Aise kaise jaane doon! – Episode- 31

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Recap: Meghna reaching home safely.. Kunal met with an accident! Family’s care for Kunal.. Naina thinking about something..
Epi 31 :
This episode starts with Naina standing in the same place.. while Karan turns back and looks at her..deep in her thoughts. He walked back towards her. She came out of her thoughts.
Karan: Naina, Kya hua? I had been noticing. You seem lost. Is everything okay?
Naina smiled: yes Karan.
They then turned and walked towards their room!
Karan’s POV: why is she lying to me…Naina, Kya soch rahi ho tum? Jo tum mujhse nahi bathana chahthi?

Naina’s POV: Har koi bath mein tumhare saath share nahi kar sakthi hu , Karan! And if I tell you then you won’t be able to understand.. you will never understand until you yourself see something happening… I can’t tell you a single thought that I have in mind! Especially what I thought about masima a few minutes back!… How did she guess the situation when she asked Kunal jeeju about the incident? How could it be right? And that day, Di told me that someone had spilt oil on the grass.. ho na ho.. meri dil kehthi hein ki yeh sab masima ne kiya hein! If I tell you about all this you won’t digest the fact.. I need to ask di about the oil on the garden grass.. I’m sure di would have found out by now.. but.. abhi unse jaakar pooch nahi sakthi.. kal subha poochongi!
Karan entered the room and turned around to find.. Naina walking in slowly, deep in thoughts..
Karan: Naina, are you sure.. you have nothing to tell me?
Naina: Karan.. when time comes.. you will know!
Karan: okay…
He went and sat on the bed with a disappointed face. Naina smiled at him and moved to her side.
Kunal took Meghna’s help and entered the room.. she slowly helped him sit on the bed..she then removed his shoes..
Kunal: Meghna… Mein Karan loonga.. Meghna…
Meghna didn’t speak even a word. She slowly removed his shoes.. tears were flowing out..
Kunal: Meghna….
He called out once again. This time Meghna stopped for a second and then continued removing the shoes like she didn’t hear him say anything.
Kunal understood that she was upset with him. She then placed his clothes on the bed and told him to change and she went out of the room..
Kunal: Megh..
Kunal’s POV: mujhe pata hein tum mujhse naraz ho, Meghna. I’m sorry! Ab tumhe kaise manau??
Kunal dressed up and moved towards the door.. at the same time Meghna had come to the room door, holding a tray in one hand and extending the other hand to open the door.
Immediately Kunal opened the door. And found Meghna standing there. Kunal moved aside while Meghna entered.. she didn’t look at Kunal all this while. She was looking at the floor. Kunal followed her. She kept the tray on the table and was about to turned around. Kunal was standing just behind her. They were really close. She turned around. And jerked as she noticed Kunal standing near her. She was about to fall back when Kunal held her back. She had her hands on Kunal’s chest but she continued looking down.
Kunal: Meghna.. please.. aise ignore mat karo!
Meghna: Jaane do, Kunal!
He had locked his hands behind her,not letting her escape from his clutches..
Kunal leant forward and whispered in her ears while she looked up shocked.
Kunal: Aise kaise jaane doon?!?
Meghna eyes had welled up even more..
Kunal stood up straight while she looked down again but this time a drop of tear left her eye. Kunal caught hold of that tear.
Kunal: Meghna..
She didn’t respond.
She struggled to get away from his arms..Kunal the held her chin and pulled it up.
Kunal: Meghna.. look into my eyes..
Meghna slowly looked up.
Meghna’s eyes had turned red,crying! Her eyes had refilled with fresh tears again.. that would flow out any moment..
Kunal cupped her face.
Kunal: I’m sorry… I know I should have told you about it..but I didn’t want to hurt you in any manner. I didn’t want you to get tensed up!
He then hugged her..he kept his left hand around her shoulders and his right hand on her head!
She had her hands holding onto Kunal’s
T-shirt, on his either sides..
Kunal: I’m sorry.. meri topper!
She cried even harder.
Kunal: see! This is why I didn’t want u to know. When you get to know then you cry like this!
Meghna stopped crying and she looked up and broke the hug!
Meghna: fine!
She turned around and started serving the food on plate..
Kunal kept his hands on his hips..
Kunal: yaar, topper, tum har baath par Aise gussa kyun hothi ho?
He asked sweetly..
Meghna: I get angry only because of you!
But.. I’m always happy only because of you!
Kunal: oh really?
He hugged her from the back… and she smiled holding his hands that were placed on her stomach.. she was leaning back on him.. he gave her a small peck on her cheek and she slowly brought her hands up and placed her hand on his cheeks.. and returned a kiss…
Kunal:waise tumne khana khaya? Looks like you stomach is hungry..
Meghna slapped his hand that was on her stomach and released herself saying
Meghna: Besharam!
She laughed at him and so did he.. soon they sat down to have food. Meghna fed Kunal while Kunal tried and fed Meghna a little bit as he had hurt his hand and found it difficult to feed her. But she helped him with that too!
NK and Nirmala’s room:
NK and Nirmala entered the room. NK walked to his side. While Nirmala sat on her side,crying.
NK noticed this. He slowly, unknowingly walked towards her. He then slowly brought he hand forward to keep it on her shoulders.
Nirmala almost saw that! But.. suddenly NK took his hands back!
NK: Kunal… use kuch nahi hua hein (he said softly then he realised his tone and made it more stern!) I just don’t understand! (Nirmala jerked hearing the tone change!) What do you think? The problems in life can be solved by your tears, is it?!?
He almost shouted towards the end. Nirmala got up hearing that and wiped her tears,immediately! She then slowly walked towards her side after assuring that NK had lied down on his side. NK kept his glasses aside, sat down and slowly laid down and fell asleep soon… it had looked like as though he cared for her.. and his way of stopping her tears was like this..
Then ,Nirmala laid down thinking about NK and Kunal..slowly she fell asleep!
Precap: Karan worried about what Naina was hiding… Karan will sing for a small crowd!

  1. Jiya09

    So Naina got a doubt on Sandhya… Today’s episode was a treat for Meghnal fans but I loved it. Nk cares for Nirmala but what is stopping him to be caring?? Precap was really interesting. I loved the episode. Just superb. Waiting for the next. Update soon. Love ur ff and love u❤❤

    1. Resh

      Naina doubts Sandhya because of her actions and for guessing the accident scene correctly! Yeah treat for Meghnal fans! Yay! I thought I could never write a good scene for them! NK’s ego and their past stop him from caring for her! Thank you soooo much Jiya! Love too!??❤️

  2. A fantastic update. Karan’s care , Naina’s apprehensions , meghna’s tense feelings and kunal’s sweet gestures were beautiful. Nandkishor and nirmala’s tryst with their past was indeed painful. A great one

    1. Resh

      Thank you so much Minerva!?❤️️

  3. #nairanlover:-)

    Hi Resh.Sorry for late comment.Quite unwell as you know but I read it the day you posted.I just loved it.Meghnal scene’s were fab.Ok now sorry for short comment I am not even able to write correctly.Post ASAP.Loads of love.

    1. Resh

      Hi Amena! Hifi I was down with high fever with some body ache as a topping.. I somehow managed to post this one.. missed u a lot yaar… take care get well soon! Loads and loads of love to you too!?❤️️❤️️

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