets dizzy. Maddy takes her to room. Prakash takes Neil. Prakash asks Avni not to worry about anything. She asks what would you do if I was your daughter and my inlaws blamed me such. He says I would have called my daughter back, its like staying in vanvas. She says you know after meeting you, I got to know what’s father’s love, when I hear Papa word, I think of you, not my dad, do you think I did wrong. He says no. She thanks him and says I was waiting that someone shows belief in me, now I m sure I m doing right leaving this house. He says don’t do this. She asks him to trust her decision. She recalls her grahpravesh and takes a step out of the house.

Neil asks what was her mistake, she was ill, you all blamed her to be characterless. Avni boards a train.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. The best part of today episode was prakash and Avni convo at the end love their bond….he always plays a good dad/dad inlaw role even in jamai raja….but it’s a must see guys when bebe was scolding avni Neil was in tears even though he’s pretending to be drunk…he was hurting see avni being blamed…. I’m really glad they cast aditi as avni she’s doing a great job in fact the whole cast members suit every roll given bravo cvs

    1. Samm

      are you sure that neil was just acting to be drunk?? i too noticed that neil was crying then but i just thought he was still thinking about the ali scandal and crying because of avni’s supposed betrayal, but was it all just an act?! why would he do that?!

    2. Nivika

      Yaa samm…neil is acting to be drunk…

    3. In today’s episode it suppose to be clear why….but in the spoiler they said he was pretending to be drunk to prove avni and Ali situation was not what it seem to them

  2. today episode is really good. precap has made it’s win. i love neil’s character its suit zain’s real life character. love you so much zain.

  3. Epi was sad???.. waiting for tomorrow…

  4. Samm

    Awww… Neil!…
    One thing is clear to me from this episode! In my eyes, Neil can never do any wrong! Call this a fan’s bias if you will, but I somehow understand his mind and empathize with him. But Avni also took a bold decision and I totally applaud her for that! Kudos to you, Avni, for going where almost no drama heroine has gone before!
    Also, thanks recapper, for the one sentence you wrote, “Shweta began her drama again and taunts Avni!” I cracked up at that! ?

  5. Loved how Neil proved Avni innocent.Syed Zain Imam really act nice.Hi Alia,Nishat di ,Naz di and everyone .Nishat di please pray for me so that principle accept my application of changing section.Dont know what bad things is waiting for me tomorrow ?I really don’t know how to face my principal as he is strict army officer.I am really frustrated why my luck is not favoring me that too before somedays of my birthday.Nishat di do please read my last two comments on naamkaran 17 July page.

    1. Samm

      hehe! all the best 😛 😀

  6. A12345

    Cant wait for the next… Its too interesting ☺☺☺

  7. Lasyasri91

    todays epi was 2 good cant wait for upcoming epis
    zain u just rocked the epi ur just awesome love u alot
    avni acting was superb reely no other could play her role

  8. hi alia. and other frz.
    today avni and Neil father scean are gud. plz end riya character is irritating. then Ali r u mad y ur separate avni Neil relation.

  9. avni should see the paper once so that she could understand that not only her mother-in-law but also rhea want to separate neil and her. i think that amol is not good. he only pretends.neil’s drunken drama was so real nobody could understand his acting.i also waiting for tomorrow. assalamu aalaikum, salsa you are like my small sister and also a good friend obviously i pray for you. Almighty Allah removes your all frustrations and gives more happiness before your birthday.salsa i read your comments yesterday.salsa do you like avni’s dresses?when i get free time i read the comments in this page.salsa till now four serials are my most favourite.they are-dekha ek khoab in sony tv,the adventure of hatim in life ok,nisha aur uski cousins in star plus and now naamkaran.did you see those serials ago?

    1. Samm

      neil was acting to be drunk?! why?? :/ and how do you know??

  10. I think avni should leave for good n wen he find out Wat his mother n riya did he will be the one to go bring her back

  11. Hi all… Hi Salsa, Alia and Nikhat… Salaams!!! Salsa, I hope that this problem you are faced with, ends on a positive note..and you are accepted to continue your studies in the department you wish for….. On the serial now, I don’t know where the fire in Avni has disappeared to… She was so determined, brave and intelligent before she got married, now I don’t understand why she comes across so whimpering, weak and helpless now… That’s not good!!! She was the one whom nothing escaped her attention. She was a female Robin Hood, helping the poor by not so good deeds…..that’s what the special case is all about, her identity as a seasoned robber!!! Now that Dayawanti is in jail and Anmol is reunited with his sister, it’s like she doesn’t have a life anymore. Her sasuma is living up to her namesake as wicked witch and her b*t*hy cousin is making a move on Neil….and Avni looks heartbreakingly helpless… But….. Since Avni says she’s leaving the house, it must be her plan to catch Riya in her actions, so it’s the best thing she could have done, maybe she’ll work more covertly to uncover Riya while she’s away from the house. Scene with Prakash, is touching ??..really sad that Avni didn’t get maximum love from her father but thank goodness she found one in Prakash..

    1. Sorry for typo errors.. Nishat, I spelt your name incorrectly, sorry dear…

  12. Nishat di thanks for calling me ur small sister.Sometimes I like Avni’s dress and sometimes I don’t.I I only watched Nisha ir uska cousin.But didn’t watch other 2 serials .Beside I didn’t heard that name of Sony tv serial that u mentioned but l daw hatim for once but didn’t
    like that.Nishst di did u watch Manmarziyan in star plus which was my favorite.Nishat how was ut biology exam ,hope it was excellent.What is ur next exam ?And hope u are taking good preparation for ur board exam.Assalamu alaikum Niahat di and Naz di!

  13. Nishat di do u use Facebook? I was just simply asking

  14. LopaFleek

    Hello, Everyone!

    I legit hate Rhea. Neil said to Ketan, “a person who supports a criminal, is a criminal too.” Even now Rhea is supported, Dayawanti Mehta. Rhea is now officially a criminal. I want to see Neil, putting Rhea behind the bars. She had a good time, smiling in this episode. Rhea, your day will come, where you will be punished for your f**king bad deeds. She should learn from Amol/Aman. I legit want Rhea to go away from Khanna house. She is an unlucky charm, for that house.

    How can Shweta do this to Avni? She also has gone through a lot of pain, how she can she give pain to Avni.?

    I want Avneil to be one because. I don’t want Avni to go through more. She already has gone through much, if Neil truly behaves and loves her like a husband, then Avni would be happy. I don’t want her to go through pain.

    I would often now skip the parts, where Avni is being insulted. I can’t see her pain anymore.

    I just want Avneil to go to honeymoon. Avni would get some peace, and she will get to spend time with Neil.

    Naamkaran Upcoming Avneil Romance/Nok Jok :

    I hope for the best <3

    Have a good day!

    Keep loving Naamkaran! <3

  15. Sumayyah

    amazing I love avneil!!!!

  16. OMG very emotional episode, i loved the show.

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