Agnifera 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sakshi’s Sacrifice For Agni

Agnifera 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi looking herself into mirror tries to convince herself that nothing happened to her and she does not love Kishan. Agni walks in. Sakshi says good she came, she wants to give back her mangalsutrqa and asks Agni to help remove it. Agni tries. Sakshi says she did not remove it since she wore it, so it must have jammed. Agni reminisces Devi’s word that she has to snatch her sister’s mangalsutra if she has to get it, so she stops. Sakshi breaks mangalsutra. Agni asks why did she do this. Sakshi says let it be. She walks out of room and cries. Pyar hai ya…plays in the background.

Kishan walks to Sakshi and says he made and mistake and wants to correct it. She asks what. He kneels down and asks will she marry him. She asks waht about Agni. He says Agni will not mind. She gets out of imagination when Kishan snaps fingers and asks will she be her friend, let us move on and build new memories. Sakshi agrees and cries hugging Kishan. Kishan thanks her and walks away.

Next morning, Sakshi brings photoframe and asks KD if she fix it as she is also family member. KD permits. Sakshi fixes Ragni and Shristi’s pic and says they are her and Agnis’s mothers. Hrithvik says they are same like their mothers. Sakshi says their mothers were best friends, now they will be best friends.

Sameer walks to Agni and tries to provoke her saying she does not love Kishan and just wants to snatch her from Sakshi. Agni says she and Kishan love a lot and does not want to listen from a man who does not know meaning of love. Sameer says Kishan loves her, but she does not; Sakshi truly loves Kishan and reminisces store room incident. Agni warns to stop his nonsense. He drags her to store room and shows her Sakshi’s mjade arrangements. Agni walks to Sakshi and asks if she loves Kishan. Sakshi says she loves Kishan like Agni loves Sameer. Agni asks if she has gone mad. Sakshi says she does not love Kishan and laughs, asks if Sameer brainwashed her, asks why he is troubling her sister. Agni walks away. Sameer says she left. Sakshi asks Sameer to get out. Once he leaves, Sakishi cries holding Revathi that she will be in peace once Agni and Kishan marry.

Precap: During Kishan prewedding rituals, Sakshi dances. Sameer insists her to confess her love for Kishan. Sakshi agrees. Sameer tells family that he wants to describe Kishan’s love story.

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