Vikram Betaal 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rishi Agastya marries Lopamudra and frees the spirits

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Vikram Betaal 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kings coming to Rishi Agastya and tells that they have no daughters now after they left them, and can’t get them married to him. Rishi Agastya says I will find out about your daughters and take Kings near the sea. King asks why did you take us here? Rishi Agastya says your daughters are here and asks the water to show them way so that they can go inside. The Kings’ daughters are hiding inside the deep sea. Rishi Agastya tells the sea that it forced him to make his own way. He moves the water with his powers. Kings see their daughters. Samudra Dev comes and tells Rishi Agastya that he will punish him. Rishi Agastya says I requested you to give way, but you didn’t agree and deserve punishment. He tells that he will drink all sea water to take out the hidden Rajkumaris. He opens his mouth wide and drinks all water, making Rajkumaris come out. He asks Rajkumaris not to get scared of him and tells that he wants to marry one of them. The Rajkumaris laugh on him and asks him if he has seen his face. Rishi Agastya tells that what matters is soul. Rajkumaris insult him and says they will never marry him even if he curses them. Rishi Agastya tell them that he will marry the most beautiful woman in the world. Rajkumari says all girls refused to marry you. Rishi Agastya tells them that he will create the most beautiful woman. The Souls tell that they need mukti.

Rishi Agastya pray to the nature and tells that he wants to create most clever, beautiful with high qualities. He makes a sand baby and asks river, air, birds, fire, water etc to give their qualities to the sand baby. He reads the mantras and put something on the sand baby. The sand baby becomes a human baby. Rishi Agastya picks her and says you will be the most beautiful girl of this world as I made you with nature’s help. He says your name will be Lopamudra. He comes to a King’s palace and says I came to hand over you to a big responsibility. He shows Lopamudra to him and asks him to keep her under his shelter, and says when the right time comes then I will take her back. He leaves,

Betaal asks Vikram if Lopamudra was his daughter or wife? He tells that Rishi Agastya went to Samadhi, After 25 years, lopamudra turns out to be the most beautiful woman. He tells that the souls were about to become pret and was asking for their mukti. Aryaman and Indradev bring Rishi Agasttya out of Samadhi. Rishi Agastya goes to the King. King says I was waiting for you all these years. Rishi Agastya asks where is Lopamudra. King calls her daughter Lopamudra and says he teaches her shastra and shashtra. He tells Lopamudra that Rishi Agastya had created her. Lopamudra greets him. Rishi Agastya appreciates King for fulfilling his responsibility and asks him to make arrangements of her marriage. He says I will marry her today itself. Lopamudra and King are shocked. King asks what are you saying? This is your daughter, you gave birth to her. If you marry her, then father and daughter’s marriage custom will start. Betaal tells Vikram that his question is if Lopamudra was his daughter or wife. Vikram says answer to this question is very difficult and the world can’t accept it. Betaal says I will accept it. Vikram says Rishi Agastya married his wife only and not his daughter. Betaal reminds him of King’s words. Vikram says Rishi Agastya created Lopamudra to marry her and he never thought her to be his daughter. Vikram says Rishi Agastya told the same thing to king. Then he got married to Lopamudra. He comes to souls with Lopamudra and frees the souls. Lopamudra touches his feet. He blesses her. Betaal says you spoke and I will go.

Precap: Virat sen tells Pingla and her husband about the attack. Vikram fights with a woman who is in disguise.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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