Agnifera 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni and Sakshi’s Nok Jhok At Kishan’s House

Agnifera 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni and Sakshi’s nok jhok starts while Kishen’s daadi and stepmom Yashi perform their aarti. Yashi then greets them in. Daadi stops their nok jhok and takes them in, thanks Agni for respecting her words and coming with her here. Agni says she did not have any other option and reminisces Daadi emotionally blackmailing her and convincing her. Kishen sees Agni and excitedly asks if she also came. He slips on mat. Everyone laugh. Agni tries to lift him and she also falls down followed by Sakhi. Sakshi and Agni’s nok jhok starts again. Kishan extends his hand and lifts Agni and says once she let him in her house and today he let her in his house and returned her favor. Chutki chachi fumes in jealousy and murmurs. Daadi enjoys her drama. She asks Revathi daadi to tell something

about her village. Kishan says let them rest now. Kishan takes them to show rooms. Agni says she will lift her bag herself. Sakshi says she does not mind if someone lifts her bag. Their nok jhok starts again. She asks which is her room. Kishan shows room. Revathi says both Agni and Sakshi will stay in same room. Agni and Sakshi’s nok jhok starts again. Sakshi says there will be so many rooms in this palace like home, let them give another room to Agni. Kishan’s daadi says they have many rooms, but want both sisters to stay together to developing emotional bonding. Agni and Sakshi agree finally hesitantly. Daadi enjoys their drama.

Agni and Sakshi occupy room and fight for cupboard and then which side of bed to sleep. They sleep on bed. Sakshi siently acting as slipping away pushes Agni away from bed and then acts as snoring. Agni fumes and walks out of room. Sakshi locks door and accepts she was acting to send Agni out of room, throws pillow out and locks door again. Kishan’s daadi watches their nok jhok and says she is getting free entertainment.

Kishan’s both mothers discuss that Kishan got a same age friends at home, but soon they will go, so what if they get any one sister marrried to Kishan. Yashi says they should speak to both sisters. Yashi then goes to get warm oil to massage Badki’s feet.

Agni walks to living room and sleeps on sofa. Kishan passes by to get water and stands seeing Agni sleeping. He gets mesmerized in her beauty and imagines romantic moments with her.

Precap: Agni and Kishan’s romance under shower. Sakshi over phone orders her aides to find out agent who duped her daadi. She sees Badki’s sari catching fire with temple lamp and shouts aunty…

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