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All i want is your love!!

A lady is seen sitting in a room, on a bed. She had covered her face wid her palms. It seems like she is crying. After sometime, she lifted her face, wiped her tears. She took her mobile n made a call.
“Hello..Can I meet u?? Now??”
“Ok, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes”
She cut d call n got up. She took her bag n car keys n immediately left d room. She shouted “kumud, if your Saab comes, tell him I hv gone to Baba’s house.” while she climbed down d stairs. She sat in her car n left.
While driving, she had stopped at a signal. She was lost in some thoughts. Loud horns from d cars lined after her car, made her cone out of her thoughts. She quickly drove away. She stopped her car in front a building whose board read ‘Jagruti Hospital’.

In another building, of ‘Dixit Industries’ a man was sitting in his cabin n was checking some files. A young lady comes in.
“Sir, it’s already 10. U shud go home now.”
“No Tina. I hv to complete all these files tonight.”
“But sir, Sonakshi mam must be waiting for u. She’ll feel bad if u go home late, again.”
“Sonakshi knows I’m doing all dis for her. So dat I can give her all d happiness.”
“But sir..”
“Tina, u shud go home now. It’s getting late.”
“Ok sir.”
Tina leaves. D man is still working.

At Jagruti hospital, d lady enters d cabin of Dr Roy. D doctor asks her to sit.
“Elena, I need to talk to u.”
“Shona, calm down.”
“Elena, I think I’m pregnant.”
“Wait, u think..”
“It’s not confirmed.”
“First let us confirm it.”
After d tests r done..
“It’s confirmed Shona, you’re pregnant.”
“But Elena, I..I want to abort dis child.”
She said it trying hard to control her tears.
“Abort!! But y Shona?? Y do u want to abort d symbol of your n Dev’s love?”
Now d tears spilled from her eyes n rolled down her cheeks. Only she knew how difficult it was for her to say dis or to even think of it.
“Bcz Dev doesn’t hv time for me. Then how will he hv time for dis child. I hv craved for his time n my child will also hv to long for his time.”
“But Shona..”
“No Elena. It took all my courage n strength to take dis decision. Plzz don’t make me weak. Plzz”
Her tears were not stopping. She touched her tummy, still crying.
“Shona, drink water. I’ll give u d abortion papers. U n Dev, both will hv to sign it.”
“Ok. I’ll get these signed by tomorrow”
She wipes her tears n is abt to get up.
“But Shona, how will u get Dev’s signatures??”
“I dont know how, but I’ll hv to get Dev’s signatures on these.”
She leaves.

Here, Dev has also left from office. While his way to home, he passes by Jagruti hospital n sees Sonakshi coming out of d hospital. He immediately stops his car in front of d hospital. He goes towards Sonakshi.
“Sonakshi” he calls out. Sonakshi turns n is shocked to see him.
“Sonakshi, wat r u doing here?? at dis time?? It’s almost 11!!”
“Dev, actually..” she is interrupted by Dev.
“Wait, y hv u come to hospital?? R u fine??” He said holding her from her arms.
She could see d concern in his eyes. A fresh layer of tears formed in her eyes.
“I’m fine Dev. I jst came to meet Elena.” She said keeping her hands on his shoulders.
“At dis odd hour!!” He had a questioning look.
“Dev, let’s go home first.” She avoided aye contact n tried to change d topic. Dev still looked unconvinced. Sonakshi asked d driver to get d car n she went wid Dev in his car.

At Dixit house, Devakshi reach home n directly go to their room. Dev kept some files on his table. Dev’s business files always annoyed Sonakshi.
“Dev, these files??” She asked him while he loosened his tie.
“Actually, I hv to sign some important papers.”
She thought something n said “ok. I’ll freshen up n come.”

She came out after freshening up n saw Dev reading the papers in his file.
“Dev, first u freshen up n then sign your important papers.”
Dev took his night clothes n went to d washroom. Sonakshi took d abortion papers n thought of placing them among Dev’s papers. She took d file n took out d abortion papers n was going to keep them in Dev’s file, but stopped. She thought..no, I can’t cheat him. I can’t hide such a big thing from him. I’ll give him d papers n ask him to sign those.
She heard d washroom door open, which brought her out of her thoughts. D file fell from her hand. She was going to pick it up, but Dev picked it up. He read her name on d file n looked at her. But he opened d file n started reading d papers. On reading d reports, a big smile appeared on his face.
“Sonakshi..u..u r pregnant!! y didn’t u tell me??” He was beaming wid happiness.
“Now I get it. U had gone to Elena for dis.”
He hugged Sonakshi n placed a kiss on her forehead. He was moving around d room, not knowing how to express his happiness. He had tears of happiness in his eyes. Sonakshi too had tears. Her eyes couldn’t meet Dev’s eyes.

He took both of Sonakshi’s hands in his hands. He saw d papers in her hands.
“Wat papers r these Sonakshi?” She didn’t answer n kept shedding tears.
Dev took d papers n read those. His expressions of happiness were long gone.
“Wat is dis Sonakshi?? Abortion papers”
She didn’t look at him, which made him worried. He turned her face towards him.
“U brought these??” She silently nodded in a yes.
“But y??” His voice became loud. But seeing her crying, he again asked her softly.
“R u not ready for dis child??”
“No Dev, actually..”
“Actually wat?? Y do u want abortion??” He shouted.
“Bcz u r not ready.”
“Wat do u mean”
“Dev, it’s been 2 months since u’ve become totally busy. U don’t hv time for me. For your wife. Then how wud u hv time for our baby?”
“Jst bcz I come late, u’ll snatch away my child from me!! How can u think of it Sonakshi!”
“Dev, it’s not jst abt coming late. Even after coming home, u’re busy wid your files. Do u remember d last time we spent time wid each other. Even 10 mins.”
She holds his hand n continues.
“Dev, in any relationship, spending time wid each other is very important. Be it husband-wife or father-child.”
He jerked off her hands.
“N y do u think I’m doing all dis?? All these meeting, projects, everything..I’m doing all dis only for u. To provide u wid all d happiness.”
“But Dev, my happiness is wid u. I don’t want any luxuries, I want your love. I’LL NEVER ASK YOU TO BRING THE STARS FOR ME, BUT I WOULD LOVE TO SIT AND WATCH THEM WITH YOU…”
She places her hand on her tummy. She faintly smiles.
“When I got to know about my pregnancy, I felt like till now I was incomplete n dis baby will complete me. Like I’ll get a new life. I was so happy dat your baby is growing inside me. Do u think it was easy for me to take dis decision!! No Dev no. Even thinking of it feels like something is piercing my heart. But I had to take dis decision. I don’t want our child to long for his father’s time n love like I hv.”
By now Sonakshi’s cheeks were all wet, as tears were continuously flowing through her eyes. Dev too was crying. He made Sonakshi sit on d bed. He held her hands.
“I’m sorry Sonakshi. I’m really sorry. While trying to give u a luxurious life, I didn’t even know when I forgot dat u want my love. I was so wrong. But I promise, from now onwards, I’ll nvr do dis. I’ll try to spend more n more time wid u. I’ll give u all my love. But plzz don’t do dis. Plzz don’t give me such a big punishment. I’ll nvr be able to forgive me.”
He joins his hands n asks Sonakshi to forgive him. Sonakshi quickly hugs him.
“Dev, plzz don’t do dis. Plzz don’t say sorry. U’ve realised my point n dats enough.”
Sonakshi breaks d hug n gives d abortion papers to Dev.
“Y hv u taken these papers again?? Plzz don’t do dis??”
“Y?? Shud I not throw them in d dustbin??” She smiled at him.
Dev too smiled. He took d papers, crushed them n threw them in d dustbin. He took Sonakshi in his embrace.
“Thank u so much Sonakshi. U’ve given me d biggest happiness of my life.”
He broke d hug n kissed her forehead.
“I’m sorry Dev. I thought abt abortion and..” she couldn’t control her tears.
“Sonakshi, now u won’t cry anymore. It’s not good for your n baby’s health. So from today, no crying.” He said while wiping her tears.
“Ok. But u promise u’ll spend a lot of time wid me.” She forwarded her hand for promise. He kept his hand on hers.
“I promise, I’ll spend a lot of time wid u..but once u become fat, I’m not sure!!”
“Dev!!” She turned away from him making an angry face. Dev laughed n hugged her from back. He placed his hand on her tummy. She placed her hands on his. Both had a big smile on their faces.


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