Ahista .. Slowly..BeHir AjiVish FS Part 1

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Ahista .. Slowly..Part 1

BeHir fans may get disappointed with first chapter for not showing nice BeHir scenes.But it was necessary to show MaVish/VishHir friendship in this chapter.But trust me..the next part onwards there will be lots of BeHir romantic scenes.

Mahir was sleeping.Somebody screamed and Mahir woke up from his sleep with a shock.
He saw Vishaka laughing like hell.
Mahir:What prank is this Vish?Does anyone do this?
Vish:Yes.Your bestie Vishaka does this.That’s why I am different from others.
He smiled:Vish..you are impossible.
Vish:Yes I am.
They both giggled.
Vish pulled him from the bed.
Vish:Now go freshen up and come.
Mahir:You don’t allow me to sleep on the holiday too.
Vish:On the next holiday I won’t wake you up early.
Mahir:Then why today?
Vish:Because there is a surprise for you.
Mahir:Surprise?What surprise?
He was excited.
Vish:First you go and bath.Then I will show you.
Mahir smiled:Ok.
Mahir came back after bath.He was surprised to see banana cake on the table.
Vishaka started singing:Happy birthday Mahir…
Mahir:Oh..today is my birthday.I just forgot.
Vish:I know that like always you will forget your birthday.That’s why your bestie has come here.
Mahir smiled.
Vish:See..I have baked your favourite banana cake.
Mahir:Wow Vish.You are the best.
Vish:Yes..I am the best and that’s why I am your bestie.

Mahir’s parents Andy and Sumitra came.
Sumitra:Only you can manage him Vish.
Andy:Mahir…cut the cake.

Mahir cut the cake and fed Vishaka.Vishaka fed him back.
Sumitra:As usual the first cake piece goes to Vish.
Mahir smirked:Sorry maa.What to do?Vish made this cake specially for me.Right?No need to be jealous.

Sumita laughed.
Sumitra:Why should I be jealous beta?I wish you both always remain like this.
Mahir and Vishaka smiled.

Mahir fed the cake to Andy and Sumitra.
Andy:Ok Vish..when are you joining the police station?
Vish:Tomorrow uncle.I have an important case to handle.I have been instructed to work with ACP Ajitabh on this case.
Andy:Good.All the best Vish.May you solve this case successfully like always.
Vish:Thank you uncle.

The head officer introduced Vishaka to ACP Ajitabh.
“This is ACP Vishaka Khanna.She will be your co-officer in this case”.
Ajitabh and Vish were surprised to see each other.

Flash back…
One month back…
Vishaka was walking on the road.Some guys over there passed comments on her.
“So hot.He hottie”.
Vish stared at them.
Vish:If you do eve teasing again I will show you who I am.
They laughed:We also want to see you.
They pulled her towards them.Vish punched them.Ajitabh passed by in his jeep and seeing Vish beating them he stopped his jeep and came out of it.
He was impressed with Vishaka’s courage to fight with them.
Ajitabh:What an action heroine!What a superb fight!
Ajitabh rang up other policemen to reach the location.
Suddenly one guy pulled her hair.
Vishaka got hurt and moaned in pain.
Ajitabh was shocked.
Aji:Leave her.
They smirked:Who are you ask us to leave her?
Vishaka was in deep pain.
Ajitabh smiled:I will show you who I am.

He punched them.
Aji:I am a police officer.
They were shocked.Some police men reached there as per Ajjitabh’s order and
he handcuffed them.
Ajitabh:Welcome ji.By the way you are not less than a super heroine.After a long time I witnessed a super fight scene.
She smiled.
Ajitabh:You good name please..
Vish thought:Why should I reveal my real name to him?
Vish lied:Ramona.
Ajitabh:Hi Ramonaji.My name is…
Vish:Hey I have to go immediately.No time.Sorry..Bye..
Vishaka walked off.
Aji:Oh..I could’nt talk to the super heroine properly.

Vish:You are ACP Ajitabh?I never expected that it’s you.
Ajitabh:So you lied to me that your name is Ramona.

Vish:Ya.I did’nt feel like revealing my real name to a stranger.

Ajitabh:Ok.But I will call you Ramonaji only.That suits you better.
She smiled:Whatever!More important is our work.
Ajitabh:Right.What is there in a name?
Vish:Yes.What’s there in a name?Then why don’t you call me by my real name?
Ajitabh:Because there is no fun in calling you Vish.Ramona is better.
She smiled thinking:Mad!
Ajitabh:Anyways I am happy to work with a super heroine..oops a super cop like you.Now I am sure that this case will be solved easily,
Vish:Even I am happy to work with a super cop like you.That day you were not less than a super hero.
They both smiled.

Andy Sumitra met Vishaka’s parents Arvind and Chanchan.
Sumitra:Mahir and Vish are so attached to each other that I feel they can’t live without each other.
Andy:Why don’t we get them married?
Arvind:Even I feel the same.
Chanchan:My wish is also to see them married.

Mahir and Vish came there hearing it and got shocked.
Mahir:What are you all saying?Vish and my marriage?
Sumitra:Yes beta.
Andy:Exciting news for both of you.

Vish:But there is nothing like that between me and Mahir.We are just best friends.
They were shocked.
Arvind:But both of you looked like you both were in love.
Vish:Oh no.Nothing like that papa.
Mahir:I don’t know why a boy and girl can’t be just friends.
Sumitra:We agree that you both are best friends.But best friends can be best couple too.
Andy:The fact is that you both will not get a better life partner than each other who understand you both better.
Arvind:I agree with Andy and Sumitra.
Chanchan:Think well children.
Mahir and Vishaka were dull.

The parents kept pressurizing them.
One day…
Vishaka:Mahir…what have you decided?

Mahir:I think we need to say yes Vish though we don’t love each other.
Vish:You are right.Otherwise our parents won’t give us peace of mind.
Mahir:Exactly.We will get married.After all we both have no interest in love and stuff.But we will remain as good friends.
Vish:Right.we both will not fall in love with anyone else for sure as we are not made for love.So for our parents we can get married and live as best friends like now.

Mahir and Vishaka gave yes to their parents and they were very happy.
Mahir and Vishaka got engaged by exchanging rings.
Vish:Mahir…I feel odd.I feel this should not have taken place.

Mahir:I know Vish.Even I feel like that.But we don’t have any other choice.Right?


Mahir and Vishaka went for Mahir’s cousin Vikrant and Ruhi’s engagement party.All of them congratulated Vikrant Ruhi.

Vishaka was surprised to see Bela entering the party hall.Vishaka ran towards her:Bela!
Bela was surprised:Vish!
They hugged each other.
Bela:After school we never met each other.
Vish:Ya.So happy to see you back.
Mahir came.
Vish:Mahir..look who is here.
Mahir was surprised:Bela!

Bela smiled at him:Hi Mahir!What’s up.
Mahir:What a pleasant surprise Bela.Never thought that we will see you again.
Bela:Ya.Actually Ruhi is my cousin.That’s why I am here.
Mahir:Cool.Vikrant is my cousin too.
Bela:Really?What a coincidence that the to be bride and the to be bride groom are our cousins.
The trio recalled their childhood memories and pranks and giggled.

Vish:Bela..have you come alone?
Bela:No.My brother is coming.He got caught up with some work.But he will reach soon.
Ajitabh entered the party hall.
Vishaka and Ajitabh were surprised to see each other.
He said in his mind:Ramonaji!
Bela gave him a side hug and said:This is my dearest brother Ajitabh.Bhaiyya..they are my school mates Mahir and Vishaka.
Vish and Ajitabh were surprised.
Vish:This is your brother.I can’t believe it.Actually we both work together.
Bela was surprised:You both already knew each other.

4 of them chatted and laughed.


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  1. Anuva

    Super ff… Vish n mahir r right… Friends is friends… I like their friendship very much… It’s a surprise that Aji is Bela’s bro… Behir n vish r school frds…

  2. Fenil

    Nice start !!

  3. SunilSneha

    Awesome start Jasmin…….waiting for Behir and Vishtabh love story….

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