1st Epi – Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with child Anarkali/Saifu playing in the lawn. Khalu comes and hugs her. He asks are you ready to identify the fragrance. She smells and tells the right ingredients. He asks which one do you like among the best ones. She smiles and says soil… He asks her to go to her aunt and go to sell the fragrance. She runs with the bag. Khala gossips with women in market. Saifu comes and asks what’s love. Khala says there is much pain in love. Saifu says then I will never fall in love. Khala says one those who doesn’t want to fall in love, really fall in love.

Turkey dacoits attack the area. Khala runs to save Saifu. Saifu cuts the man’s hand and runs. Khala asks her to run fast. Khalu comes in between and asks them to run fast. Saifu cries. Khalu asks her to just run.

Khala and Saifu run. Khalu gets killed. The dacoits get after Saifu. Khala and Saifu cry seeing the village burning. Khala hugs her. They see dacioits coming. Khala asks her to run fast. Saifu recalls Khalu and cries. Salim is shown playing with butterflies. Daniyal asks him to play with sword, instead butterflies. He says prince should have sword and manners too, Daniyal. Daniyal doubts on his bravery. He challenges him to fight with the tiger. He laughs. Daniyal wants Salim to die. Salim goes to fight with tiger.

Tiger attacks him. Akbar jumps in the ground and hits the tiger. Tiger falls away. Soldier shoots at tiger. Akbar catches the arrow and asks soldier not to come between two kings. He asks Salim to fight with his fears. Salim says no, and hides behind. Akbar asks him to open eyes and learn to fail fears. Salim sees the tiger. Akbar asks him to go ahead. Tiger reaches close. People look on. Akbar stares at tiger. He asks Salim to step ahead. Salim stares in tiger’s eyes. Tiger turns and leaves. People clap and chant. Akbar holds Salim. Saifu asks when will Khalu come. Khala says he will come soon. She thinks she can’t end Saifu’s hopes. She feeds water to Saifu.

Daniyal jokes on Salim and calls him rat. Salim says I m not a rat. He splashes water on Daniyal. Saifu asks Khala not to go, what if she gets lost. Khala says no, I won’t let you go lost. She applies fragrance to Saifu. She says I will know about you, you will never go lost. Saifu smiles. Salim recalls Daniyal’s words and thinks I don’t want to live with them. He comes to the desert. Saifu is also there. He gets the fragrance and goes to see. Saifu plays with lightning bugs. He meets Saifu. He asks from where did you come. They see dacoits coming. She asks him to run away. Salim asks the man to drop the sword, he is India’s would be king. The dacoit says what will we get by this girl, we will get you. A woman/Salim’s mum Jodha comes riding the horse and protects Salim. She kills the dacoits. Khala and Saifu look on. The dacoit sees the woman and says so much anger, I wish to keep my head in your feet. She kills him. She says you wanted this, so be it. He falls in her feet. She drops the gun and hugs Salim. She asks are you fine Salim. He nods. She says this is Hindustan, women are protected here, you are safe. Khala says we have no place to spend the night, we shall leave in morning. The lady nods and asks them to come. Khala thanks her. Saifu asks do you stay here.

Salim says we are going to pray for my Dada Babar at his grave, we stayed here for a while, shall we play. Khala says its late, Saifu you should sleep. Salim says but we have to play. Jodha asks him to sleep and go to Dargah in the morning. Khala asks are we permitted to go there as well. Jodha says yes, you can go if you intend. Khala asks her name. Jodha says I m Akbar’s wife Jodha. Abu Fazal learns about Salim’s life in danger. Akbar, Salim, Jodha, Khala, Saifu and others come to the Dargah. They pray. Salim asks Saifu to come with him to play in garden. Khala signs no. Jodha signs and asks her to let them go. Akbar is busy praying. Dargah baba looks in. An enemy comes there to attack Salim. The goons spread out. Abu Fazal comes to Dargah and tells Akbar that Salim’s life is in danger. Akbar calls out Salim and looks for him. Jodha says he has gone to garden. The enemy aims at Salim. Saifu sees this. Akbar and Abu Fazal, along with others come there and see the attacker. Akbar shouts Salim, and runs to save him. The attacker sees everyone running to him. Saifu pushes Salim down and saves him.

Abu Fazal hits a knife at the attacker. Saifu gets hurt and faints. Akbar asks are you fine Salim. Salim says yes, but…. Akbar sees her unconscious. He treats her. She gets conscious. Saifu runs and hugs Khala. Akbar asks are you her caretaker. Khala says yes. Akbar says you don’t look from this country. Jodha says I know her. Khala says we have run away from far, Turkey robbers attacked our country, I came here running away to save my girl, Jodha saved us and got us here, our country is ruined. She cries. Saifu asks her not to cry. Akbar says you saved my son, you did a big favor on us. He kisses Saifu’s hand. He asks Khala not to worry, from today, you will live in my province. He lifts Saifu and says I have a request, I got you here in pomegranate garden, you are beautiful too, I will call you Anarkali, you will be called Anarkali from today. Everyone smiles.

Dargah Baba says if this girl raises her head, everyone will be ruined in Moghal empire. Rukhaiya is seen. Salim calls Anarkali in the palace.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. AryanBhattacharya

    The first episode was so beautiful and lovely 😍 and those child actors are so cute.

    1. JeevithaTK

      Hi Dev,
      Congrats for being 1st. Haha I was waiting to c u comment here. The one who was waiting deliberately with excitement to b telecasted to watch it. Hope this show have great success. Tc

      1. AryanBhattacharya

        Ya you are absolutely right di 😊😁

    2. Chinnu21


  2. Chinnu21

    Introduction was cool today….simply cute😀
    Eager to see shaheersheikh😂😂😂

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