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Devna- who is correct
This story is about three friends- dev, sonakshi and shaurey. It’s often said that between three people there can be a love triangle but I hope that it is able to change everyone’s opinion.
***a classroom is shown .
Our characters are in adolescence.
Sona- dev have you seen that new admission?
Dev-ahhh..what was his name? shaurey, right!
Sona-hmm..he looks quiet and shy. God knows what kind of a person he is?
***after some days….it is pt period.
Shaurey was stealing student’s lunch box. Devna came to the classroom for the same purpose but were shocked to see shaurey snatching their place.
Dev- hey you! What are you doing here?
Shaurey- I…I was just.
Sona- reason? What’s the reason?
Shaurey- actually I don’t have mother.
From this you might have got an idea of shaurey. Shaurey was a young boy cared by his father only. He was a shy one or a depressed one. But his luck never favoured his wishes. First he lost his mother and then…
Devna looked at each other and then
Sona-[while offering a hand] sorry..friends?
.any by this our trio was formed. Slowly and slowly the trio mixed with each other like paint colors diffuse. Their friendship became as strong as diamond. But the god had his own plan.
Trio passed their school. Devna easily got the admission in the same college but shaurey had to try hard. He put his best efforts but it’s true that you need luck too. For son good future and his concern shaurey’s dad sent shaurey to rajasthan. The trio got separated but not their souls. They promised each other that they would meet very soon and spread away but the souls were still not ready.

****after few years….
A girl is shown making some hot poses. The photographer shows her a thumbs up and then she suddenly rushes towards a hall where a boy is standing.
Girl- he is gonna kill me today.
She goes in front of that boy swirls her hand over his neck and kiss him on his cheeks.
Girl- sorry….please last time.
The boy swirls her and places a soft kiss on her shoulder.
Boy- I would take revenge.
The couple is revealed to be devna. Yes…in the following years dev and sona have started loving each other. Let’s see what twist is coming around.
Dev- by the way…where were you? I waited for you so long.
Sona- [while facing dev] busy with that photo shoot.
Dev- it’s confirm…the photographer must have died ….mesmerizing your beauty.
Sona- no way I said him I am already committed. Don’t even dare. I am not going to leave my boy friend for you.
Dev starts to tickle sona. The screen fades away with romancing devna.

A room is shown-
It is decorated with pictures of sona all over the wall and in the middle is our trio picture.
It’s none other than of shaurey.
Shaurey wakes up and firstly kiss sona’s picture.
Shaurey- I am coming.
Well from here you might have guessed the plot of the story. Well shaurey loves sona but is unknown of devna love. whereas devna who are eagerly waiting for their friend to come is unknown of shaurey’s love. dev has turned into a young truth loving journalist whereas sona desires to be a young hotel manager. Shaurey life got spoiled due to some corrupted officers so he decided to open his own college and has been successful too. He desires to inaugurate the college with his friends and has also called chief minister for this.

***back to devna-
Dev- sona, shaurey is coming.
Sona- what? And you are telling me now. When? How?
Dev- for inauguration of his college. He has invited us too.
Sona- of course. He has too. He can’t do it without us.
And then devna chatter more about the topic but it was only sona who was excited….dev seemed to be a little worried.
**at the day of inauguration
Shaurey is eagerly waiting for sona but sona is waiting for dev.
Dev sends sona a message.
Dev- hello baby…look you go I would directly reach there and you go. Don’t take tension. I will not go anywhere leaving you.
***shaurey and sona meet after a gap of so many years.
Sona instantly went and hugged shaurey. Both were overwhelmed. The cm was about to cut the ribbon but suddenly a nuclear bomb got exploded.
Cm guards showed him a newspaper where the front page showed an article of bad sins done by the cm. and the writer was no one else than dev. the cm went fuming in anger. But sona got shattered. She was thinking that his love has put knife in stomach of his own brother….how could he do this?
With this she met with dev and finished their relationships. But in inner heart both knew that their souls are one. They are like two pieces which complete the puzzle. They are two bodies one soul.
Cm who was fuming in anger called his officiers to get dev fired from his job.dev decided to start his own newspaper.
On the other hand seeing sona condition and shaurey support sona family forced her to marry with sona. On the day of engagement sona ran when shaurey asked for her hand. Shaurey understood that she loved someone and later got to know that it was his best friend dev. He was broken into pieces like a glass does when hit by a hammer. Shaurey ordered his goons to destroy the office of dev. But dev who was fan of mountain dew and love to take risks got encouraged by the fact and renovated his office. He again built his office. Unknown by the fact shaurey forced or smartly fixed the date of marriage. When dev came to know about this his heart died. He was like a soul without heart. But he gained some courage from
Sona memories and published an article on shaurey opening his whole life in front of viewers. Shaurey got immensely angry by his move and headed towards his office for closing this case today.
Shaurey reached the dev office as soon as possible. He thought in mind that tomorrow’s newspaper will be showing the heading ‘best friend killed best friend’.
But what he saw there was completely different. He saw some people thanking or we say doing puja of dev for helping him. He for the very first time started listening to his soul. Don’t know but how this twist in his life made him to look at his back. He was dying in his self guilt. But however he composed himself and got back to home.

Few hours later….
Sona was passing by shaurey room where she heard some noises and found it suspicious.
Shaurey- ya ya everything is going as per our plan. I am going to marry sona sson and then that dev would not be able to do anything. Poor dev.
He laughs devil like.
Sona came inside the room snatched his phone threw it and gave a tight slap on his face.
Sona- you ..you am I a doll…meant for just playing. Shame on you shaurey actually no I regret for even having shame in my heart for you. I thought you are my friend but you turned out worse than devil. Ahhh for you I left my dev thinking that you are right but no you…..
With this devna reunited once again…..
Back to the line he laughs devil like ……hiding the tears of his guilt. Yes it was preplaned. Shaurey loved sona a lot and for the sake of that love only he made his love to believe that he cheated. It’s true persons like shaurey are sure rear.
Time skip-
Heartiest congratulations to our ceo mr.dev on his first anniversary from us.
So how was the story. I know it could not be properly expressed but I tried my best. Now it’s open ended for us- was shaurey really a friend or not is left for readers to decide.

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  1. I vote for it.7/10

  2. Dessertqueen

    I vote for it… 7.5/10.. 🙂

  3. Darshana

    I vote for it..8/10..

  4. V.V.harshita

    I vote fr 7/10 – Akshada

  5. I vote for it 10/10

    Loved the story of friendship

  6. Geaniee

    Vote 8.5/10 Hey dear…. This plot is same as chetan bhagat’s novel Revolution 2020 but it’s a 200-250 page novel u have portrayed that story with changes and u didn’t miss the main crux of the story… It’s very nice
    I m sorry I don’t know u have taken it from that or not bt I found it similar so asked it

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