Agnifera 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni And Sakshi’s Entry Post 20-|Year Leap

Agnifera 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Serial takes 20 years’ leap. Goons run behind a burqa clad girl and request people to catch that girl. Girl hits goons with items found on the way, but they catch her and take her to their boss and say they brought the girl who tried to loot their drugs. Boss this this girl seems more precious than his drugs and insists girl to remove her veil. She pleads no to. He removes veil and gets mesmerized with her beauty. Girl is Ragini’s daughter Agni, her replica. Boss praises himself that he identified beauty inside burqa, let him see her body. Agni removes burqa and reveals she is subinspector Agni Singh, warns boss that she trapped him instead. Goons attack her, she overpowers them and trashes brutally. She shoots at boss and he escapes. She says she did not shoot him as she wants him

behind bars. Her team reaches and arrests goon. Constable Mukhri praises her style of catching goons and asks how does she do so much action. She says her mom says she has extra power in body since childhood and is waiting for someone of her stature who can defeat her.

In Bilaspur, 2 peons bring a man forcefully praising doctor Sakshi who can snatch back her patients from Yamraj. Shristi’s daughter, her replica, is introduced as Dr. Sakshi. Sakshi looks at x-ray and says she needs to break all bones. Man pleads he did not come here himself and these 2 peons brought him here. Peons tie him to bed and try to cut his legs. Man pleads what did he do. Peons reveals Sakshi is goon/bhai Sakshi instead and does only right job. Sakshi says she can correct anyone’s illness. Man asks what did he do. Peons says he disowned his parents and left them helpless in village, so they will cut him into pieces. Sakshi warns if he troubles his parents again, she will get him bitten by dogs. He promises that he and his wife will take care of his parents. Sakshi orders his aides to free the patient. Man runs away.

In Agni’s police station, politician comes to free his goons and bribes her with money. Mukhri asks to give money under table, receives it and keeps it in table. Goons come out. Agni says she did makeover of his goons, they wanted to harass alone girl, she harassed them instead. Politician takes his goon away. Mukhri dances on Bhojpuri song. Agni asks if he is getting married. He picks out sweet box and says she got promotion. She snatches box and says she will share it with her mother and orders to deposit bribe money in martyr officers’ widows’ fund account.

Revathi waits for Sakshi and thinks she is forgetting a lot. Sakshi enters and hugs her from behind. Their emotional bonding continues. Revathi then brings cake and wishes her 22nd happy birthday (20 years leap?). Sakshi angrily says she does not want to celebrate her birthday as she lost her mother this day.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wait, so Ragini is dead, right?
    This is a modern times serial, you can’t just make two woman die after childbirth for no reason. They should have given clear reasons. For example, that shristi was first stabbed by shekar and bled to death after childbirth. And for ragini, I can’t even think of a reason, she was a very strong woman, how can she just die like that after a completely natural process?
    Anyways, all that is too far behind now, I guess.
    I don’t think I will be watching this new story.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Aaj achank &tv lagya 8 pm pr and saw Ragini and Shrishti ka role reversal??? Yeh kaise ho gya or inke naam sakshi or agni kab se ho gye?? Ho kya raha hai show me, or baki sab kahan hain???

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