Agnifera 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Serial’s Happy Ending

Agnifera 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kishan asks Sameer to apply sindhoor on Agni’s forehead and fix mangalsutra in her neck. Sameer extends his hand to apply sindoor when Sakshi acts as feeling drowsy and falling down diverting family’s attention. Agni hurriedly wears mangalsutra. Sakshi says she is fine now and got drowsy thinking of family tension. Kishan thinks he will expose truth at any cost and gives juice to Sameer. Sameer happily drinks it and collapses. Kishan also drinks it and even he collapses. Agni returns and is shocked to see Sameer and Kishan unconscious on floor. Sakshi also enters and says she spoke to her doctor friend who told antidote injection’s name, she will bring it. She returns with only 1 injection and says they can save either Kishan or Sameer. Agni walks to Sameer and injects him. Kishan wakes up and says he is fine, he gave mild sleeping pill to Sameer and was testing Agni if she loves him or not, he realized she loves Sameer now. Once he leaves, Sakshi asks why did she do this. Agni says she knows howmuch Sakshi loves Kishan and reminds her of Kishan’s electrocution incident where worried Sakshi expresses her love for him and gives him CPR, etc.

Agni and Sakshi go to Revathi’s room and see her get out of coma. Revathi reveals how Sanjay tried to kill Kishan repeatedly and kidnapped her when she tried to stop him and rest of the incident. Sanjay returns home and sees family looking at him angrily. He asks what happened. Agni and Sakshi show Revathi. Sameer confronts Sanjay and asks why did he try to kill my brother for property, he tried to kill Kishan in childhood and blamed me, I am ashamed to be your son. He apologizes his mother for misbehaving with her and reconciles with her and whole family and says he will leave this house now as repentance. Sanjay apologizes Revathi and pleads KD to forgive him. She asks him to get out. Kishan requests KD to forgive Sanjay chachu as he forgave him and convinces her. He reconciles with Sameer and requests him not to leave family. Sameer says he has to as repentance to correct his father’s mistake.

Sakshi walks to Agni and says now that everything is sorted out and she got her daadi back, she should leave from here now. Agni gets tensed. Sakshi smiles and says she should go behind Sameer as she loves him now and reminds all the incidents. Agni walks to Sameer and showing gun says he knew 3 lives will be spoilt, so he did not let her marry Kishan, he is good hearted, so she wants to be his real life. Sameer is surprised hearing that and asks if she proposed him. She smilingly says yes and expresses her love for him. Sameer gets happy. Sakshi on the other side says Kishan she loves him and proposes to marry him. He also realizes his love for her and agrees to marry her. Both jodis unite and decide to marry.

Precap: Serial ended with Agni/Sameer and Sakshi/Kishan uniting.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. What a crap ending!
    How could Kishan forgive his who disabled his own mother?!!! His father was not there nor his mum. Oh well how could she, they had to borrow her wheelchair for Revathi?
    As for how quickly Agni fell in love with Sameer and how Kishan without any fight or question accepted Sakshi we will never know because in real life it’s complicated. Why do all series rush in the end? Why not build up then gradually wrap up!!!!

    1. I read somewhere that the view count was very low for this show, that is why they ended it. It doesn’t surprise me, this story of the daughters was pointless anyways, and there were sooo many plotholes left from the previous main story. For example, where the hell was Anurag? Also, what about Sakshi’s real grandmother, Baiju’s mom?? Why did Ragini die in the first place for no reason? Where were Ragini’s parents?
      Revathi was such an useless and unpleasant woman from the start, why give her so much screen time?
      I am glad this stupid show is over.

    2. AngelineSalvatore

      Probably went aboard and married someone else…..

  2. Summer

    A very disappointing ending indeed! On a good note, nice that Sameer made peace with the rest of the family and learning the truth about his father. Had they focused on the story to proof Ragini’s innocence, using the police officer as drive, as she is the only one who believed her would have been more interesting to watch. As for the leap, it gave no conclusion, if so, wishy washy!

  3. Ooshi

    A farewell to the team of this serial. Best of luck for future.

  4. I am shocked to know that the serial ended. They could have shown some more plots. For example, they could have shown Sakshi and Agni’s love story and their married life.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Iss se bakwas ending kisi show ki aaj tak nhi hui hogi… Ending se jayda comedy thi, jo 1/w hour me sara drama ho gya… Bakwas and wahiyat ending….
    Though for me show ended before 25 leap but it was most wahiyat ending after watching repeat of show….

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