Hai I’m back as promised

Swara tried to break the hug but sanskar tightened it so she too give in but when she felt her shoulder wet she forcefully break the hug

Swara: sanskar stop crying. what happened

Sanskar:(crying) I’m really sorry swara please forgive me

Swara: (smiling naughtily) lucky how can you do this with me you hide such a big thing from me

Laksh: (confused) what shona

Swara: arre you told me your friend is handsome, smart, intelligent bla bla bla

Sanlak: haan tho ( so)

Swara: but you hide that he is such a cry baby see he is crying without a reason

All laughed and the atmosphere become lite

Sanskar: (pout)swara I’m not a cry baby

Swara: aww you look so cute with this pout right mom

Saying this she went and took blessings from AP and DP.

AP/DP: shona how are you beta (daughter)

Swara: I’m fine mom and dad I’m angry on you

DP: arre what did I do

Swara: you joined hands with this idiot and hurt my mom go I’m not talking to you and your son

AP: exactly shona don’t talk with them you know even they two join and tease me also so now we both will not talk to them

DP/San: shona, annu/ swara,mom this is not fair

Laksh: hello shona we are not here for your this family drama ok

Swara: oh yeah I totally forget it mom then how this got cleared

Then AP tell her everything happened and swara felt proud on sanskar but she didn’t show it, and thought to tease him. She was talking with everyone even DP but not with sanskar. She was not even looking at him. He was getting frustrated. More than that he was feeling jealous on his own family.

After spending some more time everyone was ready to leave.

Shekhar: well shona your principal knows everything


DP: yeah he was not allowing us to meet you so we had to tell him. Ok then let’s leave shona we will meet him once before leaving, come shekar

All the elders leave to meet the principal

Laksh: in a way it’s good shona you will get some support, by the way how is your Mr. Malhotra

Swara: don’t ask lucky now also he was getting problem with me wearing this ring

And she says everything happened

Sanskar: do you want me to meet him once

Swara turned to other side twisting her lips. Sensing the situation laksh too leaves from there.

Sanskar comes and back hugs her and kissed her nape

Sanskar: sorry na swara please forgive me

Swara:(fake angry) leave me sanskar whatever the situation may be how can you even think about breaking our engagement, and marrying someone else
(Trying hard to hide her laugh) leave me and go to that cavity

Sanskar by now understood she was playing with him

Sanskar:( with a naughty smirk) what can I do now she had gone to someone else, so I was thinking to find someone from here (swara got shocked) you know when we came here I saw many chicks and all were looking so ho…

Before he could complete he felt swara’s lips on his she was kissing him so wildly that he was not even getting a chance to reciprocate. She left him when she was out of breath

Swara: dare you think about anyone you will see the worst side of me

Sanskar:(pulling her close through her waist) I would love to see your this shade often

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