Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Roop gets injured while saving Shamsher

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishika telling Kamla that Roop’s location is found. Kamla asks did you know where is Roop and her Papa. Ishika says if Roop’s Papa is with him then he will be found too. Ishika shows her watch to Himani and says Roop sent the signal. Himani says she will inform the Police team. Haren Patel, Praful and Pramila knock on the door asking Vaishnavi to open the door. Purvi asks Vaishnavi what to do? Vaishnavi says lets go to Police. Haren Patel says if you go to Police then will get biggest punishment else less punishment. Ishika tells Himani that she will come with her. Kamla asks them to bring both.

Shamsher asks Roop if he ever tried the watch before. Roop says no. Shamsher says he can’t believe on that girl. He says we shall leave from here as this

place is not safe. Just then goons come and hold Shamsher on gun point. They catch Roop also and tell Shamsher that they will kill his son. Himani comes there with Police and fire at the goons. Roop tells Shamsher that he will kill the goon if he says. Shamsher asks him not to take law in his hand and shoots at him. A goon is walking silently towards Shamsher aiming gun at him. Roop sees the goons and runs to move Shamsher. Shamsher is aiming gun at some other goons. Goon fires at Shamsher, but Roop comes and bears the bullet on his left side of chest. Shamsher shouts Roop and angrily shoots the goon. Ishika comes there and shouts Roop. Himani is shocked. Shamsher asks Roop to listen to him and keep his eyes open. He shouts asking someone to call the ambulance. Ishika is shocked. Rain starts. They get drenched in water. Ishika’s sindoor washes away from her forehead. Shamsher hugs Roop and cries as he gets unconscious. Himani cries. The ambulance comes there. Shamsher lifts Roop and takes him to ambulance. Ishika stands shockingly still. She thinks of Roop’s words that she will realize his importance when he goes far from him. Himani holds Ishika’s hand and takes her from there.

Praful is throwing Vaishnavi out. Haren Patel stops him and says let her stay here and we will punish her. Pramila threatens to break her legs. Purvi says you said that you will not punish us. Ranvir comes with his head bandaged and threatens her, and is about to punch on her face, when Haren Patel stops him and asks Praful to lock both. Ranvir gets a call that Police reached there. He thinks everything happened wrongly.

Shamsher takes Roop to hospital and calls doctor. He asks Doctor to treat his son. Doctor says we will try as much blood is loss. Shamsher holds his collar and asks him to treat his son. Kamla comes there and asks Shamsher how he can let their son shot. She says he went to protect you. Shamsher hugs her and tells that your son is very brave, nothing will happen to him. Doctor does Roop’s operation and takes the bullet out. Himani and Ishika reach there. Jigna asks Ishika to calm down. Ishika cries hugging Kamla. She asks if Roop will get fine. Kamla says yes. Bua stands feeling bad. Roop is still in the OT. Kamla asks Jigna about Shamsher. Jigna says he was here. Shamsher prays to God about Roop’s safety and recalls his moments from his childhood. He asks God to protect his son and asks her to save his son. He asks God to take his life, but take him. He says my son never thought of anyone’s bad and asks her to save his son. Kamla comes there. Ishika hears him and cries. Kamla says nothing will happen to our son. Shamsher says I can’t live without my son and cries. Kinjal comes and tells that operation is over. Nurse comes out. Bua insists to meet him. Nurse says Patient is critical. Doctor tells that Patient is critical and unconscious and can slip in coma. Shamsher tells that he will sit with Roop until he gains consciousness. Rupesh and Kanchan are in the auto and tell that they are coming. They ask about Roop. Ishika says he is operated and asks God to save him.

Precap: Shamsher blames Ishika and asks her to go from there. He says I can take care of my son. Ishika says if he is your son then he is my husband too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ooh God precape is amaizing 🔥🔥🔥🔥i think ishika loves roops but she is not realize her fillings to him.❤️❤️

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